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Meldungen vom 10.05.2011

  • Microsofts teure Skype-Wette

    Meisterstück oder Milliardengrab?

    Erst die Allianzen mit Yahoo!, Facebook und Nokia, jetzt der Kauf von Skype: Microsoft schmiedet weiter einen Gegenpol zu Apple und Google.  …mehr

  • YouTube zeigt Blockbuster in voller Länge

    Natürlich U.S. only

    YouTube mausert sich zur Online-Videothek. …mehr

  • Erdbeben in Japan erschüttert Geschäft mit Festplatten

    Western Digital

    Das Geschäft mit den digitalen Datenspeichern ist im Umbruch. …mehr

  • EMC setzt auf die hybride Cloud

    EMC World 2011

    Trotz Sicherheitsbedenken setzt der Storage-Anbieter EMC weiterhin auf die Cloud. Neue Produkte und Analysetechniken sollen die Datenmengen in Zaum halten. …mehr

  • Microsoft zahlt 8,5 Milliarden Dollar in bar für Skype

    Jetzt offiziell

    Microsoft hat eben die offizielle Mitteilung zur geplanten Übernahme von Skype veröffentlicht.  …mehr

  • Die ERP-Trends 2011

    Mobiler Zugriff, SaaS und Web-Fähigkeit

    In einer Studie registriert der Berater SoftSelect steigende Nachfrage bei SaaS, mobilem Zugriff und Anbindung ans Internet. Aber offenbar haben noch längst nicht alle Anbieter ihre Hausaufgaben gemacht.  …mehr

  • XING meldet starkes Mitgliederwachstum

    1. Quartal

    Das im deutschsprachigen Raum führende Netzwerk für Geschäftskontakte XING hat Zahlen zum ersten Quartal 2011 veröffentlicht.  …mehr

  • Microsoft will Skype kaufen

    Für 8,5 Milliarden Dollar

    US-amerikanischen Presseberichten zufolge wird Microsoft um 5 Uhr früh (Ortszeit, das wäre 14 Uhr MESZ) die Übernahme von Skype bekanntgeben.  …mehr

  • Infineon kauft Qimonda-Fertigungsanlagen in Dresden

    Vom Insolvenzverwalter

    Der Halbleiterhersteller Infineon kauft dem Insolvenzverwalter von Qimonda Fertigungsanlagen in Dresden ab. …mehr

  • 10-Zoll-Tablet mit Honeycomb gesichtet

    HTC Puccini

    Nach dem HTC Flyer und dem HTC EVO View 4G hat der Hersteller offenbar noch ein heißes Eisen im Feuer. Das HTC Puccini soll mit einem 10 Zoll großen Display ausgestattet sein und den schnellen LTE-Funk unterstützen.  …mehr

  • Apple gewinnt große US-Magazine für iPad-Abos

    Condé Nast und Hearst

    Nach langem Feilschen hat Apple große US-Magazinverlage doch noch für sein Abo-Modell auf dem Tablet-Computer iPad gewonnen. …mehr

  • Google will Musik aus der Cloud streamen

    I/O 2011

    Google kündigt vermutlich schon heute zur Eröffnung seiner Entwicklerkonferenz I/O 2011 seinen Cloud-Streaming-Dienst "Google Music" an.  …mehr

  • So klappt die Projektkarriere auch in Teilzeit

    Eine Frage der Organisation

    Die Projekt-Management-Preisträgerin Claudia Donig erläutert im CW-Gespräch, wann Teilzeitarbeit trotz großem beruflichen Stress funktioniert.  …mehr

    Von Elisabeth Wagner
  • LG Optimus Speed im Test

    Die Kraft der zwei Herzen

    Mit dem "LG Optimus Speed" kommt das erste Smartphone mit einem Dual-Core-Prozessor hierzulande in den Handel. Die Kollegen von der "PC-Welt" haben sich das Gerät angeschaut.  …mehr

  • Logitech TV Cam for Skype

    Gadget des Tages

    Logitechs neue TV Cam for Skype bietet Skype über den Fernseher in HD-Qualität. …mehr

  • Aufteilung gemischt veranlasster Aufwendungen

    Vorgaben der Finanzverwaltung

    Nach der Rechtsprechung des Bundesfinanzhofs gibt nun die Finanzverwaltung Richtlinien vor. Alexander Uhl stellt sie vor.  …mehr

  • Wireless Healthcare

    Premium-Inhalt. Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC), an upscale hospital located in San Juan City, is blanketed with WiFi signals.

  • ZTE rules the global high-end telecom market

    Premium-Inhalt. ZTE won the most new wireless contracts in the fourth quarter of 2010, according to a report by EJL Wireless Research.

  • Remains of the Day: This is the war room!

    Premium-Inhalt. The Beijing Apple Store settles up with a injured customer, a rumored next-generation iPod nano makes an appearance, and there's yet another supposed use for Apple's massive data center. The remainders for Tuesday, May 10, 2011 are just blowing in the wind.

  • EMC unveils real-time data replication over thousands of miles

    Premium-Inhalt. LAS VEGAS - EMC at its annual trade show today an upgrade to its data-caching appliance that allows arrays to replicate data between applications over distances greater than 2,000 miles.

  • Ford to make cars smarter with Google Prediction

    Premium-Inhalt. Ford Motor Co. wants to use the Google Prediction API to predict driver behavior and use that input to make cars perform better.

  • DoJ Wants More Wireless Location Tracking

    Premium-Inhalt. In a stunning example of the left hand of government not knowing what the right hand is doing, a representative from the U.S. Department of Justice reminded a Senate subcommittee today that his agency wants to require wireless carriers to keep records of users' location and web sites they access on their smartphones.

  • Google Music and Movies: Your Questions Answered

    Premium-Inhalt. That little green robot must be struggling to catch his breath.

  • Some Verizon users still reporting LTE modem problems

    Premium-Inhalt. The Computerworld (US) story, "Some Verizon users still reporting LTE modem problems," posted to the wire on Tuesday, named a source who later asked not to be named.

  • Rumor: Apple iPod Nano to Get Camera--Again

    Premium-Inhalt. The may not sell like it used to, but that doesn't mean Apple has stopped tinkering with its tiny music player. A new photo allegedly shows a next-generation iPod nano with a rear-facing camera.

  • Cisco launches wireless LAN Flex controller

    Premium-Inhalt. Cisco Tuesday unveiled a wireless LAN controller that allows centralized management of up to 500 branch office locations from one data center.

  • Some Verizon users still reporting LTE modem problems

    Premium-Inhalt. Even though Verizon Wireless claims its fast LTE network is "up and running" following an April 26 outage, it's still not working for some customers, including 50 Chicago-based users of laptops with LTE modems.

  • Google Music takes on Apple iTunes, Amazon

    Premium-Inhalt. Google kicked off its annual Google I/O developers conference by giving people what they'd been speculating about for months - an online music service.

  • Google Wins the War Against Bing Images

    Premium-Inhalt. In this week of big headlines for both and , the quiet escalation in the war between Google images and Bing images has gone virtually unnoticed... until now.

  • Banning consumer devices makes a firm less secure

    Premium-Inhalt. I was a having a conversation with another fellow security professional at the CSO Perspectives seminar a few weeks ago and he used the word "disintermediation" to make a point about his website. We had a bit of a chuckle about how that word that was used (rather, overused) during the dot-com days. The context back then was that the new, online world was going to obsolesce the traditional world of bricks-n-mortars through the "disintermediation" process of cutting out the no-value-adding, costly infrastructure of middle-men.

  • Hitman Absolution Unveiled

    Premium-Inhalt. Square Enix has unveiled the first teaser for the fifth in the Hitman series, offering some tantalizing clues as to what Agent 47 might be up to next.

  • MotionBeam Lets You Control Games With a Projector

    Premium-Inhalt. Motion projectors don't exactly have a reputation for being all that cool. In general, they're used for watching documentaries or projecting work. However, the guys behind the Fabricate Yourself Kinect hack--which let you create a mini-figure of yourself out of foam--have come up with a new use for the handheld variety of projectors.

  • Alan Wake Sequel Isn't a Sequel... Maybe

    Premium-Inhalt. Monday's mentions of "Alan Wake 2" spurs Remedy to comment, but the new game won't exactly be a true sequel. Will E3 hold the answer?

  • It's All Right To Be Different

    Premium-Inhalt. Brink's review scores have shown that it is a game that well and truly splits opinions, and sparked several Internet arguments. Pete Davison questions whether or not this is a bad thing.

  • Make your Mac tell the time

    Premium-Inhalt. When the power goes out and you're faced with a houseful of futilely blinking clocks in desperate need of setting, your Mac can help. Hints reader jsdetwiler figured out a clever way to turn his Mac into a talking clock. When the clocks go out, he can dial his speakers way up and run a little command line script, then move leisurely from room to room, synchronizing all of his clocks to his Mac's time.

  • Firefox 4, Microsoft Word, Windows Live Mail

    Premium-Inhalt. My mailbox is filling up again with questions, so it's time to get busy answering them. In the last I covered Internet Explorer, PC parts, and customizing Windows icons. This week I answer questions about Firefox 4, Microsoft Word, and Windows LIve Mail.

  • Google: 100 million Android devices activated, 4.5 billion apps downloaded

    Premium-Inhalt. The mobile powerhouse is cruising to new heights with 100 million activated devices, 4.5 billion downloaded from the Android Market, and 450,000 developers building tools for Android phones and tablets, Google said Tuesday as it kicked off the fourth annual Google I/O developers conference.

  • Facebook Users Lax on Privacy, Protecting Children Online

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook users still do not use privacy controls to protect themselves, and a third of children under 18 are below the site's minimum age of 13, Consumer Reports reported in its June issue.

  • Google's iTunes-in-the-cloud Music Beta

    Premium-Inhalt. Google officially announced , a passive-locker music streaming service compatible with Android devices and Web browsers. Google demonstrated a keen talent for renaming existing iTunes features and presenting them as striking new innovations.

  • Microsoft downplays Server bug threat, say researchers

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft is downplaying the threat posed by one of the three bugs the company patched today, said security researchers.

  • Lloyds TSB says group CIO is staying put

    Premium-Inhalt. Lloyds TSB is trying to scotched rumours that its group CIO Darryl West is to join IT giant HP.

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