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Meldungen vom 18.05.2012

  • Silicon Micro Display ST 1080 - Durchblick mit der HD-Brille

    Gadget des Tages

    Der Bildschirm im Brillenformat verspricht ein Erlebnis für die Augen zu sein - das Display soll eine Auflösung von Full-HD auch im 3D-Format erreichen. …mehr

  • Epicor beschleunigt Transaktionen

    Neue ERP-Suite

    Das neue Upgrade "Epicor ERP" soll bis zu 7,5 mal schneller Transaktionen verarbeiten als die Vorgängerversion.  …mehr

  • Handy-Absatz zu Jahresbeginn geschrumpft


    Rückschlag für die erfolgsverwöhnte Handy-Branche: Nach langem Wachstum wurden im ersten Quartal 2012 erstmals wieder weniger Mobiltelefone verkauft.  …mehr

  • Hewlett-Packard plant Abbau von bis zu 30 000 Jobs

    Nach gescheitertem Umbau

    Hewlett-Packard kommt nicht zur Ruhe: Nach dem gescheiterten Radikalumbau des deutschen Managers Léo Apotheker könnten jetzt angeblich bis zu 30 000 Jobs verschwinden.  …mehr

  • Facebook stemmt größten Internet-Börsengang aller Zeiten


    Facebook gelingt der Sprung vom Internet an die Börse mit Leichtigkeit: Die Investoren reißen dem sozialen Netzwerk seine Anteilsscheine aus den Händen. Aktien für 16 Milliarden Dollar wechseln den Besitzer. Es dürfte sogar noch mehr Geld fließen.  …mehr

  • Wir suchen das beste Systemhaus 2012

    NAS, Fritzbox oder Drucker zu gewinnen

    Anwender stimmen ab über die besten Systemhäuser Deutschlands. Bewerten Sie ihren IT-Partner mit unserem Fragebogen.  …mehr

  • "Wir haben IBM und SAP überholt!"

    Beliebteste Arbeitgeber 2012

    Microsoft ist der Aufsteiger des Jahres 2012 im Trendence Graduate Barometer unter examensnahen IT-Studenten. Der Microsoft-Recruiting-Experte Georg Bachmaier erklärt die Gründe für den Aufwärtstrend.  …mehr

  • Was große IT-Anbieter in der Cloud treiben

    SAP, IBM, HP, Oracle und Co.

    SAP, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Oracle , Cisco - jeder IT-Anbieter, der etwas auf sich hält, ist heute im Cloud-Geschäft aktiv. Wir haben nachgefragt, was die Provider genau machen.  …mehr

  • Die Aktionen der Hacktivisten

    Anonymous, LulzSec, AntiSec

    Die in losen Gruppen organisierten Hacker haben in den vergangenen Jahren einige spektakuläre Aktionen gestartet. Hier sehen Sie eine Zusammenfassung.  …mehr

  • Anhörung des Betriebsrats zur Kündigung

    Unwirksamkeit einer Entlassung

    Das Bundesarbeitsgericht hat zu den Anforderungen an die Hinweispflicht des Arbeitsgerichts entschieden.  …mehr

  • Burn-out der Mitarbeiter vermeiden

    Herausforderung für Führungskräfte

    Wie Firmeninhaber und Vorgesetzte mit einem Präventionsprogramm psychischen Problemen vorbeugen können, sagt Bernhard Kuntz.  …mehr

  • Facebook IPO stumbles out of the gate

    Premium-Inhalt. This probably isn't how Facebook envisioned its would roll out.

  • HP plans massive layoff, say reports

    Premium-Inhalt. The last time Hewlett-Packard Co. announced a layoff of 25,000 people, it was on the same day that Lehman Brothers collapsed and the stock market nose-dived. That was in September 2008.

  • Publisher Settles in E-book Price Fixing Case

    Premium-Inhalt. Another publisher has settled with the states in a case involving e-book price fixing.

  • CIOs Don't Need to Be Business Leaders

    Premium-Inhalt. I have seen pieces asserting that future heads of IT will be from disciplines such as marketing or finance, since technology really isn't that important anymore. I've even seen analyses that say that CIOs no longer need to manage technically capable organizations because infrastructure is being offloaded to outsourcers and on-premise applications are being displaced by SaaS applications.

  • AMD launches Trinity APUs to take on Intel's Ivy Bridge

    Premium-Inhalt. The story "AMD launches Trinity APUs to take on Intel's Ivy Bridge," which ran Thursday, was attributed to the wrong publication. The story was published by PC Advisor.

  • AMD Trinity APUs to compete with Intel Ivy Bridge processors

    Premium-Inhalt. The story "AMD Trinity APUs to compete with Intel Ivy Bridge processors," which ran Thursday, was attributed to the wrong publication. The story was published by PC Advisor.

  • Royal Mail website hit again by IT glitch

    Premium-Inhalt. Some Royal Mail customers struggled to log in to their online accounts yesterday, which makes it the six consecutive month that users have experienced IT problems.

  • Apple patent points to Retina display Macs -- report

    Premium-Inhalt. A new Apple patent filing could add further evidence to the speculation that next-generation Macs will have Retina displays.

  • IT Should Forget Development, Focus on Requirements and Release Management

    Premium-Inhalt. In the past decade, application development has undergone a revolution: the , cloud computing development platforms and the explosion in the iPhone, iPad and Android device markets have changed everything. But despite the many changes in application development, most IT organizations are doing an excellent job with their core development processes, according to a recent survey by Serena Software Development. It's the "bookend" processes-requirements management and the delivery of software into production-that need help.

  • Why Apple is making OS X more like iOS

    Premium-Inhalt. When Apple unveiled its earlier this year, many people in the blogosphere concluded that Mac OS X was being "iOSified." In other words, features from iOS were being ported to OS X for use on the desktop, a continuation of the campaign Apple first initiated with . Some lamented that this has been a bad thing--as if features that work, in some cases, better on iOS than on the desktop, shouldn't be added to OS X, because the former is a mobile operating system, and the latter built for the desktop.

  • Street Tweeter Lets You Print Your G8 Summit Message on Roads

    Premium-Inhalt. The is underway, with leading politicians from eight of the wealthiest countries discussing a number of economic issues. One such issue is how these nations can tackle hunger in developing countries, particularly ones in Africa. Naturally, Twitter with tweets encouraging leaders to think of those less fortunate, but there is a more visual way to get those tweets aired.

  • The Week in iOS Apps: Hear, hear!

    Premium-Inhalt. This week's roundup of iOS apps offers all kinds of listening options--whether you're staying at home, partying at the club, or going to see your favorite band in concert.

  • Facebook IPO: Cynics and Comics React

    Premium-Inhalt. Tired of watching the tech and financial press fawn over Facebook's initial public offering? You're not alone.

  • 15 Fun Facebook Facts and Stats on IPO Day

    Premium-Inhalt. After months of speculation, one of the most hyped and anticipated IPOs comes to fruition: Today, Facebook went public and started trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The company, which is valued at $104 billion, had humble beginnings in a Harvard dorm but has grown into the world's largest social network.

  • Apple board member: Steve Jobs wanted to build the iCar

    Premium-Inhalt. In an interview, Apple board member and CEO of J.Crew Mickey Drexler revealed that Steve Jobs wanted to design a car before he died.

  • Comcast's Data Cap Hike: Good News, Bad News

    Premium-Inhalt. Comcast plans to fiddle with its longstanding 250 GB data cap for broadband subscribers.

  • Smartphone boom drives market in hybrid processors

    Premium-Inhalt. Hybrid processors that include two or more types of core now account for half of the $111 billion processor market, driven by growth in smartphones and tablets, according to new research by IMS Research.

  • Facebook buys mobile e-commerce app Karma

    Premium-Inhalt. The mobile gift-giving app Karma announced Friday it has been acquired by Facebook. The announcement came shortly after the markets on Facebook's first day as a publicly traded company.

  • Remains of the Day: Jobs report

    Premium-Inhalt. One report says Steve Jobs was intimately involved with the four-inch iPhone, while another says he was working on creating the best car ever. Only one person can set the record straight for a major motion picture event. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the remainders for Friday, May 18, 2012.

  • Embark on an Irreverent Cartoon Adventure with Sam and Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die Game

    Premium-Inhalt. Good adventure game design is a lost art. Compared to other genres, adventure games are more about personality than mechanics, a fact that escapes modern developers who pass off simplified RPGs with linear quest structures as "adventure games" that satisfy no one. Adventures are more about the story rather than the grind, finding the next room rather than gaining the next level, and exploring dialog trees instead of maps. This set of priorities requires the talent behind the title to be focused in ways that differ radically from other types of games. Dialog and voice acting, for example, become core components rather than afterthoughts. TellTale games proves they understand this with their Sam and Max revival series, a set of episodic old-school adventure games recast with crisp high resolution graphics, challenging puzzles and the quirky cast of characters that have made this oddball duo famous around the world. I took a look at episode 4, Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die, which is free.

  • ITC bans import of infringing Motorola Android devices

    Premium-Inhalt. The U.S. International Trade Commission issued an import ban Friday on any Android devices from Motorola that infringe one of Microsoft's patents.

  • Big data equals big business opportunities: Survey

    Premium-Inhalt. Organisations are viewing big data predominantly as a business prospect rather than an IT challenge and are moving fast to do something about it, according to a recent global survey by data integration software provider, Informatica Corporation.

  • Amazon May Bring Ads to the Kindle Fire

    Premium-Inhalt. Will the 's home screen soon double as a color billboard for advertisers? Ad Age that Amazon is pitching the idea to ad agency executives, although it's unclear if the online retailer plans to bring ads to the current generation of Kindle Fires, or wait until the 2nd-gen models that are expected to arrive later this year.

  • Cyber warfare in sights at government training conference

    Premium-Inhalt. Government planning scenarios to prevent cyber-terrorist attacks, legal elements of cyber warfare and future cyber challenges will be among the key topics of discussion at a training conference titled the Cyber Warfare & Security Summit on June 25-27 in Arlington, Virginia.

  • Social Networking Security in the Workplace

    Premium-Inhalt. At any given moment today, on-the-clock employees are updating their social media status, reading feeds and networking on business media sites. Moments can stretch to minutes: A recent study by the Ponemon Institute found that 60 percent of social media users spend at least 30 minutes a day on these sites while at work.

  • The Jot Flip stylus/pen combo gets the pen right

    Premium-Inhalt. The latest addition to family of disc styluses for iOS devices, the seeks to fill the 2-in-1--stylus combined with pen--niche treasured by those still chained to paper and pen. And while the problems I've had with the Jot line in the past are still present in the Flip, it largely succeeds in conquering the 2-in-1 challenges.

  • Government faces IE6 barrier to social media

    Premium-Inhalt. Some central government departments are still using the 11-year-old browser Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), which is preventing staff from using social media networks to engage with citizens.

  • Juggling Robot Does Tricks, Is Cooler Than Your Typical Clown

    Premium-Inhalt. Kids' parties sometimes have entertainers geared at doing all sorts to keep children occupied: magic tricks, juggling and so on. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather have doing the entertainment at parties than the typical human act.

  • HP's layoff plans and what they mean

    Premium-Inhalt. You gotta love Silicon Valley. The is creating dozens and dozens of new millionaires. Apple, thanks to the iPhone and iPad, has seen its employment nearly double in two years.

  • AMD's Trinity Processor vs. Intel's Ivy Bridge

    Premium-Inhalt. AMD's next-generation , code-named Trinity, are the chip manufacturer's answer to Intel's new processors now appearing in the new .

  • Learn the Basics of Using Pinterest for Business

    Premium-Inhalt. Should businesses be interested in Pinterest? On the surface, you might not think so: the service would appear to be little more than a showcase for cool jewelry and favorite recipes.

  • MaKey MaKey Turns Everyday Objects into a Touch Interface

    Premium-Inhalt. is a new Arduino interface board that let's you convert everyday objects into touch-based input contraptions. Instead of using your mundane keyboard and mouse, this board lets you type and click with odd objects like pennies and candy, for example.

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