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Meldungen vom 29.06.2012

  • So werden Sie wieder frisch

    Sommer im Büro

    Es ist heiß in deutschen Büros. Sie brauchen Abkühlung? Lesen Sie unsere Hot Ten, dann haben Sie trotz Hitze den Kopf wieder frei für frische Ideen. …mehr

  • Das iPhone ist fünf

    iPhone 5 wird für Herbst erwartet

    Zu seinem fünften Geburtstag blickt das iPhone auf eine stolze Karriere zurück. Über 250 Millionen Mal hat sich das Smartphone seit seinem Marktstart verkauft. …mehr

  • Gen-Y-BYOD als Gefahr für die Unternehmens-IT


    Die "erste Generation" der BYOD-Anwender stellt einer Umfrage von Fortinet zufolge eine ernste Herausforderung für die Sicherheit der IT-Systeme in Unternehmen dar.  …mehr

  • Twitter - aus der Nische in die Breite

    In 140 Zeichen

    Twitter wird in Deutschland immer attraktiver - inzwischen nutzen 4,4 Millionen Menschen den 140-Zeichen-Dienst. Freunde und Promis ziehen die Neu-Zwitscherer auf die Internetplattform, aber auch Großereignisse wie die Fußball-EM.  …mehr

  • So können Handynutzer vom 1. Juli an im Ausland Geld sparen

    Neue Tarife

    Der Urlaub steht bevor - und das Handy ist im Gepäck. Doch wer im Ausland am Strand SMS abruft oder im Internet surft, erlebt oft eine böse Überraschung. Die EU hält die Preise für zu hoch und hat Obergrenzen beschlossen. Ab 1. Juli gelten europaweit neue Tarife. …mehr

  • Google holt zum zweiten Schlag gegen Amazon aus

    I/O 2012

    Zuerst kündigte Google ein eigenes Mini-Tablet an, um gegen den Kindle Fire von Amazon zu punkten. Einen Tag später der zweite Schlag: Google wird künftig in großem Stil Rechenleistung vermieten und damit Amazon Web Services (AWS) in die Quere kommen. …mehr

  • Kahlschlag bei RIM - 5000 Stellen fallen weg

    BB10 erst 2013

    Kahlschlag beim angeschlagenen Blackberry-Hersteller Research In Motion (RIM): Das Unternehmen versucht sich mit dem Abbau von 5000 der zuletzt rund 16.500 Stellen aus den roten Zahlen zu arbeiten. …mehr

  • Was Clean-Code-Entwickler können

    Qualität der Software steigern

    Ein guter Entwickler zeichnet sich nicht nur fachlich aus, sondern auch durch seine "weichen" Kompetenzen. Das gilt umso mehr für Programmierer, die ihre Arbeit an den Prinzipien von Clean Code Development (CCD) ausrichten.  …mehr

    Von Bianca Hennemann
  • Schreckgespenst betriebsbedingte Kündigung

    Stellenabbau - Folgen für die Arbeitnehmer

    Kommt es zu Entlassungen im großen Stil, muss auf Arbeitsgeberseite vor allem auf Sozialverträglichkeit geachtet werden.  …mehr

  • WikiLeaks chief Assange unlikely to surrender to police

    Premium-Inhalt. WikiLeaks Julian Assange said Thursday night it is very unlikely he will obey a summons from British police to leave Ecuador's embassy on Friday and surrender for breaching bail conditions.

  • Apple hardware engineering chief Mansfield retires

    Premium-Inhalt. The Apple executive in charge of hardware engineering for the iPhone, iPad and other Apple products is retiring from the company, Apple said Thursday.

  • T-Mobile USA's former CEO will move to Vodafone

    Premium-Inhalt. Former T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm has joined Vodafone Group as the chief executive of a new division covering northern and central Europe.

  • Google makes small changes to Google+ but shows social skills elsewhere

    Premium-Inhalt. Reports of the demise of Google+ have been widely exaggerated, Vic Gundotra seemed to suggest on Thursday morning at Google I/O when he said that the social network was hosting 13,000 pictures of the company's party the night before, displayed automatically in chronological order and identified by poster.

  • The Challenges of Simplification

    Premium-Inhalt. Ah, the complexities of simplicity. The word conjures up Zen-like notions of easy understanding, natural approaches and intuitive use. Like when I recently watched a 2-year-old march over to the TV set and try to change channels by swiping her chubby fingers across the screen (just like Daddy does with his smartphone). Imagine how disappointed she'll be when she tries to work the ridiculously complex remote control (which even most grown-ups can't figure out).

  • Chrome for iOS: Not So Fast, Cool Features

    Premium-Inhalt. Google's mobile version of its Chrome browser has now and is now available for the iPhone and iPad from the . I took it for a spin to see how it compares to Apple's built-in Safari browser. In brief, the Chrome iOS mobile browser has some innovative features, but is hampered by the fact it can't tap into Apple's engine to Safari.

  • Getting the best Wi-Fi performance from recent RF advances

    Premium-Inhalt. This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

  • Judge considers hearing on improper Megaupload seizure

    Premium-Inhalt. Due to a reporting error, the story, "Judge considers hearing on improper Megaupload seizure," which ran Friday, contained incorrect information about a motion to dismiss the case against Megaupload. The second paragraph has been corrected and now reads:

  • Judge considers hearing on improper Megaupload seizure

    Premium-Inhalt. A U.S. judge may hold an evidentiary hearing to determine whether the U.S. Department of Justice acted improperly in blocking Megaupload customers' access to their files when seizing the file-sharing service's domain name and servers in January.

  • Google hands over control of Google Web Toolkit to steering committee

    Premium-Inhalt. Google is yielding control of its for browser application development to a multi-party steering committee, a Google official said on Friday. The company also introduced a release candidate of GWT 2.5, featuring compiler optimizations.

  • Paving the Way to Abandon BlackBerry

    Premium-Inhalt. If your company relies on BlackBerry mobile devices, it's time to head for the lifeboats. I don't have a crystal ball, so I can't say with any certainty what RIM's fate holds in store. But, it doesn't take any supernatural ability to see that the company is floundering...badly.

  • Add Dimension to Text With Youthful Pijamas Font

    Premium-Inhalt. If you need something that's not entirely grown-up, but not kid-like either, try TrueTypefont Pijamas from designer Billy Argel.

  • Where to Buy the Nexus 7 Tablet

    Premium-Inhalt. If you wondering where to buy Google's new Nexus 7 tablet, you've now got a couple of options.

  • Remains of the Day: Mishmash

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple bids adieu to its vice president of numbers, the story of how RIM failed to hit AT&T's softball pitch, and Google is crashing your MacBook. The remainders for Friday, June 29, 2012 are all mixed up inside.

  • Why Playing Diablo III Really Means Playing The Auction House

    Premium-Inhalt. It's been a month and a half since Blizzard launched the third game in the Diablo franchise and made it the , and the hack-and-slash game is now in a somewhat precarious position. While the bugs and stability issues that it suffered from at launch are largely resolved, hardcore gamers are starting to bristle at some controversial changes being made in Diablo III. Their complaints basically boil down to one central issue: This game is not Diablo II.

  • Has Google done enough to keep Android phones up-to-date?

    Premium-Inhalt. Google announced a new version of Android this week with some , but it's unclear if it's done enough to solve a problem that has dogged its mobile OS: fragmentation.

  • Google I/O Roundup: The Six Biggest Announcements

    Premium-Inhalt. Google's I/O developer conference is largely aimed at the people who create applications for Google's various software ecosystems or use Google's Web infrastructure, but the company also made a number of news announcements that are significant to all Google users--also known as everyone.

  • HP's First Window 8 Tablet Will Target Businesses, Not Consumers

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard's first tablet will be a business-oriented slate running an x86 CPU, not a consumer product running Microsoft's upcoming operating system, the company has announced.

  • Chinese Zodiac Windows 7 Theme Is Appropriate All Year Long--Every Year

    Premium-Inhalt. The Chinese zodiac is thousands of years old, so what better decoration for your glossy, state-of the-art PC? The twelve zodiac animals make a stately parade across your Windows 7 desktop with the . PCWorld editor Kim Saccio-Kent selected these wallpapers from the many available at deviantART, an online community showcasing user-created art and photography.

  • Paint-On Lithium-Ion Batteries Put Your Walls to Good Use

    Premium-Inhalt. One day, your walls might be able to power your laptop: Researchers at Rice University have developed a new type of spray-on lithium-ion battery that can be literally painted on nearly any surface.

  • Google sharpening Analytics' tracking of mobile applications

    Premium-Inhalt. Google is readying a new set of Analytics usage reports designed specifically for mobile applications, the company announced at its I/O developer conference on Friday.

  • Sony VAIO E15: Stylish, Competent, State of the Mainstream Art

    Premium-Inhalt. The Sony VAIO E15 is as stylish a mainstream laptop as you're likely to find. Starting at only $500 with a 15.5-inch screen and state-of-the-art ports and connectivity, it's an inexpensive way to impress your fellow humans with your astute judgment of things computing, as well as your fine taste in design.

  • Dell's strategy for Wyse unit: hire, not fire

    Premium-Inhalt. Dell completed of Wyse Technology just last month and is now hiring, and not cutting, employees.

  • Job ad indicates Apple using Oracle, IBM servers in North Carolina data center

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple is running servers from IBM and Oracle with flavors of the Unix operating system at its Maiden, North Carolina, data center, according to a job entry posted on the company's website.

  • Rice University develops spray-on battery prototype

    Premium-Inhalt. Researchers at Rice University in Houston have developed a prototype spray-on battery that could allow engineers to rethink the way portable electronics are designed.

  • Real-Time Video Editor LoiLoScope 2 Has a Must-See Interface

    Premium-Inhalt. The LoiLoScope 2 video editor is so unusual in appearance and approach that you need to download it and take a look. Even if you're not into video, the interface and editing tools are fun to play with, and they demonstrate just what's possible when truly creative minds are at work.

  • Wall Street Beat: Software, progress in euro zone plan help boost tech

    Premium-Inhalt. Tech stocks are ending the first half of the year on an upbeat note with news that enterprise spending on software lately has been relatively strong.

  • Seven practical steps to help you run your on-premise cloud like a business

    Premium-Inhalt. This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

  • Five tips to keep apps from failing

    Premium-Inhalt. This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

  • 11 mobile apps to enhance your travel experience

    Premium-Inhalt. Mobile technology has revolutionized the travel industry: Countless travel apps have popped up, promising to enhance your experience in foreign lands.

  • Free Game Friday: Cats, Zombies and a Speedrun Through Retro Gaming

    Premium-Inhalt. It's sometimes difficult to find free games that appeal to a wide audience; a lot of browser games are made as a hobby by indie developers with a very specific message. However, this week's free games roundup should appeal to almost everybody. After all, who doesn't love cats, zombies and 8-bit gaming?

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