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Meldungen vom 27.12.2008

  • Hacker fordern bessere Datenschutzgesetze

    Chaos Computer Club eröffnet Jahreskongress

    2008 war ein "Datenskandaljahr" - das meint der Chaos Computer Club (CCC) und fordert mehr Transparenz und Gewissen im Umgang mit den persönlichen Daten deutscher Staatsbürger. …mehr

  • Small Sister project protects against e-mail snoops

    Premium-Inhalt. The Small Sister open source privacy project has released a first beta of its SmallMail application, allowing individuals to send e-mail messages that can't be intercepted or traced by governments or snoops.

  • Wal-Mart to start selling iPhone on Sunday

    Premium-Inhalt. Wal-Mart on Friday confirmed what people have been saying for more than a month now--it will sell Apple's iPhone 3G at its 2,500-or-so retail outlets around the U.S.

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