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Meldungen vom 03.10.2008

  • Camrivox verbindet VoIP-Telefone von Snom mit NetSuite-CRM

    Flexor CTI

    Camrivox stellt mit "Flexor CTI für NetSuite" eine Lösung vor, die VoIP-Telefone der Snoms Technology AG mit der Business-Software Netsuite verzahnt. NetSuite ist ein Tool für kleine und mittelständische Firmen, das CRM, Webshop und betriebswirtschaftliche Anwendungen verbindet. …mehr

  • Google, Yahoo delay ad deal over DOJ investigation

    Premium-Inhalt. Google and Yahoo will further delay their controversial search-advertising deal in the face of an ongoing investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

  • A visit with Guy Kawasaki

    Premium-Inhalt. So for a whole bunch of reasons far too random to detail here, I ended up sitting in a restaurant attached to a Bay Area ice rink last week, watching skaters slip and fall while chatting with longtime Apple evangelist and Mac columnist, and current venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki.

  • You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz and answer key

    Premium-Inhalt. It's been a week of stark contrasts. A privately funded rocket made it into space, while stock market funds crashed to earth. Apple's grip on App Store developers and Hollywood's stranglehold on DVDs both slipped, while former politicos and spies eased quietly into the social networking space. Also: Steve Ballmer went on a speaking tour, adding to the supply of fear, uncertainly, and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Are you truly in the know? Take our quiz and find out. Correct answers are worth 10 points. Now take a deep breath and dive in.

  • E for All opens in Los Angeles

    Premium-Inhalt. Although several key publishers , the budding consumer video game conference does have a few unreleased games on tap, namely Guitar Hero World Tour, End War, Far Cry 2, and Shaun White Snowboarding, all of which are playable. Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft are headlining the event.

  • Nintendo president: Mario, Zelda titles in deep development

    Premium-Inhalt. Hearing reporters at major Nintendo events asking Reggie Fils-Aime about new Mario and Zelda titles has become something of an unofficial annual event, and the recent U.S. autumn media summit hosted by Big N in San Francisco didn't disappoint in that regard.

  • Where classical music and iPhone apps converge

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple has a well-earned reputation for fulfilling customer desires on its own timetable. The is hardly the first time Apple sounded off-key to its fans. Consider the flat note that the iTunes Music Store struck with classical music fans early on.

  • App Store successful, but shows flaws

    Premium-Inhalt. By all accounts Apple's App Store, which offers add-on software for the iPhone and iPod touch through iTunes, has been a success. Despite the ongoing between Apple and some app developers, new applications continue to appear and sales are brisk. In September, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the App Store had , and an earlier Wall Street Journal report quoted Jobs as saying that the store had generated $30 million in sales in its first 30 days of existence. Jobs even mused that the App Store could be a US$1 billion market someday.

  • A rare collection of celebrity endorsements for SOA

    Premium-Inhalt. Perhaps SOA is not getting a fair chance in corporate IT because it lacks celebrity endorsements. We tracked down a number of well-known figures to give SOA a PR boost. (Apologies in advance if you get a parody error while reading these quotes.)

  • High-tech rides: Cars with cool technology

    Premium-Inhalt. Knight Rider has nothing on what's brewing in the labs of leading automotive researchers.

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