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Meldungen vom 05.02.2010

  • Daimler modernisiert sein Personal-Management

    Auf Oracle-Basis

    Der Automobilkonzern wechselt auf Peoplesoft HCM 9.0 und will dabei weitgehend im Standard bleiben. …mehr

  • Entwickler passen Google-System an PC und Laptop an

    Android X86

    Eine Gruppe von Entwicklern ist von der Idee fasziniert, die leichte und sparsame Google-Software auch auf anderen Geräten einzusetzen. Sie haben sich im Projekt Android X86 zusammengeschlossen.  …mehr

  • Jeder dritte Deutsche will ein Touchscreen-Handy

    Studie von TNS Infratest

    Laut einer Umfrage von TNS Infratest haben 45 Prozent der Deutschen die Absicht, innerhalb der nächsten sechs Monate ein neues Handy zu kaufen.  …mehr

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  • Google Apps erhält Verwaltungsfunktionen für Smartphones

    Passwort-Schutz, Lock & Wipe

    Nutzer der kostenpflichtigen Angebote Google Apps Premier und Education können die mobilen Geräte ihrer Mitarbeiter künftig direkt über das Kontroll-Panel von Google Apps zu verwalten.  …mehr

  • Telekom-Chef Obermann will weiter weg von reinem Telefongeschäft

    "Strategie 2.0"

    Telekom-Chef Rene Obermann bewegt sich mit seiner bereits angekündigten "Strategie 2.0" immer weiter weg vom reinen Telefongeschäft. …mehr

  • Update auf Android 2.0.1 für Motorola Milestone

    Ab sofort verfügbar

    Die Betriebssystem-Version Google Android 2.0.1 bringt kaum neue Funktionen, behebt aber zahlreiche kleinere Fehler und verbessert die Systemstabilität des Motorola Milestone.  …mehr

  • Sky Deutschland plant mit Video-on-Demand

    "Sky+" mit Festplatten-Receiver

    Der Bezahlsender Sky Deutschland plant einen Ausbau seines Video-on-Demand-Services. …mehr

  • Facebook feiert Geburtstag und 400 Millionen Nutzer

    Mit Redesign

    Kaum ein Web-Angebot wächst dieser Tage - allen Datenschutzbedenken zum Trotz - so schnell wie das Soziale Netzwerk Facebook. …mehr

  • App-Economy erschüttert Netzbetreiber


    Die Handybranche leidet immer noch an den posttraumatischen Folgen des iPhone-Schocks. …mehr

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  • Daten können Herkunft verraten


    Die umstrittene CD mit vorgeblich brisanten Daten über Steuersünder, an der Deutschland und Österreich interessiert sind, könnte nicht nur den Steuerfahndern nützliche Informationen liefern. …mehr

    Von pte pte
  • Telekom erwägt Börsengang für US-Mobilfunktochter

    T-Mobile USA

    Das schlechte Abschneiden von T-Mobile USA könnte ein Nachspiel haben. …mehr

  • Keine Aufträge? IT-Freiberufler sind selber schuld

    Internet-Präsenz lässt zu wünschen übrig

    Lediglich 15 Prozent der IT-Freelancer sind im Web mit einem professionellen, ansprechenden Auftritt vertreten. Das heißt im Umkehrschluss: 85 Prozent verbauen sich Auftragschancen. …mehr

  • Zehn Tipps für Projekt-Manager

    So kommen Sie groß raus ...

    Sie möchten, dass Ihre Projekte zäh verlaufen, weil Sie sich damit in der Firma profilieren können? Dann folgen Sie den Ratschlägen von Jürgen Rohr. …mehr

  • Wie tief soll SAP in die Lagertechnik eingreifen?

    IT intim - Die Sorgen der CIOs

    Ihren CRM-Rollout haben Sie so gut wie beendet. Was nehmen Sie denn als Nächstes in Angriff? …mehr

  • Unnötige Zertifikate helfen in der Praxis nicht weiter

    Weiterbildung nicht um jeden Preis

    Personalberater Thomas Hegger warnt vor blindem Aktionismus beim Besuch von Zertifikatskursen. …mehr

  • Symphony 3.0 beta signals IBM attack on Office

    Premium-Inhalt. IBM/Lotus took another stab at Microsoft Office, releasing a beta 2 version of Symphony 3.0, its of productivity applications.

  • ATEN Launches Multi-Console 32-Port Matrix KVM Switches

    Premium-Inhalt. ATEN International has announced Matrix KVM switches that have been added to its ALTUSEN Enterprise KVM Solutions line. According to the company, these new Matrix KVM switches provide excellent video quality and secure control in real time over all equipment in the server room or data center.

  • Highlights of the Week 02/01 -- 02/05

    Premium-Inhalt. We'd been waiting around to hear more about Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout 3 non-sequel, Fallout: New Vegas. Not only did they do us the honor of announcing a release window, but the launched a website, and dropped a sweet batch of screen shots in our lap with a trailer. The new game hits PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in fall 2010.

  • Sega stats: Mario & Sonic, Bayonetta sell millions

    Premium-Inhalt. Sega Sammy, the parent company of video game publisher Sega, released its investor reports earlier today, revealing the company's sales figures for the last nine months of 2009 and its outlook for 2010. The company's biggest boast comes in the form of two holiday titles already establishing solid sales figures, as Bayonetta reached 1.1 million units in sales and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games sits at 5.67 million units. The former is impressive as that number doesn't include the US and European numbers since the game's localized launch in January, while the latter is bound to have a resurgence when the Winter Olympics begin next week.

  • Metastorm improves business processes in Asia

    Premium-Inhalt. Metastorm, a provider of business process management (BPM), business process analysis (BPA), and enterprise architecture (EA) software for aligning strategy with execution, has expanded its Asia-Pacific operations.

  • Mozilla discusses dropping Tiger support in Firefox

    Premium-Inhalt. , the developers of Mozilla's Firefox Web browser are deep in discussions about the future of the program on Mac OS X Tiger. While the final nail has yet to be driven into the purest Carpathian wood of 10.4's coffin, the writing for the striped cat appears to be on the wall.

  • Apple Bans the Word 'Android' From App Store

    Premium-Inhalt. By now, we're all familiar with . Particularly when it comes to the App Store, the crew from Cupertino is famous for its and . The process can make the seem pretty reasonable at times.

  • Oracle patches flaw, Asustek to take on iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. This week brought a mix of IT news. Oracle was forced to issue an emergency patch for buggy software after details of the flaw became public. Yahoo continued to shed excess business units and sold its HotJobs division. Nexus One users finally have some multitouch functions after Google issued an update for the smartphone. Also, check out an interview with Eugene Kaspersky of security company Kaspersky Lab, and a package on business intelligence if your company is looking to delve deeper into data analysis.

  • Microsoft's reality problem

    Premium-Inhalt. Just when thought it couldn't get worse, ex-VP Dick Brass has taken a sockful of manure and beaten his former employer with it.

  • Neon Wallpaper/Backgrounds Creator for iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. from lets you quickly and easily create wallpapers for your iPhone and iPod touch, placing neon text over them. You can choose from tons of different fonts, neon styles, background pictures, and text colors to create your own custom wallpaper.

  • Location: Are we there yet?

    Premium-Inhalt. Friends, family and loved ones will soon gather to share that most cherished of annual American traditions: Getting drunk, pigging out and watching giant men try to kill each other on TV.

  • 5 Facebook E-mail Features I'd Like to See

    Premium-Inhalt. Forget the and the inevitable controversy it will create, Facebook's next feature might actually be something its users will adore.

  • Sling Media: AT&T allowed 3G streaming without changes

    Premium-Inhalt. On Thursday, reported that to stream TV over 3G. We referenced , titled "AT&T and Sling Media Collaborate on SlingPlayer Mobile App for 3G Mobile Broadband Network." Said release quoted AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega as saying: "Sling Media was willing to work with us to revise the app to make it more bandwidth sensitive."

  • Move Paragraphs in Word Using Only Your Keyboard

    Premium-Inhalt. Every time I think I've mastered all the coolest keyboard shortcuts, along comes another one that somehow flew below my radar.

  • Malicious Firefox Add-ons Installed Trojans

    Premium-Inhalt. Mozilla last night announced that two experimental Firefox add-ons, Master Filer and the Sothink Web Video Downloader version 4, infected victim PCs with Trojans when either add-on was installed.

  • Mega Man 10 soundtrack announced

    Premium-Inhalt. Capcom has just revealed the details of the upcoming official soundtrack release for Mega Man 10. The CD, which is currently only slated to release in Japan may sell for a pretty penny ($27.50), but it comes with plenty of extras to make it worth the extra cash. The soundtrack will include a 12-page color booklet packed with developer comments, and pre-ordering customers will receive a bonus disc including remixes of Mega Man 10's tunes.

  • Indian pleads guilty in overseas stock hacking scheme

    Premium-Inhalt. An Indian national pleaded guilty Friday to conspiracy and aggravated identity-theft charges related to an international fraud scheme to hack into online brokerage accounts in the U.S. and use them to manipulate stock prices, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

  • Dell loses appeal in defective laptops lawsuit

    Premium-Inhalt. A class-action lawsuit in which Dell was accused of shipping defective laptops will go back to trial after a ruling was reversed by a federal appeals court on Friday.

  • After China pull-out bluster, will Google backtrack?

    Premium-Inhalt. It has been a long three and a half weeks since Google made the dramatic announcement that it will no longer censor its search results in China, even if that means exiting that huge Internet market.

  • With bug public, Oracle rushes out WebLogic fix

    Premium-Inhalt. Oracle has rushed out a patch for its WebLogic application server, two weeks after a Russian security researcher posted details of the vulnerability.

  • AMD aims for GPUs in mainstream servers starting 2012

    Premium-Inhalt. Advanced Micro Devices will put more focus on tightly integrating graphics processor cores into mainstream servers starting 2012 as it tries to increase system performance, a company executive said.

  • Mozilla ends Firefox support for Mac OS Tiger

    Premium-Inhalt. Baring any last-minute change of mind, Mozilla will permanently drop support for Mac OS X 10.4 from future editions of Firefox.

  • How Scott Brown friended, tweeted and LOLed his way into the people's U.S. Senate seat

    Premium-Inhalt. The swearing-in this week of Republican Scott Brown as the junior U.S. Senator from Massachusetts caps a dramatic, come-from-way-behind election campaign that owes much, though not everything, to a shrewd use of online information technology and social networking.

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