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Meldungen vom 28.08.2011

  • Falsche Tools ausgewählt

    Business Intelligence

    BI-Projekte machen Firmen immer mehr Schwierigkeiten. Laut Umfrage von Actinium ist jeder Zweite unzufrieden mit den gewählten Tools - mehr als vor drei Jahren.  …mehr

    Von Alexander Galdy
  • IT-Profis gefragt


    Die Zahl der Beschäftigten in der IT-Branche ist im vergangenen Jahr um 12.000 auf 848.000 gestiegen, wie der Bitkom vermeldet. Der ITK-Branchenverband hatte zuvor einen Anstieg um lediglich 8000 Arbeitsplätze erwartet.  …mehr

  • Die beliebtesten Netzwerk-Tools

    Analyse, Diagnose und Sicherheit

    Netzwerk-Tools unterstützen den Anwender bei der Diagnose und Analyse von Problemen im LAN oder WLAN. Auch bei der Netzwerk-Sicherheit leisten die kleinen Helfer nützliche Dienste. Wir haben die zehn beliebtesten Netzwerk-Tools für Sie zusammengestellt.  …mehr

  • Go Ahead, Tweet About Your Bromance, says Merriam-Webster

    Premium-Inhalt. The English language is forever changing, and it's a challenge to keep up with the latest buzzwords and slang. The task is even more daunting for the gatekeepers of English, such as the harried folks who create dictionaries. Which popular expressions -- including the never-ending parade of new tech terms -- should be allowed in the hallowed Book of Words?

  • Irene Wreaks Havoc on East Coast Communications

    Premium-Inhalt. As Hurricane Irene along the East Coast of the United States, the first reports of its affects on communications systems are coming in.

  • Apple Again Rumored to Be Preparing TV Release

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple is again rumored to be preparing to release a television set.

  • Up in the Air

    Premium-Inhalt. It was and it changed Apple's philosophy on the notebook market. It was a radical departure for Apple, getting rid of an optical drive, using a battery that users couldn't replace, offering a solid-state drive for the first time in an Apple laptop. Like many devices, it had to be seen and held to be really appreciated.

  • GameStop Tries to Win Back Customers' Trust

    Premium-Inhalt. GameStop wants a do-over after angering customers by removing coupons for a competitor that were in boxes for a popular video game.

  • Google+, Day 21: The New and Improved +1 Button


  • Google TV to Launch in Europe

    Premium-Inhalt. Google TV isn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. It will launch in Europe early next year despite a shaky start in the United States.

  • F.lux Adjusts Screen Temperatures

    Premium-Inhalt. Have you ever gone by a house where the TV was on at night, and noticed the bluish glow emanating from the screen? Or woken up early and switched on your monitor (or smartphone) to be blinded by a burst of bright white light? With the free , this doesn't have to happen.

  • Google+, Day 20: Google+ Makes 'Unfriending' More Polite


  • Land Securities manages Blackberrys, iPhones and iPads through single console

    Premium-Inhalt. Property investment firm Land Securities has fully adopted the iPad and introduced an enterprise app storefront for its staff.

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