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Meldungen vom 28.09.2011

  • Amazon stellt vier neue Kindle-Geräte vor

    Plus Browser mit Cloud-Backend

    Amazon hat vier neue "Kindle"-Geräte vorgestellt, mit denen Kunden die vom weltgrößten Einzelhändler verkauften digitalen Inhalte konsumieren können. …mehr

  • Samsung kauft Android-Lizenz - von Microsoft

    Cross-Licensing vereinbart

    Microsoft und Samsung haben ein Cross-Licensing-Abkommen angekündigt, in dessen Rahmen die Südkoreaner Lizenzgebühren für ihre Smartphones und Tablets mit Android-Betriebssystem zahlen.  …mehr

  • Die VZ-Netzwerke wollen es noch einmal wissen


    Die VZ-Netzwerke reagieren auf die übermächtige Konkurrenz durch Facebook. …mehr

  • Gesundheitskarte wird verteilt

    "Größtes IT-Projekt"

    Ein gigantisches IT-Projekt nimmt nach vielen Rückschlägen Gestalt an: die elektronischen Gesundheitskarte. …mehr

  • ITC nimmt sich HTC-Patentklage gegen Apple an


    Apple muss sich nach einer Patentklage des Konkurrenten HTC auf eine Untersuchung der US-Handelsbehörde ITC einstellen. …mehr

  • Neuer Anlauf für Android-Rivalen

    Meego + LiMo = Tizen

    Das bislang wenig erfolgreiche Mobil-Betriebssystem MeeGo bekommt einen Nachfolger. …mehr

  • Apple bestätigt iPhone-Ankündigung am 4. Oktober

    "Let's talk iPhone"

    Jetzt ist es offiziell: Apple wird am kommenden Dienstag (4. Oktober) Neues zu seinem iPhone ankündigen. …mehr

  • Microsoft rollt Mango-Update aus

    Windows Phone 7.5

    Microsoft hat begonnen, für Besitzer eines Smartphones mit Windows Phone 7 das Update auf Version 7.5 "Mango" zu verteilen.  …mehr

  • Vielfalt - oft mehr Wunsch als Wirklichkeit in Unternehmen

    Diversity Management

    Viele Unternehmen wollen Diversity, also die Vielfalt in ihrer Belegschaft, fördern. Doch oft sind das nur Lippenbekenntnisse, wie die Ablehnung einer qualifizierten Bewerberin zeigt.  …mehr

  • Die besten Workgrouping-Tools

    Teamarbeit online

    Workgrouping-Tools können die gemeinsame Arbeit an Projekten beträchtlich erleichtern. Wir haben die besten gesammelt. …mehr

  • Brother HL-2170W im Test


    Der Schwarzweiß-Laserdrucker Brother HL-2170W ist ein preiswertes Einstiegsmodell. Er verfügt dennoch über Ethernet- und WLAN-Anschlüsse.  …mehr

    Von Bernd Weeser-Krell
  • LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt - Externe Festplatte mit Thunderbolt-Schnittstelle

    Gadget des Tages

    LaCie bietet mit der Little Big Disk Thunderbolt eine externe Festplatte, die insbesondere MacBook-User adressiert. …mehr

  • "Du kannst mit meiner Karte tanken"

    Überhöhte Tankrechnungen abgerechnet - Straftat

    Die vertragswidrige Nutzung von Tankkarten, die der Arbeitgeber zur Verfügung stellt, durch den Arbeitnehmer wird als strafbare Handlung geahndet.  …mehr

  • HTML5-Tools für Web-Entwickler

    Professionell und kostenlos

    HTML5 ist auf dem Vormarsch. Mit Hilfe professioneller Tools und Frameworks, die kostenlos erhältlich sind, können Entwickler schon heute von den Vorteilen des neuen Web-Standards profitieren.  …mehr

  • Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101

    Premium-Inhalt. Tablets can be great companions for lots of things, but if you want to use one for work, you'll probably need a case that props up the screen on an angle, plus an external keyboard for efficient typing. The Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101 eliminates the need for both of those accessories, while retaining the portability that tablet buyers crave. The Slider ($479 for 16GB, $579 for 32GB; prices as of September 27, 2011) is notable for its sturdily hinged slide-out keyboard.

  • What Apple might announce at next week's iPhone event

    Premium-Inhalt. Now that Apple has announced --which, of course, will cover live at 10 a.m. PT next Tuesday--the time to speculate on when exactly the company would hold its fall event is over. But the time to speculate on the company will announce at that event has just begun.

  • Toshiba Satellite L755-S5258

    Premium-Inhalt. The Toshiba Satellite L755-S5258 looks like a budget laptop, but it's got a decent punch under its belt. Unfortunately, the cheap exterior and cheap construction (the Function key on our review model didn't work) may not be enough to make up for its otherwise solid performance.

  • Facebook to enrich mobile with HTML5

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook has an internal tool for developing mobile applications primarily using HTML5, which eventually should allow it to bring every feature of its Web platform onto mobile devices.

  • Box.net boosts Sync, security features

    Premium-Inhalt. Box.net bumped up security and synchronization on its content management and sharing platform and teamed up with Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Mobility for pre-installation deals at its BoxWorks user conference in San Francisco.

  • Metal Gear Solid Becomes a Limited Edition Risk Board Game

    Premium-Inhalt. Are you so thoroughly immersed in Metal Gear Solid? lore that you've played every game, from its NES roots to the modern PSP side-stories? Prepare to add one more title to that list, though this one is guaranteed not to have any over-long cut-scenes...or any cut-scenes at all for that matter. Meet Metal Gear Solid: Risk.

  • The Witness is Coming to PC and iOS, But Not Consoles

    Premium-Inhalt. Indie developer icon Jonathan Blow recently revealed to why the PC and iOS are his preferred platforms for his new puzzle game, : the current generation of consoles is too old.

  • Adult Swim's 'Victorian BMX' Plays Like Excitebike on Acid

    Premium-Inhalt. The other day I was a robot unicorn jumping around collecting stars in a world that moved too fast. The day after that I was a metal unicorn doing the exact same thing in hell. Today I'm the Grim Reaper blasting metal, sitting on a tiny BMX bike in a world with ludicrous physics that feels a lot like Excitebike on acid. Oh, and there's women pushing baby carriages and men riding because it's also the Victorian era.

  • Persona 4 Anime Licensed for U.S. Release

    Premium-Inhalt. If you were worried whether or not Persona 4: The Animation would be making its way to North America, you can stop now.

  • Catching Up With Mobile Security Threats

    Premium-Inhalt. Development of has been moving more slowly than development of consumer-facing apps, according to Gartner. One main reason is IT leaders' concerns about the , which are often employees' personal devices, and are vulnerable to being lost, hacked or stolen. While there are plenty of established tools and practices for keeping Web visitors from straying (or hacking) into sensitive corporate data, managing security across a diverse set of mobile devices remains a challenge, IT experts say.

  • When Customer Service Needs Fixing, Bring in the CIO

    Premium-Inhalt. When Humana CIO Bruce Goodman added chief service officer to his title in 2002, there were few archetypes for combining executive-level roles in IT and customer service. But that's beginning to change. Today, he has plenty of company: Filippo Passerini of Procter & Gamble, Michael Wilson of the American Heart Association, and Karen Klein at Transamerica, to name a few.

  • SPEC tool to improve server-efficiency ratings

    Premium-Inhalt. Due to a reporting error, the story, "SPEC tool to improve server-efficiency ratings," posted Wednesday, confused SPEC and SERT in the last sentence of the last paragraph.

  • Kindle Touch Looks Like a Winner at $99

    Premium-Inhalt. Lost in Wednesday's hoopla was the fact that also launched three new e-readers: the $79 Kindle; $99 ; and $149 Kindle Touch 3G. Unlike their predecessors, which Amazon will continue to sell (for now), none of the new models have a physical keyboard.

  • AMD reduces third-quarter revenue projection

    Premium-Inhalt. Advanced Micro Devices on Wednesday reduced its revenue projection for its third fiscal quarter ending Oct. 1, citing manufacturing yield problems.

  • Locating and deleting PowerPC applications

    Premium-Inhalt. A reader who inexplicably doesn't want credit for asking this delightful question regarding weeding out PowerPC applications writes:

  • Swapping DSL modems, AT&T gets into the act

    Premium-Inhalt. My editor is being very understanding because this column is late, late, late. Why? Well, if you recall, I was wrestling my 2Wire 2701HG-B DSL Gateway trying to persuade it to recognize a really cool NAS device, the , so I could enable port forwarding to expose the QNAP to the world.

  • Meego and Tizen will have some interoperability

    Premium-Inhalt. Applications written for Meego netbooks will work on devices running Tizen, the new Linux-based mobile OS project from Intel and Samsung, but Meego apps written for smartphones won't work on Tizen devices, Intel said.

  • IBM launches city parking analytics system

    Premium-Inhalt. IBM has launched a system designed to help cities ease parking congestion and collect more parking fees, the company announced Wednesday. The service could also help motorists find parking spaces more easily in crowded urban areas.

  • IBM to lead $4.4 billion chip investment in New York

    Premium-Inhalt. Five chip makers, including Intel, IBM, Samsung Electronics, GlobalFoundries and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. have committed investment of US$4.4 billion in research and development in the state of New York over the next five years, to develop new 450-millimeter chip wafer technology, the state's governor Andrew M. Cuomo said on Tuesday.

  • Fire at Foxconn facility in China, no injuries

    Premium-Inhalt. Foxconn, the maker of electronics equipment including Apple's iPhone, said a fire broke out on Tuesday at one of the company's facilities in China, that was quickly put out with no injuries reported.

  • Enterprises gain cloud efficiencies with Sensible Cloud

    Premium-Inhalt. U.K. company Sensible Cloud on Tuesday began offering software designed to help companies take greater advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

  • Australians lax about digital asset security: McAfee

    Premium-Inhalt. Australian consumers may have digital assets worth on average $21,000 but they are not taking adequate measures to protect them, according to a McAfee survey.

  • Q&A: Sprint's take on the future of mobile device management

    Premium-Inhalt. For a while now we've known that can create lots of potential headaches for IT departments, whether you're securing multiple platforms or managing telecom expenses through multiple carriers.

  • Hands On With the 7-Inch Toshiba Thrive

    Premium-Inhalt. Toshiba today unveiled the newest addition to its Thrive family of tablets: the Toshiba Thrive 7". This compact model has nothing to do with the that the company showed at the IFA trade show in Berlin in September, but it does underscore how quickly technologies and designs in the tablet market are evolving. This 7-inch model is due out in December. (Take .)

  • Anti-software-patent petition makes White House's top 10

    Premium-Inhalt. The White House this month began allowing people to create petitions on its website, and an early favorite asks the president to "direct the patent office to cease issuing software patents."

  • How Effective Leaders Can Make Principled Decisions


  • CIOs Need a New Generation of Business Problem-Solvers

    Premium-Inhalt. Today's CIOs are being challenged by senior business executives to provide quicker technology innovation while still ensuring cost-effective IT services. As a result, some companies are creating positions for who can take leadership roles in devising and executing technology-enabled business ideas.

  • Are CIOs Too Cocky About Security?

    Premium-Inhalt. There's been no shortage of high-profile and damaging data breaches in the past year. And the targets are widely varied-they include security firms RSA Security and HBGary Federal, defense contractors Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, entertainment giant Sony, major retailers, healthcare companies and marketing firms.

  • App Protects Facebook Users from Malicious Links

    Premium-Inhalt. "Security" isn't usually linked with "fun," but a Finnish security is taking a stab at connecting the two with its new application. F-Secure's ShareSafe app runs inside Facebook and flags links to dangerous websites before you post them to your friends' walls (or your own).

  • 3D Printing Helps Create Cool, Intricate Sculptures

    Premium-Inhalt. The power of 3D printing has brought many great projects to life--just look at the delicious , or perhaps the machine capable of . 3D printing is even becoming useful in the arts, as the quirky project by Joshua Harker proves.

  • How to Craft a Mobile-Application Strategy

    Premium-Inhalt. Timing is essential to the success of a mobile application. Just ask Richard Peltz, CIO of , a $13.5 billion commercial real estate investment services firm. In January 2010, when the commercial real estate market was starting to emerge from a two-year slump, the company began looking for ways to increase brand awareness and exposure for its 1,200 agents nationwide. Peltz came up with the idea of providing searchable profiles of agents and loan originators on the company's website, which clients could access with their iPhones or Android smartphones.

  • Keeping up with PCI hasn't improved much: Verizon

    Premium-Inhalt. Businesses aren't getting much better at meeting payment card industry () standards year-to-year, perhaps because they get cocky about passing one year and figure they will breeze through the next, according to a study by Verizon PCI and Risk Intelligence teams.

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