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Meldungen vom 03.11.2012

  • Traumarbeitgeber der Young Professionals

    Google und Co.

    Strahlen Unternehmen Erfolg aus, haben sie mit ihrem Image als Arbeitgeber meist kein Problem. Denn junge Informatiker lassen sich eher von attraktiven Produkten anziehen als von einem hohen Personalbedarf. …mehr

  • Die wichtigsten IT-Produkte der Woche

    Von Windows Phone 8 bis Nexus 10

    Die COMPUTERWOCHE präsentiert Ihnen die spannendsten neuen IT-Produkte aus der vergangenen Woche. …mehr

  • iPod Touch 2012 im Test - Apples Player wird bunt

    Musikplayer und Spielekonsole mit iOS 6

    Der iPod Touch des Jahrgangs 2012 wird bunt - und bekommt das größere Display des iPhone 5 im 16:9-Format. Im Test erweist sich der neue Player als deutlich schneller.  …mehr

  • Arbeitszeugnisse ohne Aussagekraft


    Da immer mehr Mitarbeiter ihr Zeugnis selbst verfassen, verlieren die Dokumente für Personalexperten an Wert.  …mehr

  • Einfach-Tablet mit 1,6-GHz-Dual-Core-Prozessor vorgestellt

    Archos 80 Cobalt

    Archos erweitert sein Angebot an Tablets um das Modell Archos 80 Cobalt, ein sehr puristisch ausgestattetes Modell. Es dürfte für etwa 200 Euro auf den Markt kommen. …mehr

  • Das Klima wird rauer für EMC


    Wer die Entwicklung des Storage- Spezialisten EMC in den vergangenen Jahren verfolgt hat, fühlt sich an die große Transformation IBMs erinnert. …mehr

  • Ein Patent macht noch keinen Gründererfolg

    August-Wilhelm Scheer im Interview

    Deutsche IT-Firmen von internationalem Zuschnitt gibt es nur wenige. Für IT-Gründer August-Wilhelm Scheer hängt Markterfolg nicht nur von der Idee, sondern auch vom richtigen Vertriebskanal ab.  …mehr

  • VIDEO: UK iPad mini launch, lacklustre?

    Premium-Inhalt. In our video of the iPad mini launch we talk to the people heading up the about why they are buying an iPad mini and why they wanted to camp out on Regent Street on a cold November night.

  • iPad mini display: testing books, comics, movies and games

    Premium-Inhalt. Content sits at the heart of the iPad experience. The high-quality IPS display that you find on all iOS devices, and its portable nature make it great for reading books, comics, and watching movies.

  • iPad mini beats Nexus and iPad 3 in drop test

    Premium-Inhalt. Square Trade, who offer warrentees for equipment like laptops and iPads, has published a video on YouTube in which the new iPad mini, Google Nexus 7 and iPad 3 are drop tested to see which one comes of best.

  • iPad mini vs iPad 3: Display comparison

    Premium-Inhalt. We compare the displays of the iPad mini and iPad 3, with head-to-head comparisons on Safari and iBooks.

  • iPad mini vs iPad 4 benchmark tests

    Premium-Inhalt. The iPad mini has an older A5 processor, the new iPad goes all the way up to the state-of-the-art A6X.

  • Cellphone restoration continues Saturday post Hurricane Sandy

    Premium-Inhalt. Cellular telecom carriers spent Saturday working to restore wireless service to customers across the U.S. northeast, which is just beginning to pick itself up from the battering it suffered earlier in the week from hurricane Sandy.

  • Microsoft Surface tablet gets nod from Oprah

    Premium-Inhalt. Oprah Winfrey is wowed, and thats good news for Microsoft and the prospects for its Surface tablet.

  • The Macalope Weekly: CEO chatter

    Premium-Inhalt. Its all about the CEOs this week, as Steve Ballmer takes potshots at Apple, Amazons Jeff Bezos gets a love letter, and Tim Cook gets a Dear John letter.

  • States rebut RNC complaints about e-voting systems

    Premium-Inhalt. In a sign of increasing anxiety over the , the Republican National Committee this week alleged problems with e-voting machines in six states that use them for early voting.

  • Calling all Linux Mint fans: There's a new online store to check out

    Premium-Inhalt. The month of October may have been more or less dominated by Ubuntu Linux for those of us anticipating its recent , but this week the Linux Mint project made an intriguing announcement of its own.

  • Remains of the Day: Tears for fears

    Premium-Inhalt. The new iPad is disassembled, the iPhone might need a new name in Mexico, and Jony Ive and Scott Forstall might be more similar than we expect. The remainders for Friday, November 2, 2012 are tearing the place up.

  • Attorney-General's Dept unsure of cost of data retention scheme

    Premium-Inhalt. The Attorney-General's Department (AGD) has told a parliamentary inquiry it has not yet assessed the potential costs of implementing proposals around data retention, despite several estimates from industry it could cost hundreds of millions.

  • Xbox SmartGlass: Small, indie developers need not apply

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft gave developers a peek inside  during a Friday morning session at its 2012 Build Conference, the company's annual developer event. SmartGlass is a free Windows 8 Store app that gives smartphone and Windows 8 tablet users enhanced "second screen" experiences with certain Xbox 360 applications, including games and streaming media services.

  • Review: Windows 7 Logon Background Changer personalizes your Windows PC

    Premium-Inhalt. Many people are surprised when they find out how much they can customize a Windows PC. That was my initial reaction when I first came across Windows 7 Logon Background Changer. I had absolutely no idea that the password logon screen could be changed and was even more pleasantly surprised when I discovered that Logon Background Changer was a two-minute process that didn't involve going anywhere near the dreaded Windows Registry.

  • Nexus 7 to get Android 4.2 'very soon', says Asus

    Premium-Inhalt. Asus is saying that the tablet it makes will be upgraded to "in the very near future", according to a .

  • Windows of opportunity: The channel reacts to Windows 8

    Premium-Inhalt. The channel may lead the way in Windows 8 adoption if early indications are any guide as several companies including Data#3, WhiteGold Solutions and ASI Solutions are ready to get on-board.

  • Modest crowds greet iPad mini's release

    Premium-Inhalt. The iPad mini is a slimmed-down version of Apple's popular tablet, so in a way, it's fitting that Friday's release brought out smaller crowds when compared to previous Apple product roll-outs.."

  • Review: Empire: Total War Gold Edition an epic strategy game


  • Why Facebook will cut the Timeline in half

    Premium-Inhalt. is testing a new design for its . Instead of two columns of updates, the experimental interface has just one.

  • Apple loses iPhone name battle against iFone in Mexico

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has reportedly lost its legal battle over the iPhone's name in Mexico.

  • NHS trust picks BusinessObjects to drive self-service analytics

    Premium-Inhalt. North London NHS Trust, Royal Free, is implementing SAP's BusinessObjects in a bid to improve data reporting and analytics, whilst driving more responsibility to end-users, who will be able to interact and analyse the data themselves.

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