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Meldungen vom 15.06.2011

  • Streit zwischen YouTube und GEMA eskaliert

    Nach Klage

    Der Streit um die Vergütung für Musikvideos auf der Internet-Plattform YouTube weitet sich aus. …mehr

  • LulzSec ärgert Online-Spieler


    Nach Attacken auf Sony und den US-Senat ist die Hacker-Gruppe Lulz Securities (LulzSec) gegen mehrere Plattformen für Online-Spiele vorgegangen. …mehr

  • BBC öffnet iPlayer für Westeuropa

    7 Euro pro Monat

    Die britische Rundfunkanstalt BBC will ihren populären Video-on-Demand-Service "iPlayer" künftig auch in anderen Ländern Westeuropas zur Verfügung stellen. …mehr

  • Deutsche schauen am meisten Online-Videos

    TV verliert

    Online-Videos machen dem klassischen Fernseher die User streitig. Die deutschen Anwender geben dabei den Ton an. …mehr

  • Datensicherung leicht gemacht mit Richcopy

    Kleine Helfer

    Für eine schnelle und effiziente Datensicherung bietet sich Microsofts Robocopy-Nachfolger Richcopy an.  …mehr

  • Jailbreaker über das neue Benachrichtigungszentrum begeistert


    Das Benachrichtigungszentrum in iOS 5 entwickelt sich gerade zur Spielwiese für die Jailbreak-Community. Vor allem die neue Benachrichtigungsfunktion hat es den Entwicklern angetan. …mehr

  • Google darf für Nortel-Patente bieten


    Google bekommt einem Zeitungsbericht zufolge grünes Licht für einen Kauf des riesigen Patent-Arsenals des gescheiterten Telekom-Ausrüsters Nortel. …mehr

  • Facebook holt sich früheren Präsidenten-Sprecher

    Joe Lockhart

    Wenn Facebook einen ehemaligen Regierungssprecher verpflichten will, bekommt es ihn auch. …mehr

  • Google rüstet Suchmaschine mit neuen Funktionen auf

    Sprache, Bilder, Instant Pages

    Im Wettbewerb mit Rivalen wie Microsoft rüstet Google seine Internet-Suche auf. …mehr

  • Blackberry Playbook in Deutschland erhältlich


    Mit 16 Gigabyte Speicher kostet das 7-Zoll-Tablet hierzulande 499 Euro. Die 32-Gigabyte-Version wird für 599 Euro angeboten und für die Variante mit 64 Gigabyte Speicher verlangt RIM 699 Euro. …mehr

  • Apples Retail-Boss geht zu Warenhaus-Konzern

    Ron Johnson

    Apple verliert einen wichtigen Top-Manager. …mehr

  • Pandora dreht auf

    Internet-Radio 2,6 Milliarden Dollar wert

    Die nächste Internetfirma mit einer satten Milliarden-Bewertung ist da. …mehr

  • Garmin will deutschen Konkurrenten Navigon übernehmen


    Der US-Navi-Marktführer Garmin peilt Hamburg an: Das amerikanische Unternehmen will den deutschen Konkurrenten Navigon übernehmen, falls die Kartellbehörden dies nicht aus Wettbewerbsgründen untersagen. …mehr

  • Bios-Update in 10 Schritten - gefahrlos und schnell

    Ratgeber Bios

    Neue CPU und Grafikkarte – ohne BIOS-Update läuft oft nichts. Wir verraten, wie Sie Ihr Bios in zehn Schritten sicher auf den neuesten Stand bringen.  …mehr

  • Der Chef will Personaldaten nutzen - was tun?

    Einwilligung "ganz ohne Zwang"

    Dr. Sebastian Kraska und Benjamin Schuetz stellen die rechtlichen Grundlagen vor, nach denen Arbeitnehmerdaten verarbeitet und genutzt werden können.  …mehr

  • Wie IT-Chefs Freelancer finden …


    … für welche Projekte sie Freiberufler einsetzen und wie sie mit Vermittlungsagenturen zusammenarbeiten, das wollen wir in einer Studie herausfinden. Machen Sie mit und gewinnen Sie ein iPad 2!  …mehr

  • LulzSec Continues Attacks

    Premium-Inhalt. The hacker collective LulzSec, for taking down EVE Online, The Escapist, League of Legends and Minecraft as well as a number of "special requests," has struck again.

  • 9 Ways to Stop Your IT Outsourcing Deal From Leaking Money

    Premium-Inhalt. If there were a relatively straightforward way for an IT leader to boost his company's bottom line by millions of dollars a year, chances are he wouldn't ignore it. But that's just what many CIOs are doing as a result of poor outsourcing management.

  • Google Sync improves iOS email, calendar support

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're using to connect your Gmail and Google Calendar data to your iOS device--and really, if you're not, you should be--the folks in Mountain View have whipped up a that will make that experience all the more pleasant.

  • Dell Latitude E6420 ATG: Fast, Tough, Pricey

    Premium-Inhalt. What does $3000 get you in a business laptop these days? With the Dell Latitude E6420 ATG, it buys top-flight computing speed and nearly half a day's battery life packed into a feature-rich chassis with a fortified case that might stop some bullets.

  • FontExplorer X Pro 3.0

    Premium-Inhalt. 's FontExplorer X Pro has long been a fine font manager for graphic designers and publishing pros. Despite its professional target market, the program is easy to use and thoroughly customizable. FontExplorer X Pro 3, a recent upgrade, provides additional improvements over the previous version--if that's possible--while maintaining the same intuitive, iTunes-like interface that made version 2 a superlative font manager.

  • 'Weird Al' Yankovic releases interactive ebook app

    Premium-Inhalt. "Weird Al" Yankovic fans slowly going insane while they await the official release of his forthcoming album can start satiating their need for new Al content with the comedian's new iOS app, . The app, based on Yankovic's best-selling children's book of the same name, features the full text and artwork from the book, along with games, Easter eggs, and other interactive elements.

  • Dell Latitude E5420: Sturdy Business Companion

    Premium-Inhalt. When Dell means business, it doesn't kid around. The Dell Latitude E5420 is one of the toughest-looking corporate laptops I've seen that isn't specifically designated as ruggedized. From its dark grey, brushed anodized aluminum case to its magnesium-based insides and sturdy-looking hinges and lock, everything about it screams "hard-core business tool."

  • LightSquared may seek extension on GPS report

    Premium-Inhalt. LightSquared said it may ask for another two weeks to compile a report on possible interference between its planned cellular network and the GPS system, as a Wednesday deadline for the report loomed.

  • Google Mobile Tips: 2 New Ways to Search Faster

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has been busy beefing up its mobile offerings lately. In the last several weeks, it's announced a mobile payment system, ; a new bus-tracking system that uses Google Maps; as well as a for Android devices.

  • LightSquared report due amid criticism

    Premium-Inhalt. Mobile startup LightSquared may go from the frying pan to the fire on Wednesday when it releases a report on potential interference between its planned network and GPS.

  • Splashtop Hits a Top Spot For Business Apps

    Premium-Inhalt. A new iPad app has reached the top of the iTunes App Store's business section. No, it's not ; this one's a little more practical. Splashtop allows you to remotely link your PC to your iPad or smartphone, giving you the flexibility to access your data from whichever device you prefer.

  • Following the (Social Network) Herd

    Premium-Inhalt. Here's another academic take on the financial implications of social media: Earlier in a contribution I discussed that traders acting in sync with one another, via instant messaging, are more likely to dodge losses. Now, a to be published in an upcoming takes this line of inquiry a step further. It shows that large social networks in general often are quite efficient at aggregating the information that is so widely dispersed in society.

  • Reading the CIO's Mind

    Premium-Inhalt. CIO Magazine takes on a serious topic for IT department heads -- and a topic that should greatly interest finance chiefs, as well. The current issue looks at what CFOs need to hear about cloud computing and consumer technology.

  • How Do Your Audit Fees Stack Up?

    Premium-Inhalt. Audit costs increased modestly last year, according to , the research arm of Financial Executives International.

  • Can work be too much fun?

    Premium-Inhalt. Q: I'm a fun-loving guy, and very sociable too. I'm also a hard worker, but my manager has made comments suggesting I need to take my job more seriously. How do I convince him that I do, though I don't have a serious demeanor?

  • Nikon Coolpix P500

    Premium-Inhalt. With its 36X optical zoom, the ($400 as of June 9, 2011) is the current ruler of the megazoom world. At 35X, only the is in close pursuit, but the SX30's 24mm wide-angle specification is no match for the P500's superwide 22.5mm lens--a feat that has yet to be equaled by any other non-interchangeable-lens camera. The P500 is no slouch at full zoom either, reaching a highly impressive, image-stabilized 810mm.

  • Remains of the Day: Surprises in store

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple Store secrets revealed--but are they really secrets? Also Apple pulls an app for collecting users' personal information--surprise--and the government decides to do something ineffective about mobile privacy. The remainders for Wednesday, June 15, 2011 are right here, right now.

  • Tips to use Facebook legally to conduct background checks

    Premium-Inhalt. As more people create Facebook profiles (500 million and growing), and sign on to the many social media sites available today, hiring managers are finding they have new opportunities to get on job candidates.

  • Geek 101: Do You Need a Discrete Sound Card?

    Premium-Inhalt. We have long since passed the age when discrete sound cards were a de facto part of a Desktop shopping list. Now, one can enjoy excellent digital audio without a specialized accessory stuffed inside your desktop PC. All you have to do is connect a cord.

  • HP sues Oracle over dropped Itanium support

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard sued Oracle on Wednesday over Oracle's decision to stop developing software for Intel's Itanium processor, the chip used by HP in its high-end servers.

  • 4 tips for using Facebook legally to conduct background checks

    Premium-Inhalt. As more people create Facebook profiles (500 million and growing), and sign on to the many social media sites available today, hiring managers are finding they have new opportunities to get background information on job candidates.

  • LightSquared asks for extension on GPS report

    Premium-Inhalt. LightSquared has asked for another two weeks to compile a report on possible interference between its planned cellular network and the GPS system.

  • CCP Updates Players on LulzSec EVE Online Hack

    Premium-Inhalt. Yesterday, , bringing down the servers for , League of Legends, Minecraft, The Escapist and a number of other "special requests." CCP, publishers of EVE Online, has issued a statement regarding the situation:

  • Kobo E-reader Hack Lets You Recharge Using Solar Panels

    Premium-Inhalt. Have a Kobo e-reader and want to be environmentally friendly at the same time? A hack on will allow you to do just that by charging the e-reader with solar panels instead. So in a sense, you may never need to charge the device again.

  • Senators propose mobile location privacy law

    Premium-Inhalt. Following a over the ways in which Apple and Google collect location information from mobile users, two U.S. senators have proposed a law that would require companies to get permission from mobile users before sharing that information with third parties.

  • Court says Comerica Bank must pay after customer is hacked

    Premium-Inhalt. A Michigan court has ruled that Comerica Bank is liable for a US$560,000 cyberheist, saying the bank should have done a better job to spot millions of dollars in fraudulent transactions after one of the bank's customers was tricked in a phishing attack two years ago.

  • Foursquare plans growth around readers who never check in

    Premium-Inhalt. NEW YORK -- Foursquare, the mobile social media service built around users "checking in" to their current locations, is adding around a million users a month and should cross the 10 million mark next week, co-founder Dennis Croley said Wednesday.

  • CSS checker helps developers clean up their code

    Premium-Inhalt. CSS Lint, an online tool for checking coding, has been made open source and is now readily accessible, a designer of the tool announced on Wednesday.

  • Nintendo Using Added Value to Keep Wii Alive

    Premium-Inhalt. Are you one of those "my Wii is gathering dust" types? Well, it's not an invalid thing to say, and there's probably more of you now that the Wii software library has slowed to a trickle, and a trickle of uninteresting crap, at that. If you're Nintendo, you're probably well aware of the situation, but with two newer systems to take care, you can only really find new ways to get new people to buy a Wii; to go back into the years of actually pretty good games. For the Wii's twilight years, that seems to be the plan.

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