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Meldungen vom 14.05.2010

  • And the Winner is…


    Thomas Lohre, IT-Revisor bei der Datev, hat am Freitag vormittag das Finale der ECM-Championship gewonnen. …mehr

  • Skype jetzt mit Gruppen-Videochat

    5.0 Beta für Windows

    Skype hat eine Beta seiner kommenden Windows-Version 5.0 veröffentlicht. Diese erlaubt erstmals Video-Chats mit bis zu fünf Teilnehmern. …mehr

  • Grafikchip-Spezialist Nvidia legt weiter zu

    Erwartungen übertroffen

    Die Geschäfte in der Computerbranche laufen ausgezeichnet - dementsprechend erfreulich haben sich auch die Zahlen des GPU-Herstellers Nvidia in seinem ersten Geschäftsquartal entwickelt (endete am 2. Mai). …mehr

  • BT Group übertrifft im Gesamtjahr Erwartungen

    Aktie legt deutlich zu

    Der britische Telekomkonzern BT Group rechnet nach einem Umsatzrückgang frühestens in zwei Jahren wieder mit Wachstum. …mehr

  • Cisco machte gute Geschäfte mit dem Aufschwung

    Kräftiges Plus

    Der weltgrößte Netzausrüster Cisco Systems hat in seinem dritten Quartal Gewinn und Umsatz kräftig steigern können …mehr

  • HTC kontert Apple mit Gegenklage

    Patentstreit eskaliert

    HTC schießt zurück: Mit einer Patentrechtsklage gegen den mächtige Konkurrenten Apple will der taiwanische Smartphone-Hersteller einen Import- und Verkaufsstopp von iPhone, iPad und iPod in den USA erreichen. …mehr

  • IBM will für 20 Milliarden einkaufen gehen

    Konzernchef Palmisano

    Der IT-Riese IBM plant, in den nächsten fünf Jahren 20 Milliarden Dollar für Firmenübernahmen auszugeben. …mehr

  • SAP macht mit Sybase mobil gegen Oracle

    Kaufpreis $5,8 Mrd.

    Neue Runde im Kampf SAP gegen Oracle: Die Walldorfer wollen das kalifornische Unternehmen Sybase kaufen und sich damit den Zugang zu mobilen Nutzern sichern. …mehr

  • Wertermittlung bei Kreditvergabe - Bankkunde muss nicht zahlen

    Verbraucherzentrale siegt vor Gericht

    Es ist rechtlich nicht zulässig, dass ein Kreditinstitut in Darlehensverträgen mit Privatkunden Schätz- und Besichtigungsgebühren erhebt. …mehr

  • Neulich in…Shanghai

    Andere Länder, andere Planung

    Eines kann man den meisten deutschen Firmen gewiss nicht vorwerfen: Im Vergleich zu Betrieben aus anderen Ländern geben sie sich große Mühe, ihre Mitarbeiter auf den Auslandsaufenthalt vorzubereiten, damit die interkulturelle Zusammenarbeit nicht in einer Katastrophe endet.  …mehr

  • Das bieten Blade-Server mit Intel Xeon 5600 CPU


    Blade-Server mit Intels neuen Sechskern-Prozessoren Xeon 5600 versprechen erheblich mehr Rechenleistung als ihre Vorgänger und eignen sich gut für die Virtualisierung. Wir haben uns die wichtigsten Blade-Modelle angesehen. …mehr

  • NetApp Hopes to Catch Virtualization, Cloud Computing Wave

    Premium-Inhalt. Having data in silos makes storage complex, says Manish Goel, NetApp's executive vice president of product operations. Goel says the company's software allows enterprises to manage different types of storage systems, such as network-attached storage (NAS) and fibre channel storage area networks (SANs), as a single infrastructure. NetApp bets that its approach will give it an edge as customers or move their data to cloud providers.

  • SCAG lags on R18+ games

    Premium-Inhalt. Australia's Attorney-Generals have remained coy on whether classification reform for video games will be considered before the federal election.

  • Facebook Privacy: Mea Culpa Reality Check

    Premium-Inhalt. The villagers have pitchforks and torches in hand and everyone seems to be --the scourge of all things private and personal. I am here to disband the angry mob by asking the question "how did Facebook get your data in the first place?" and telling people to look in the mirror before attacking Facebook.

  • Google's Nexus One: How the Revolution Died

    Premium-Inhalt. With the of Google's Nexus One online store, a smartphone revolution is in tatters. Google still has a killer product in Android, but the Nexus One's online-only business model, meant to disrupt the way phones are typically sold, is a failure.

  • This Week in Geek: MacBook Updates, BlackBerry Tablets

    Premium-Inhalt. It's time for your weekly roundup of geeky goodness. This week your geek update includes a rumor or two, how 3D could change cellphones, a look at LCD and Plasma technology and more. Let the geek commence:

  • Hacking an iPad SIM in an iPhone: Why You Should Care

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're one of the many folks like who feels like paying over $85 per month for both data and voice service is a little extreme, the idea of paying only $30 per month for unlimited data for your iPhone is mighty appealing.

  • Google stops sniffing Wi-Fi data after privacy gaffe

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has decided to stop its Street View cars from sniffing wireless networking data after an embarrassing privacy gaffe.

  • Aliens vs. Predator beats out Bayonetta

    Premium-Inhalt. Sega reported its results for the fiscal year ended on March 31, 2010 today with some surprising numbers for Aliens vs. Predator. Despite mediocre review scores and a general apathy toward the shooter, the game actually beat out Bayonetta as the better seller.

  • Sporcle for iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. I do not care to calculate the man-hours of labor I've probably lost over on , the online quiz site that tests your ability to recall trivia under time constraints. In my defense, I'd like to point out that every minute of every working day cannot be go-go-go, so what better way to spend some of that down time than seeing if I can name or or--if I'm feeling particularly squirrelly--? It certainly beats staring off into the middle distance.

  • eBay drops PayPal requirement after ACCC talks

    Premium-Inhalt. An investigation by the consumer watchdog has led to popular online shopping website, ebay.com.au, backing down from forcing sellers to offer PayPal.

  • Google to shutter Nexus One e-store

    Premium-Inhalt. Google will stop selling its Nexus One online because the Android phone's hasn't caught on with potential buyers, the company said Friday.

  • Online dating comes to the iPad with SpeedDate app

    Premium-Inhalt. So you want to date somebody, but you've had no luck with bars, clubs, or even flirty Facebook pokes. What's a lonely heart to do? Try online dating, of course! And the only thing better than online dating is online dating. Thanks to , you can now dive into online dating right from your iPad.

  • Twitter Mood Light Tells You How the World Is Feeling

    Premium-Inhalt. Are you ever wondering how the world is doing when you wake up in the morning? Now you can by looking at your --you'll know whether the world is feeling particularly angry, happy, loving, fearful, envious, surprised, sad, or even extreme fear. All you need to do is build one.

  • Helghast invading Lost Planet 2 on PS3

    Premium-Inhalt. The parade of cameos in Capcom's Lost Planet 2 is continuing even after the game's release. Sony and Capcom have announced that the PS3 will be getting two sets of exclusive multiplayer characters via DLC, with characters from the Monster Hunter and Killzone series making the jump.

  • Skype to focus on iPad, iPhone, Android, not Windows Phone 7

    Premium-Inhalt. Skype, one of the go-to apps for any mobile platform these days, is taking a wait-and-see approach to Microsoft's latest mobile platform while it focuses on iPhone, iPad, Android, and others.

  • Shuttle Atlantis launches on its last mission

    Premium-Inhalt. NASA's space shuttle Atlantis at 2:20 p.m. EDT today, heading out on the final mission of its 25-year career.

  • 'Rearm' trick extends Office 2010 free ride to 180 days

    Premium-Inhalt. Office 2010 can be used for up to 180 days without providing a product activation key, Microsoft confirmed today.

  • Crypto guru Whit Diffie takes ICANN security job

    Premium-Inhalt. Six months after leaving his job at Sun Microsystems noted cryptographer Whitfield 'Whit' Diffie has landed a new gig, this time as a security adviser to the corporation that manages the Internet.

  • Nortel patent play?

    Premium-Inhalt. A published report says is shopping around its remaining patent portfolio, but the company won't confirm the rumor, saying only that it is trying to "maximize the potential" of them.

  • What Should Every PC User Know? Send Us Your Tips!

    Premium-Inhalt. Are you a tips maven? Do friends and family go to you for the latest PC tips, tricks, and trivia bits? If so, we want to hear from you! Tell us: What are the tips, tricks, killer apps, and obscure facts that you think every PC owner should know?

  • Work Around Browser Crashes and Lock-Ups

    Premium-Inhalt. Reader Charles decided to be adventurous and try Firefox. He likes it, he says, save for one problem: "It crashes almost every time I use it and sometimes several times a session. I still prefer it over other programs but it sure is annoying. If I have any serious work to do, I go back to Internet Explorer."

  • G4TV: Singularity dev working on Call Of Duty: Black Ops DLC

    Premium-Inhalt. Activision may still have some faith in the depleted ranks remaining at Infinity Ward by , but it seems as though the lack of manpower is starting to affect the publisher's shooter ecosystem, as is reporting that Call of Duty: Black Ops' DLC not be produced by the retail game's developer, Treyarch. According to the report, that assignment has been put in the hands of Singularity developer Raven Software, causing the company to put its plans for reviving the James Bond franchise for Activision on hold.

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