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Meldungen vom 23.03.2012

  • Sicherheitslücke im Safari-Browser ermöglicht URL-Spoofing

    Potenzielle Gefahr für iOS-Geräte

    Im Safari-Browser für iOS-Geräte von Apple wie das iPhone oder iPad existiert eine Sicherheitslücke, die URL-Manipulationen und Phishing-Angriffe erlaubt.  …mehr

  • Telekom will Pay-TV-Rechte für die Bundesliga

    Kein Kommentar von Sky

    Die Deutsche Telekom will ihr Engagement in der Fußball-Bundesliga einem Pressebericht zufolge auf die Live-Rechte im Bezahlfernsehen (Pay TV) ausdehnen. …mehr

  • SAP-Doppelspitze bekommt für 2011 deutlich mehr Geld

    Hagemann Snabe und McDermott

    Der Softwareriese SAP belohnt sein Vorstands-Duo für das Rekordjahr 2011 mit fast 50 Prozent höheren Bezügen. …mehr

  • Jack Wolfskin führt Dynamics AX 2012 ein


    Der Outdoor-Ausrüster Jack Wolfskin führt die ERP-Lösung "Dynamics AX 2012" von Microsoft ein.  …mehr

  • Unternehmen verlieren zu viele Informationen

    PwC und Iron Mountain

    Gerade kleine und mittlere Unternehmen verlieren einer Studie zufolge durch Unachtsamkeit wertvolle Informationen, was oft der Konkurrenz zugutekommt. …mehr

  • Planon SlimScan SS100 - ein Scanner im Kreditkartenformat

    Gadget des Tages

    Der kleine Scanner von Planon ist zwar etwas dicker als konventionelle EC-Karten, passt aber dennoch in fast jedes Portmonee.  …mehr

  • Entwickler-Interesse an Android lässt weiter nach


    Die Zahlen der neu aktivierten Mobilgeräte mit Android steigen, doch das Google-Betriebssystem verliert offenbar an Attraktivität unter App-Entwicklern. Das fehlende Momentum von Android belegt eine vierteljährlich durchgeführte Umfrage von Appcelerator und IDC. …mehr

  • Pinterest - Buntes Bilderalbum in der rechtlichen Grauzone


    Ein Klick, und die Fotos hängen an der virtuellen Pinnwand: Mit diesem einfachen Prinzip macht derzeit das Soziale Online-Netzwerk Pinterest Furore. …mehr

  • Facebook rüstet sich für Kampf gegen Patentklagen

    750 Patente von IBM

    Facebook rüstet sich mit dem Kauf hunderter IBM-Patente für die Abwehr von Patentklagen, die den Milliarden-Börsengang des weltgrößten Online-Netzwerks gefährden könnten. …mehr

  • T-Mobile USA schließt Call-Center

    1900 Jobs weniger

    Die Deutsche Telekom setzt bei ihrer schwächelnden US-Mobilfunktochter T-Mobile USA den Rotstift an. …mehr

  • Darf ein Chef autoritär auftreten?


    Wenn in meiner IT-Beratung Hochbetrieb herrscht, merke ich immer wieder, dass ich anfange, meine Mitarbeiter zu kommandieren "Tue dies, tue das". Danach habe ich oft das Gefühl, ich sei zu autoritär. Geht es anderen Selbstständigen ähnlich?  …mehr

  • Kontrolle ist gut, Vertrauen besser


    Der Begriff Vertrauen findet im IT-Umfeld hauptsächlich im Zusammenhang mit Datenschutz und Privacy statt. Dabei wird gern vergessen, dass Vertrauen die Grundlage jedes Geschäfts bildet. …mehr

  • Blogger oder Provider - wer steht in der Pflicht?

    Ehrenrührige Tatsachenbehauptung

    Inwieweit ein Host-Provider für einen das Persönlichkeitsrecht verletzenden Blog-Eintrag haftet, hat der Bundesgerichtshof entschieden.  …mehr

  • Be Don Draper: 8-Bit Mad Men Choose Your Own Adventure Game

    Premium-Inhalt. There are few things we like more than awesomely creative uses of existing technology. The Fine Bros over at YouTube have created an impressive, interactive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game using YouTube's in-video linking system.

  • Strategic Guide to Enterprise Mobile Applications

    Premium-Inhalt. IT departments are used to building big, complex systems that process transactions. But mobile apps require a new way of thinking. "Mobile is not merely another chapter in the smaller, faster, cheaper device story. And it's not tiny Web or screen-scraped PC applications," a recent Forrester Research report points out.

  • Remains of the Day: See you, raise you

    Premium-Inhalt. Soon, you may not be able to see the pixels on your MacBook display--but you may see iPads all over Dutch schools. And it'll probably be a while before you see Apple's stock trading that low again. The remainders for Friday, March 23, 2012 have to be seen to be believed.

  • Tomboy: Powerful, and Free, Database for Notes

    Premium-Inhalt. Take the intuitive simplicity of jotting down a quick note in Notepad, combine it with the ever-present nature of , and add easy linking between topics that's even more instant than . You've got Tomboy: A free application that makes managing your knowledge easy and fast.

  • Mozilla at Work on Mobile Do Not Track

    Premium-Inhalt. You can opt out of being tracked online by using a Web browser with support for , a privacy feature that lets you tell supporting websites that you don't want to be tracked by third parties (advertisers, marketing firms, and the like). It's like putting yourself on an online version of the Do Not Call list.

  • A Worry in Government Consolidation: Will It Help or Hurt Small Business?

    Premium-Inhalt. When administrations announce plans to reorganize and streamline, it's often met with a ho-hum response. After all, most presidents say they're planning some version of a restructuring. Yet usually, outsiders are hard-pressed to identify what, if anything, actually changed.

  • Foxconn handset unit returned to profit in 2011

    Premium-Inhalt. Foxconn's contract handset manufacturing arm returned to a net profit in 2011, after the company streamlined its operations during the year to better manage production costs.

  • Facebook reportedly buys IBM patents

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook has reportedly acquired patents from IBM, a move that could help it shore up defenses against new patent infringement lawsuits ahead of its IPO.

  • AT&T updates HTC Vivid with Android 4.0

    Premium-Inhalt. AT&T said Thursday that the HTC Vivid update to Android 4.0 is now available via Wi-Fi or a PC connected to the smartphone.

  • US lawmakers question iPhone app developers in privacy inquiry

    Premium-Inhalt. Ranking Democrats Henry Waxman and G.K. Butterfield of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters on Thursday to developers of iOS apps, asking for information on how the programs collect and store user data.

  • MultiMon Taskbar Free Adds a Taskbar to a Second Monitor

    Premium-Inhalt. MultiMon Taskbar Free is an application that places a simple, basic taskbar on your secondary monitor, or even on two secondary monitors if you have a triple-monitor setup. The application is as bare-bones as they get. The MultiMon taskbar is horizontal and fixed to the bottom of the screen. It is "Windows default" gray, a color that is increasingly rare in today's Aero-drenched translucent interfaces. If you have fond memories of the taskbar used in Windows NT 4, that's pretty much what you'll see here.I have a dual-monitor setup, with the Windows 7 taskbar positioned vertically on the right side of the left monitor. That sounds complicated, but it means the taskbar is roughly in the middle. The left monitor also happens to be the secondary one, so when I launched MultiMon Taskbar Free, it just placed a second taskbar on the same monitor. There is no way to move MultiMon Taskbar Free itself, so I had to move my Windows taskbar to the other monitor.MultiMon Taskbar Free feels like a blast from the past, especially when compared with more modern alternatives such as . Admittedly, DisplayFusion Pro is a commercial product ($25), but it places a taskbar on your secondary monitor that looks and feels just like the native Windows 7 taskbar, right down to the glowing Start orb. I use for putting sticky notes and reminders on my monitor. Usually these don't appear on the Windows taskbar, but for some reason MultiMon Taskbar Free decided each sticky note was a window, and filled the taskbar with tiles that all said "ASticky." The only way to "fix" this was to exit Stickies (not much of a fix, really). Speaking of Stickies, its developer, Zhorn Software, also offers a free application for adding a taskbar to your secondary monitor. It is called and is similar to MultiMon Taskbar Free, but works much better. Like MultiMon Taskbar Free, its taskbar is horizontal only, but it contains presets for emulating the native Windows 7 taskbar and other classic taskbars. It has been updated much more recently than MultiMon Taskbar Free, and has a modest resource footprint. Sometimes free software is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it feels like you get what you pay for. I would recommend MultiMon Taskbar Free only for users who must go with a free solution--and have tried ZBar but didn't like it for some reason.

  • Free Friday: All Against One, Temple of the Spear, and Mad Men: the Game

    Premium-Inhalt. Here are three free ways to spend your weekend, including a throwback to old school Gameboy adventure games and the interactive version of America's most stylish TV show.

  • Google, Oracle to hold last-minute settlement talks

    Premium-Inhalt. Oracle and Google will hold another round of settlement talks as the trial date nears in their high-stakes court battle over Google's alleged misuse of Java in Android.

  • Tech job seekers less likely to be asked for social-media passwords

    Premium-Inhalt. There's been a good amount of talk recently about employers asking for the login information of job applicants. So, should those in the tech world expect the question to be asked the next time they're in an interview?

  • New iPad: Three Strikes, But Not Out

    Premium-Inhalt. Dubbed the new iPad, Apple's third-generation iPad hit the streets last week, igniting long lines at Apple stores and racking up huge sales. A few days later, though, after the dust settled critics began weighing in.

  • RIM aims to increase Africa market share

    Premium-Inhalt. Research In Motion is banking on reduced prices for BlackBerrys and an increasing demand for affordable smartphones to increase its market share in Africa.

  • Six Features You'll Love in Office 15

    Premium-Inhalt. Most of the attention on Redmond this year is focused on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. But, the next generation of Microsoft Office is also currently under development--ostensibly to be launched along side Windows 8 this fall--and has the potential to be the real hero among the two.

  • Internet security better but foul exploits grow, IBM says

    Premium-Inhalt. IBM said it found surprising improvements in Internet such as a reduction in application security vulnerabilities, exploit code and spam, but it also noted that those improvements come with a price: have been forced to rethink their tactics.

  • iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending March 23

    Premium-Inhalt. 5 rumors are taking on new ambitions: the phone that can bankrupt Sprint, for example.

  • Indian, U.S. firms urge Obama action on visas

    Premium-Inhalt. WASHINGTON - Some of the largest IT companies in India and the U.S. are complaining to President Obama that it has become increasingly difficult to get work visas for their employees -- and they want him to take action.

  • SAS promises pervasive BI with new tool

    Premium-Inhalt. SAS Institute this week unveiled new technology designed to allow a broad swath of enterprise users to do advanced analytics on massive volumes of data.

  • New iPad already accounts for 1 in 15 Apple tablets

    Premium-Inhalt. A week after the launch of the new iPad, the device now accounts for about 1 in 15 Apple tablets accessing the Internet, a mobile ad network said today.

  • Monster Flip for iPhone and iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. There's nothing particularly earth-shattering about , an iPhone and iPad puzzle game whose mechanics will be instantly recognizable to anyone who's ever played a match-three-style game. So why do I have such a hard time putting the game down? I think that's a testament to the efforts of developer Launching Pad, which worked hard to add the little details that transform a standard game into something truly engaging.

  • IBM's Watson expands cancer care resume

    Premium-Inhalt. IBM's Watson supercomputer is gathering a working resume that any oncologist would envy. In its latest project, the supercomputer will be used to to assist Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center physicians in diagnosing and treating patients.

  • Create and Share Gorgeous Digital Business Cards with InstaCards

    Premium-Inhalt. I think business cards as we know them are destined for museums. They'll be encased in glass alongside such business relics as fax machines and PalmPilots.

  • Roll Your Own Wiki With Open Source MoinMoin

    Premium-Inhalt. If you've ever wanted to roll your own wiki and are not intimidated by having to deal with some of the technical underpinnings that come with an industrial-strength wiki solution, you might want to take a look at MoinMoin. This open source, Python-based wiki features revision tracking, wiki formatting, data import and export, and more.

  • Treasures of Mystery Island: Uninspired Gameplay and Story

    Premium-Inhalt. Alawar Entertainment's Treasures of Mystery Island is a hidden-object puzzle game that promises great excitement. Heck, even the description in the Play Store gives you the impression that you're going to take part in some sort of epic adventure. Unfortunately, the game doesn't deliver on the excitement factor: The story is bland, and I found gameplay far too easy.

  • GCC 4.7 Released, Supports More Architectures

    Premium-Inhalt. If you use Linux at all (and in many cases these days, even if you don't), you have heard of the open source Linux compiler called GNU Compiler Collection, or GCC for short. It's the most common compiler used, shipping with almost all distributions of Linux, and it's actually older than Linux itself.

  • PRINCE2 will be made obsolete by social business, collaboration expert predicts

    Premium-Inhalt. Old project management qualifications like Prince2 will eventually die out due to the social business trend, collaboration tool provider Projectplace has predicted.

  • Turn your old iPad into a dedicated kitchen tablet


  • Wall Street Beat: Tech bellwethers offer view into IT trends

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Apple sparked some of the biggest corporate financial news of the week, highlighting sector trends as IT edges toward what could be its best first quarter on the markets since the dot-com bust in 2000, despite some turbulence during the past few days.

  • Why Google is 'right to be paranoid'

    Premium-Inhalt. Google is still master of the search domain, but that hasn't stopped the company from looking over its shoulder.

  • AT&T exec blames FCC for T-Mobile layoffs

    Premium-Inhalt. James Cicconi knows whom T-Mobile workers should blame for their company's recently announced layoffs: the FCC.

  • As navigation looks indoors, new uses appear

    Premium-Inhalt. The maps on smartphones and tablets soon may extend into buildings, but consumers and service providers won't use indoor maps the same as outdoor, participants in the location-based services business said on Wednesday.

  • Oracle set to update analytics strategy, go after SAP customers

    Premium-Inhalt. Oracle co-President Mark Hurd is scheduled to reveal new details about the vendor's BI (business intelligence) and analytics strategy, including new applications aimed at SAP customers, during an event on April 4.

  • The Week in iOS Apps: Making more muscles

    Premium-Inhalt. This week's app roundup brings you new and better ways to get in shape, watch TV, and battle alien pigs. Because in space, no one can hear you oink.

  • Apple beats RIM in its own back yard

    Premium-Inhalt. Research in Motion (RIM) is facing the ignominy of a home defeat to Apple, with the iPhone now outselling BlackBerrys in Canada.

  • Expand Your Taskbar to a Second Monitor With Free Zbar

    Premium-Inhalt. Over the years, Windows got much better at handling multiple monitors. Still, there are some basic things even Windows 7 can't do, such as placing a taskbar on each monitor, and having a different wallpaper for each monitor. For those, you would need a third-party utility, such as the excellent (but commercial) or . Then again, you could always try ZBar, a tiny and free tool that lets you give each desktop its own wallpaper and taskbar.

  • Genealogists excited for release of 1940 census, family history sites prepare

    Premium-Inhalt. In less than two weeks, genealogists and historians will get their first chance to begin combing the 1940 U.S. census for more clues about what life was like in the early part of the past century.

  • Remains of the Day: Sleep is for the weak

    Premium-Inhalt. Looks like you can't teach a new iPad old Smart Covers. Elsewhere, HP shareholders want to know why everything it can do Apple can do better, BlackBerry lets the homefront slip through its fingers, and the iPhone might soon get all the G's. The remainders for Thursday, March 22, 2012 will sleep when they're dead.

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