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Meldungen vom 06.10.2012

  • US-Gericht will Klärung zu Megaupload-Daten

    Anhörung geplant

    Mehr als acht Monate nach der Schließung des Internet-Dienstes Megaupload können die Nutzer hoffen, doch noch an ihre privaten Daten zu gelangen.  …mehr

  • Pixelmator - native Bildbearbeitung für Mac OS

    Kleine Helfer

    Pixelmator bringt alle grundlegenden Funktionen mit, die man braucht, um mit dem Apple Betriebssystem seine Fotos zu editieren.  …mehr

  • Die wichtigsten IT-Produkte der Woche

    Vom ElitePad 900 bis zum Blackberry 10

    Die COMPUTERWOCHE präsentiert Ihnen die spannendsten neuen IT-Produkte aus der vergangenen Woche. …mehr

  • Redstack – wer will das?


    Nach beträchtlichen, anfänglichen Zweifeln freundet sich Oracle langsam mit dem Thema Cloud an. Auch das Thema Engineered Systems steht ganz oben auf der Agenda - ob zum Segen der Kunden, bleibt fraglich. …mehr

  • ERP-Lösungen aus der Cloud

    Cloud, SaaS und Hosting

    ERP aus der Cloud wird hierzulande noch wenig genutzt. Wir stellen Lösungen von SAP, Lexware, myfactory, weclapp, Scopevisio und Netsuite vor.  …mehr

  • Sony setzt Verkauf des Xperia Tablet S aus


    Sony Mobile hat den Verkauf seines ersten Tablets der Xperia-Reihe gestoppt. Offenbar sind einige der Geräte nicht wie versprochen spritzwassergeschützt. …mehr

  • Mobile Anwendungen verändern SAP-Jobs

    Nutzer setzen auf Smartphones

    Smartphones und Tablet-PCs gehören bald zum Firmenalltag - das hat Konsequenzen auch für die SAP-Welt.  …mehr

  • Clearwire glitch floods some subscribers with emails

    Premium-Inhalt. WiMax broadband provider Clearwire said an email problem caused it to send out numerous messages about subscribers' account status in error on Friday.

  • NASA and Pentagon hacker TinKode receives two-year suspended jail sentence

    Premium-Inhalt. In the story "NASA and Pentagon hacker TinKode receives two-year suspended jail sentence," the surname of Manole Rzvan Cernianu was misspelled on some websites, due to the diacritical accents on some letters.

  • Foxconn workers on strike over iPhone 5 production, labor group says

    Premium-Inhalt. Thousands of workers went on strike at a Foxconn factory in China on Friday, bringing some iPhone 5 production lines to a halt, a labor rights group said.

  • Reports: Foxconn denies workers went on strike

    Premium-Inhalt. Electronics manufacturer Foxconn maintains that workers making iPhones at a Chinese factory did not strike on Friday and that production wasn't affected, according to published reports.

  • Apple dedicates home page to touching tribute to co-founder Steve Jobs

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has made a lovely tribute to its late CEO Steve Jobs. The video plays on the home page of the site, and once played is replaced by some words about Steve Jobs, written by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

  • The Macalope Weekly: Issues

    Premium-Inhalt. Sometimes the things people write about Apple reveal more about themselves than they do about Apple. Or anything else for that matter. The Macalope will look at two pundits who must be discussing something else, because what they're writing about Apple doesn't make a lick of sense. And on the anniversary of Steve Jobs's death, maybe it's better to just say no.

  • The Week in iPhone Cases: Return of the Woogie

    Premium-Inhalt. A double dose of iPhone-case goodness awaits you this week. We gave you , and here's our second roundup of the latest offerings.

  • Apple share price to hit $1,000 by January 2014

    Premium-Inhalt. It's currently trading at $666.80, but Apple is going to hit $1,000 a share by January 2014, and will hit $2,000 by the end of the decade, according to a report.

  • Three Linux distros get key updates, plus one fades away

    Premium-Inhalt. With so many out there, it can be difficult to keep tabs on all the updates that come out over the course of an average week or month.

  • What it's really like to be a digital nomad

    Premium-Inhalt. I'm a digital nomad. Almost all my worldly possessions are in storage. I'm currently, but temporarily, living in Sparta, Greece, and have been doing so for more than two months. Next month, I'll be moving to Africa.

  • Apple Maps works better offline than Google Maps

    Premium-Inhalt. More reports are appearing claiming that Apple's Maps has features that make it superior to Google's Maps on iOS 6.

  • Apple files patent for wireless earphones aimed at sporty users

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has filed a patent application for a wireless set of earphones that are aimed at sporty users.

  • Alleged iPad mini headphone jacks leaked

    Premium-Inhalt. Rumours have been hotting up about Apple's widely speculated , which some reports suggest will launch this month. Now, alleged headphone jacks for the smaller tablet have been leaked on the web.

  • Facebook ID will give access to gov.uk websites

    Premium-Inhalt. The UK Government is pressing ahead with potentially controversial plans that will let citizens to log on to a range of Government services using external digital identities such as Facebook, online banks and mobile phone accounts.

  • Oracle professor calls for industry sponsorship and engagement

    Premium-Inhalt. A professor of Oracle database technology at the University of Wolverhampton is calling on industry to fund costly hardware and to also make commitments to help teach students.

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