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Meldungen vom 23.08.2011

  • HP-Touchpads ausverkauft

    Abschied als Verkaufshit

    Vom Ladenhüter zum Verkaufsschlager: Nach dem angekündigten Abschied aus dem PC-Geschäft haben bei Hewlett-Packard Tablet-Computer und Smartphones zu Schleuderpreisen reißenden Absatz gefundenn. …mehr

  • Facebook will auch durch Zukäufe wachsen

    2011 schon 13 Firmen

    Das weltgrößte Online-Netzwerk Facebook setzt verstärkt auf Übernahmen, um Rivalen wie Google und Twitter auf Distanz zu halten. …mehr

  • Elektronik mit Online-Anschluss setzt sich durch


    Ob Fernseher oder Blu-ray-Player - immer mehr Unterhaltungselektronik hat einen Internet-Anschluss. Der Trend wurde immer wieder ausgerufen, jetzt ist er nicht mehr zu übersehen. …mehr

  • Entfesselte PDFs mit Restrictions Remover

    Kleine Helfer

    Wer zur Bearbeitung eines PDF-Dokuments Sicherheitseinstellungen entfernen muss, ist mit dem "A-PDF Restrictions Remover" gut beraten.  …mehr

    Von Rainer Reitz
  • Huawei wirbt um Smartphone-Einsteiger

    Android-Phone für €99

    Der chinesische Hersteller Huawei heizt den Wettbewerb bei Smartphones weiter an. …mehr

  • Microsoft fordert US-Importverbot für Android-Smartphones von Motorola

    Klage bei US-Handelsaufsicht ITC

    Microsoft hat eine Klage bei der US-Handelsaufsicht ITC gegen Motorola eingereicht und fordert einen Verkaufsstopp einiger Android-Smartphones des Herstellers in den Staaten.  …mehr

  • Erstes Gigaset-Schnurlostelefon mit Touchscreen


    Gigaset hat sein erste DECT-Schnurlostelefon mit Touch-Bedienung angekündigt, das "SL910". …mehr

  • Finnen dominieren beim Handy-Weitwurf

    Weltmeisterschaft im eigenen Land

    Die Finnen sind Weltmeister im Handy-Weitwurf. …mehr

  • Nexus S im Edelgewand

    Mobiado Grand Touch

    Der kanadische Hersteller Mobiado war bis jetzt dafür bekannt, überwiegend Nokia-Handys zu veredeln. Doch dieses Mal hat sich das Unternehmen das Android Modell Nexus S vorgenommen. …mehr

  • Moritz Bleibtreu kann mit Facebook nichts anfangen


    Der Schauspieler Moritz Bleibtreu (40) ist ein Feind von Facebook und Co. …mehr

  • Urheberrecht muss dringend erneuert werden


    Angesichts massiver Urheberrechtsverletzungen im Internet sieht der Rechtsexperte Christian Solmecke dringenden politischen Handlungsbedarf. …mehr

  • Nokia N8 erhält Kamera-Update

    Videos mit 30 FPS und kontinuierlichem Autofokus

    Nokia hat auf seiner Beta-Labs-Website ein Update der Kamera-Software für das Nokia N8 veröffentlicht. Neben einigen Verbesserungen bei der Bedienung haben die Entwickler vor allem an den Videofunktionen gearbeitet.  …mehr

  • Twitter startet seine Nutzergalerien

    Twitpic, Instagram und Co

    Nachdem Twitter kürzlich den Upload von Bildern in sein Web-Interface integriert hatte, folgen nun auch die angekündigten Bildergalerien.  …mehr

  • TV-Empfänger PCTV Broadway 2T im Test

    DVB-T Streaming-Box

    Über das lokale Netz kann man mit dem Broadway 2T fernsehen. Software braucht man dazu nicht, es reicht ein Internetbrowser. Das klappt auch mit dem iPad oder dem iPhone.  …mehr

  • Zu wenige Angebote für neuen Personalausweis


    Trotzdem es bisher kaum Einsatzmöglichkeiten für den neuen Personalausweis gibt, ruhen große Hoffnungen auf ihm. Zumindest die Verantwortlichen der öffentlichen Verwaltungen wollen ihn nutzen. Das hat Steria Mummert herausgefunden. …mehr

  • Gresso Extreme X3 - Handy für Extremeinsätze

    Gadget des Tages

    Gresso Extreme X3 richtet sich an alle, die sich in einem extremen Arbeitsumfeld bewegen und ein nahezu unzerstörbares Mobiltelefon suchen. …mehr

  • Warum Zielvereinbarungen unverzichtbar sind

    Arbeitgeber riskieren rechtliche Probleme

    Werden in einem Unternehmen keine Zielvereinbarungen getroffen, können die Mitarbeiter wegen entgangener Boni Schadensersatz verlangen  …mehr

  • Die neuen Rollen der Outsourcing-Anbieter

    Cloud ändert den Markt

    Die einen bieten künftig IT aus der Steckdose, andere Branchen-Know-how: Laut Accenture verändert die Cloud das Outsourcing-Geschäft.  …mehr

  • ByoD - Albtraum oder Segen für CIOs?

    Bring your own Device

    Private iPhones und iPads akzeptieren oder aussperren? Über diese Frage zerbrechen sich viele IT-Verantwortliche die Köpfe. Es droht ein Wildwuchs in der Endgerätelandschaft - bei Vorteilen, die keineswegs sicher sind.  …mehr

  • Huh? TouchPads Now Selling for Almost $300 on eBay

    Premium-Inhalt. The TouchPad may be DOA thanks to HP's recent decision to drop WebOS but you wouldn't know it from the prices the tablet fetches on eBay. After fire sales over the weekend dropped the price of the entry level 16gb TouchPad model down to $99, demand for the tablet skyrocketed and retailers quickly . Now TouchPads are fetching somewhere between $200 and $300 for resellers.

  • Failure IS an Option

    Premium-Inhalt. For anyone in finance for more than 10 years, traditional strategic planning will evoke images of large binders, endless meetings, and thoughts about wasted time. These images occur because we all spent too much time analyzing and planning, hoping to find the scenario or situation that eventually would turn into reality. We all do this because executive teams essentially communicated, "Failure is not an option." Either we developed plans and make the numbers, or there would be consequences.

  • Should CFOs Get On-Board?

    Premium-Inhalt. The percentage of CFOs serving on their companies' own boards is not large, thanks in part to Sarbox guidelines promoting board independence. But the logic of those guidelines --- which equate independence with earnings quality --- may not hold true in the case of the finance chief.

  • Survey: Hong Kong shoppers influenced by social media

    Premium-Inhalt. Social networking sites are as influential on Hongkongers' purchasing decision as traditional media, said that recently sponsored the BlogHer 2011 Social Media Matters Study.

  • PAX: Sonic CD Coming to XBLA

    Premium-Inhalt. When Direct of Programming for Microsoft's XBLA, Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson, , careful readers may have found a surprising inclusion on the list. Sure you'll be able to see more of Gears of War 3 and Kinect Sports but hey, at Booth #432, is that Sonic CD I see?

  • Remains of the Day: All things to all people

    Premium-Inhalt. Next-generation iPhone rumors are back: It'll run on Sprint! It'll have a cheaper version for the developing markets! Meanwhile, if you're reading this on your iPad in the bathroom, I just want to caution you to watch out for, uh, malware. And Samsung takes aim at one of Apple's most ardent defenders with its latest legal filing. The remainders for Tuesday, August 23, 2011 are sorry, Dave--they're afraid they can't that.

  • Dish Network hopes to build LTE cellular network

    Premium-Inhalt. Satellite TV provider Dish Network hopes to build a 4G cellular network, if the U.S. Federal Communications Commission permits it, according to a filing the satellite provider made on Monday.

  • Kanye West to Perform at Call of Duty XP

    Premium-Inhalt. Kanye West from performing at September's Call of Duty XP "fan experience?" Nobody, apparently, as it's just come that Martin Louis the King Jr. himself has just made a much case for buying a ticket to Activision's upcoming convention.

  • Nintendo Planning Special 3DS Announcement Prior to TGS

    Premium-Inhalt. Nintendo has some big news to announce in September. While it's more likely that we'll hear about games like Dragon Quest X and a new Monster Hunter than (hey, it's still a possibility), rumors are circulating that Nintendo will host a private event in the lead-up to E3.

  • Dr. Who MMO Seeking New Talent

    Premium-Inhalt. Maybe you don't know that Three Rings, the company behind the excellent Facebook time-wasters Puzzle Pirates and Spiral Knights, is also working on a browser-based Dr. Who MMO. Now you do.

  • A TouchPad for $49? Maybe if you're Rick Astley

    Premium-Inhalt. With geeks still scrambling to get their hands on the last of Hewlett-Packard's US$99 TouchPads, a $49 deal just seems too good to be true.

  • Sony Sees 'No Need to Transition' to PlayStation 4

    Premium-Inhalt. Although the PlayStation 3 is starting to get up there in years, Sony seems to be sticking to their "it'll last for 10 years" stance when asked about their next system.

  • Data centers largely unaffected by East Coast quake

    Premium-Inhalt. Staff were evacuated at several data centers following Tuesday's earthquake but operations at most facilities appear to have been unaffected, according to Twitter posts and other sources.

  • Google feels the pain of users who can't get on Google+

    Premium-Inhalt. Google is keenly aware that many people are eager to set up profiles in Google+, the company's new social network, but the site will remain in a limited trial while the company works feverishly toward a broader rollout that can accommodate a larger number and wider variety of users.

  • Mozilla's WebAPI eyes cross-platform mobile apps

    Premium-Inhalt. Mozilla developers are in the early stages of building an open application interface for smartphones and tablets called WebAPI.

  • Consulting Model Lures Finance Execs to Try Another Approach

    Premium-Inhalt. Among the models that exist for companies providing CFO services to client companies, . thinks it has the best --- both for its clients and for the finance executives it provides to them as consultants.

  • TouchPad Backlash: Retailers Say Sorry For Order Errors

    Premium-Inhalt. Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and Best Buy are facing a backlash from wannabe HP TouchPad buyers after each of the retailers oversold their supplies of the WebOS-based tablets. B&N is facing the brunt of angry customers with many disgruntled TouchPad bargain hunters taking to social networks to speak their mind.

  • Telcos assess response to Canterbury quakes

    Premium-Inhalt. Members of the Telecommunications Carriers Forum are considering a satellite contingency plan following the two earthquakes in Canterbury.

  • More people use social media in Hong Kong than in the US

    Premium-Inhalt. Social media use is higher in Hong Kong than in the US, according to a new BlogHer 2011 Social Media Matters Study.

  • Facebook tweaks site to clarify who can see what

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook is making a series of design changes to the site to make it clearer to users who can see the content that they post, an issue Google has been criticizing Facebook about since it launched its own social network, Google+, in June.

  • Fan-Requested Districts in New PlayStation Home

    Premium-Inhalt. Although will have genre-themed "Districts" that overlap several games from very different backgrounds, the nature of the new interface will allow Sony to add new areas gradually.

  • Four Reasons the ThinkPad Tablet Is Right for Business

    Premium-Inhalt. Tablet headlines have been dominated for the past week by the sudden , and the to clear out inventory. But, just because HP is bailing on the tablet industry doesn't mean the world has come to a halt. Today, Lenovo --an Android tablet with more of a business focus than some of its rivals.

  • PlayStation Home Redesigned as an MMO

    Premium-Inhalt. With social gaming defining how companies like and are interacting with their users, Sony is trying their hand at the social element with a complete redesign of .

  • Brother HL-2270DW: Decent Laser Printer

    Premium-Inhalt. The Brother HL-2270DW costs $150 (as of August 19, 2011)--a very low price, especially considering that it includes Wi-Fi. The small or home office that might consider this model, however, should note that its are on the high side.

  • Virginia Quake Sends Social Networks Into Overdrive

    Premium-Inhalt. "I feel the earth... move.. under my feet... I feel the sky tumbling down, a-tumbling down..""

  • HP EliteBook 2560p: Extra-Rugged Ultraportable

    Premium-Inhalt. The corporate-oriented HP EliteBook 2560p has all the standard goodies, but its real appeal is its exceptional sturdiness. It's built to take a lickin' and keep on tickin' (apologies to Timex). A refresh based on second-generation processors, the 2560p is a decent performer with some nice ergonomic and design flourishes. It's a bit stodgy-looking and heavy for an ultraportable, but that's an understandable trade-off for the ruggedness.

  • Samsung: Tablet-Like Device in Movie Invalidates Patent

    Premium-Inhalt. Here's an interesting defense in the Samsung-Apple patent battle: Samsung claims iPad-like tablets have already been established as "prior art," thanks to a scene in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • Sprint to sell new BlackBerry Curve 9350 starting Sept. 9

    Premium-Inhalt. Sprint announced it will sell the new BlackBerry Curve 9350 smartphone on Sept. 9 for $79.99, after rebate.

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