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The primary obstacle to creating either a private cloud or a cloud service to offer customers is the structure of modern online applications. These are complex systems comprised of the application software itself, middleware software like web servers and databases, operating systems and drivers, numerous servers, storage to boot the servers, storage to hold the application data, and finally the networks that connect it all.

An application-centric cloud to compose, deploy and manage applications and their supporting infrastructure is a challenge.

In our Webcast we demonstrate how you get your applications up and running fast, whether you use it as a service, install it in your own data center, or offer it as a service to others - with no code modifications. You will see, how applications become completely separated from the hardware infrastructure traditionally needed to run them, allowing users to deploy, operate and manage their applications and services remotely through a Web browser, and provision resources as needed.
  • How do I setup an application centric cloud?
  • How do I build an application within my cloud?
  • How do I virtualize OS, Apps, Network and Storage?
  • How do I achieve more security with less effort?
Watch our international webcast from COMPUTERWORLD in collaboration with CA Technologies, one of the leading Cloud Enablers worldwide - the recording is now available!

The following top experts will join the discussion:
computerwocheNils Meyer
Principal Consultant, CA Technologies
computerwocheSarath De Silva
Vice President Sales of internet4YOU GmbH & Co.KG
computerwochePresented by Detlef Korus, freelance journalist for the German IT business magazine COMPUTERWOCHE
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