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Meldungen vom 28.12.2010

  • Einer für alle

    Hama Multilader für iPhone und Co.

    Wer kennt das nicht: An alles für die Reise wurde gedacht, nur nicht an den Ladeadapter für das Handy. Abhilfe verspricht Hama mit dem "IDAPT i4".  …mehr

  • Dualcore und schlierenfreies Display

    Gerüchte um iPad 2

    Das iPad 2 soll mit einem Dualcore-Prozessor und einem speziellen schlierenfreien Bildschirm auf den Markt kommen. Darüber spekulieren zumindest verschiedene Web-Sites.  …mehr

  • Handys per Kurznachricht lahmgelegt

    Experten warnen vor SMS

    Berliner Informatiker warnen vor der Gefahr, die von SMS ausgehen kann. Mit dem entsprechenden Code lassen sich so Handys lahmlegen. …mehr

  • Firmware-Update verbessert Kamera

    HTC Desire HD

    HTC liefert ein Update für sein aktuelles Topmodell Desire HD aus.  …mehr

  • Voreilig gezwitschert

    Twitternde Polizeichefin suspendiert

    Wegen einer Twitter-Meldung wurde eine niederländische Polizeichefin vom Dienst suspendiert. …mehr

  • Heiße Luft bei der FDP und Eulen bei der ARD

    Hacker kapern Web-Sites

    Es ist fast schon ein Brauch: Wenn der Chaos Computer Club seinen Kongress abhält, gehört die Manipulation von Web-Sites zum inoffiziellen Programm. Erwischt hat es unter anderem einen FDP-Shop und die ARD.  …mehr

  • Hacken ist nicht alles

    Jahrestagung des Chaos Computer Club

    Computerexperten diskutieren über die Möglichkeiten der politischen Einflussnahme sowie einen "ADAC für das Internet".  …mehr

  • Werden 500 Millionen Android-Handys verkauft?

    Boom für Android in 2011 prognostiziert

    Android steht 2011 eine Verkaufsexplosion bevor. Dies prognostiziert der Blogger Seth Weintraub der Nachrichten-Seite CNN.  …mehr

  • Verhandlung beginnt im Januar

    Ex-Siemens-Vorstand Ganswindt muss vor Gericht

    Bei der Aufarbeitung des milliardenschweren Siemens-Skandals muss sich jetzt erstmals auch ein ehemaliger Zentralvorstand des Konzerns vor Gericht verantworten.  …mehr

  • Amazon arbeitet an Geschenkschutz

    Nie mehr Krawatten und Socken zu Weihnachten

    Der weltgrößte Online-Versandhändler Amazon bastelt an einem Schutz vor unerwünschten Geschenken.  …mehr

  • Betriebsrat darf zu Volksentscheid aufrufen

    "Nein zum Krieg" - Arbeitgeber zieht Kürzeren

    Das Bundesarbeitsgericht hat grundsätzlich zur parteipolitischen Betätigung der Arbeitnehmervertretung entschieden.  …mehr

  • Die IT-Macher 2010

    Aufsteiger, Umsteiger, Absteiger, Aussteiger

    Wer schaffte einen Karrieresprung, wer dankte ab, wer fand einen neuen Job, wer wurde ausgezeichnet? Alle Antworten in unserer Parade der IT-Manager, über die die Branche 2010 sprach.  …mehr

  • Biobrauerei baut SharePoint-Portal


    Der Neumarkter Lammsbräu hat eine Intranet-Lösung eingeführt, mit der er die Kommunikation unter den Mitarbeitern verbessern will.  …mehr

  • eSports Update: Interview With Marcus 'DJWheat' Graham

    Premium-Inhalt. This interview is from . Read on for the full version, or .

  • eSports Update: Interview With Victor 'Nazgul' Goossens

    Premium-Inhalt. This interview is from . Read on for the full version, or .

  • eSports Update: Interview With Alexander Garfield

    Premium-Inhalt. This interview is from . Read on for the full version, or .

  • Battle of the Security Superpowers

    Premium-Inhalt. It's no longer enough for antivirus software to scan files on your PC. You need someone looking over your shoulder and telling you whether it's safe to click that link; whether the popup for that software update is legitimate; and whether that download from your favorite social network is actually a tool created by organized criminals for stealing your personal information. You need an all-in-one Internet security suite capable of identifying, blocking, and cleaning up after a wide array of malware.

  • Report: PlayStation phone coming in spring 2011

    Premium-Inhalt. Sony's long-rumored PlayStation Phone could soon become a reality. The company will launch a device blending the features of a PlayStation Portable and cell phone in the spring of 2011, according to a report in Japan's Asahi Shimbun newspaper on Tuesday.

  • Privacy Alert: 10 Biggest Threats of 2010

    Premium-Inhalt. 2010 could go on record as the year the privacy mess hit the proverbial fan.

  • The Top 8 Future-Tech Stories of 2010

    Premium-Inhalt. Happy (almost) 2011! 2010 has been a fun year in tech, especially when it comes to future tech. This year we saw a number of exciting, useful, and in some cases, downright weird new technologies emerge. We haven't quite reached Back to the Future Part II's vision of the 21st Century, but, well, we're . Without further ado, here's our top eight future-tech developments of 2010, in no particular order...

  • Remains of the Day: A very Apple Christmas

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple sold a ton of iOS devices, one iPhone caught a thief, Verizon's on the horizon, and Kindles are doing okay, too. The remainders for December 27, 2010 aren’t under the tree, but you can find them right where you left them.

  • The 10 Best Hacks of 2010

    Premium-Inhalt. 2010 has been a great year for homemade hacks and mods. Not content with rooting phones, modders took to all areas of tech to fiddle, from PC casemods, to farming aids, to clothing. Below are a few of GeekTech's favorite hacks from over the last year.

  • Eltima releases 2.0 Beta of Folx download manager

    Premium-Inhalt. Eltima Software has of , its download manager and torrent client for Mac OS X. Beta 2.0 adds iTunes integration, RSS feed downloading options, and more advanced file management abilities to the handy utility.

  • Apple hit with privacy class action lawsuit

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has been hit by a lawsuit that alleges the company and its partners are surreptitiously collecting personal information from the users of iPhones and iPads.

  • Mozilla site exposed encrypted passwords

    Premium-Inhalt. A database of inactive Mozilla usernames and passwords was exposed on the Internet earlier this month, the Mozilla Foundation disclosed on Tuesday.

  • Redpark unveils serial cables for iOS devices

    Premium-Inhalt. Redpark Product Development is shipping its first serial cables for Apple iOS devices, the company announced Tuesday.

  • Dungeon Hunter returns to the iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. Gameloft's has big shoes to fill--its predecessor set the bar for fantasy role-playing games on the Apple iOS pretty high--but it does not disappoint.

  • Gamer sites, fans duped by Spanish April Fools' Day trick

    Premium-Inhalt. Happy December Fools, all of you gamers duped by Spanish games site PSN!. Earlier today, the site posted a story claiming Wii-exclusive Epic Mickey game was headed to Sony's PlayStation 3.

  • iPod Nano Hack Removes Apps; World Awaits Jailbreak

    Premium-Inhalt. Up until now, iPod Nano hacking has been limited to various floating around. But one intrepid soul to remove apps from Apple's current touchscreen iPod Nano.

  • Husband’s E-mail Snooping May Lead to Five Years in Prison

    Premium-Inhalt. If you've ever had the urge to check someone else's e-mail, then you've got something in common with Leon Walker, a 33-year-old computer technician from Rochester Hills, Michigan. But be warned, it may lead to prison time.

  • Amazon Patent Aims to End the Need for Regifting

    Premium-Inhalt. Amazon.com has filed a for returning unwanted gifts before a recipient receives them, a system that would eliminate the need for regifting.

  • Learn About Birds With Audubon App for Android

    Premium-Inhalt. If you have ever wanted to learn more about the birds of North America, the Audubon Birds Field Guide app is an excellent way to start. This app is packed with detailed information about more than 750 bird species. Color photos, behavior and habitat descriptions, range maps, bird-call audio clips, and advanced search with GPS capability combine to make bird identification quicker and easier than ever before. And since it's all on your phone, you can easily carry the guide with you wherever you go.

  • iPad 2 to Have Verizon-Friendly Version, Says Report

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple will make the compatible with more wireless carriers including Verizon, according to .

  • Skype Video Calling Over 3G Coming Soon to iPhone?

    Premium-Inhalt. Over the holiday, posted (and quickly pulled) a FAQ regarding video calling on iPhone. Video calling on mobile Skype has been rumored since Apple revealed the iPhone 4, and it would appear the feature is coming quite soon.

  • Is a Phone all the PlayStation Portable Needs?

    Premium-Inhalt. Is the PSP Go's missing link really just cellular service?

  • Student-Made Device Could Bring Clean Water to the World

    Premium-Inhalt. Right now there is a massive worldwide shortage of clean drinking water. People in countries like Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Madagascar, and Haiti only have access to the . But students from the University of Washington may have come up with a solution, and all it will cost is $3.40 each.

  • 7 Predictions For Open Source in 2011

    Premium-Inhalt. Predictions for the upcoming year are always plentiful in December, and this year is no exception. On PCWorld, for example, we've seen , , and general .

  • Apple No Longer Flying under the Security Radar

    Premium-Inhalt. McAfee has compiled the wisdom and insight of its security researchers and . The report contains a variety of forecasts, prophecies, and educated guesses on what to expect for computer and information security next year, but one of the most notable is that Apple has achieved some level of critical mass that makes it a prime target.

  • 2010 in review: The year in entertainment

    Premium-Inhalt. 2010 brought us a totally revamped Apple TV, a new crop of iPods, iTunes 10, and much more. Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of the big events of the past 12 months in the world of Apple and entertainment.

  • Putin orders Russian gov't to move to open source

    Premium-Inhalt. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin [cq] has ordered government agencies there to open-source software by 2015, according to .

  • Decorative dingbats add design flexibility

    Premium-Inhalt. Before Apple's LaserWriter Plus printer came along, the only exposure the general public would have had to the word "dingbat" was Archie Bunker’s use of it to insult his wife, Edith in the 1970s sitcom, .

  • IronKey Personal S200

    Premium-Inhalt. The is possibly the slickest combination of software- and hardware-based security in the flash drive market. Though you log on via software, the S200 uses hardware encryption so there's no software running on your computer that can be hacked to intercept data. It's also stylishly rendered in brushed silver metal, rugged, and easy to use.

  • ING Direct's mobile banking apps help keep bank online-only

    Premium-Inhalt. ING Direct's mobile banking and investing system went live in July on the and other devices, and its early success has helped to reaffirm the bank's decision not to build physical banks, its CIO said recently.

  • eSports Update: Interview With Tom Cannon

    Premium-Inhalt. This interview is from . Read on for the full version, or .

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