Meldungen vom 06.04.2012

  • Besser als jedes Meeting

    Collaboration Tools für Reviewing

    Wer Änderungen in Bildern, Dokumenten und Designvorschlägen diskutieren will, kommt um Collaborative Reviewing Dienste nicht herum. …mehr

  • Video veröffentlicht

    Laptop-Dock von Motorola bekommt Webtop 3.0

    Zusätzlich zu Updates auf Android 4.0 passt Motorola anscheinend auch die Software für sein Zubehör an. In einem Video wird jetzt die Webtop-Oberfläche 3.0 für das Lapdock-Zubehör gezeigt. …mehr

  • TX9000

    Cisco mit neuer Videokonferenzlösung

    Cisco hat mit der "Telepresence-TX9000"-Serie eine Videokonferenzlösung für das Highend vorgestellt.  …mehr

    Von Matthias Sternkopf
  • Der Führungstipp

    Ungeliebte Zielvereinbarung

    Zielvereinbarungen sind in den meisten Unternehmen nicht gerade populär. Die meisten Mitarbeiter würden entsprechende Gespräche am liebsten vermeiden. Was können Führungskrafte tun?  …mehr

  • Send Big Ol' Files With WinZip's Free ZipSend Lite

    WinZip is famous for its file compression software, and chances are good that you've used it to shrink files before attaching them to an outgoing email message. But even when compressed, some files can still take up plenty of space, slowing down your emails as they travel. Enter ZipSend Lite, a free file delivery service from the creators of WinZip that significantly speeds up the sending of sizable emails.  …mehr

  • Kindle Rumors Hint at Major Upgrade in the Works

    Will the next generation of Amazon's eReaders feature a dramatic innovation, possibly a color or lighted display? Recent rumors suggest significant changes are coming for the venerable e-reader, which currently has an e-ink display without backlighting or color.  …mehr

  • Social Media and Recruitment at Walmart Asia (1)

    Simon Heaton, Head of Executive Recruiting for global retail giant Walmart in Asia, uses LinkedIn Recruiter extensively as his sourcing point for talent and the "right fit" for his organisation. Indeed, Heaton attributes much of his team's success on the job to their use of various social media channels. Among their more recent achievements is the recruitment of Walmart's senior leadership team for its e-commerce business in a mere six weeks sometime last year. At present, Heaton's team sources 80 percent of its hires directly because they can do for themselves what professional executive search agencies offer-the first line matching of skillsets with job descriptions and establish contact with potential candidates.  …mehr

  • New Trojan variant can install without password

    Flashback, a Mac Trojan horse that's been in the public eye since it was uncovered by security firm Intego last year, has a new trick up its sleeve: It can now infect your computer from little more than a .  …mehr

  • YouDazzle combines social collaboration, cloud storage

    There are plenty of collaboration software tools on the market, and a growing number of cloud storage options for businesses as well. , a Silicon Valley startup, says it has created a tool that combines the best of both worlds.  …mehr

  • Social Media and Recruitment at Walmart Asia (2): The Purple Pony

    In this, the second part (the first is here) of our interview with him, Simon Heaton, Head of Executive Recruiting at Walmart Asia, shares his thoughts on the finer points of using different social media platforms, the strategic advantage they offer and their limitations.  …mehr

  • Seeper projection maps animation onto ship-shaped Titanic Belfast museum

    Art collective has created a large-scale projection-mapped animation for the opening of the Titanic Belfast museum.  …mehr

  • Advertising in Free Apps Saps Your Smartphone's Battery Life

    As much as 75 percent of the energy spent by some popular smartphone apps, such as Angry Birds and Fchess, is spent on marketing and advertising aimed at you.  …mehr

  • iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending April 6

    The iOSsphere is nothing if not democratic. It accepts unfounded speculation, comments, convictions and assertions from the lowest of the low and the highest of the high.  …mehr

  • Philips ErgoSensor Monitor Nags at You for Slouching

    You probably spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer screen, watching cat videos and reading awesome articles on . But like most of us, you probably don't think a whole lot about the way you're sitting in front of your monitor.  …mehr

  • "Significant" wage increase coming from Apple factory owner

    The parent company to Foxconn, who manufacturer many Apple products, including the iPhone, says it plans to raise the wages of its employees in Taiwan. The company says that the wage increases will come in July and are designed to retain and attract talent as it expands its buisness.  …mehr

  • The Week in iOS Apps: A feast for the senses

    This week’s app roundup is a feast for the senses. Love to laugh, talk, or eat? We’ve got something for you.  …mehr

  • Free Friday: A Twist on Portal Puzzles and Free Games Inspired By Peter Molyneux

    The big story in free games this week is undoubtedly l, a competition to create games in 48 hours based on the tweets of . @PeterMolyduex is a twitter account that parodies the pronouncements of game designer Peter Molyneux (creator of games such as Black & White and Fable), known for his insistence that game designers need to think outside the box and create new ways of playing games.  …mehr

  • Hands On With Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion

    The second phase of the Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion beta went live this week, so I spent some time playing with the new units and factions to figure out how Rebellion changes the slow, strategic pace that the space-based RTS Sins of A Solar Empire is famous for. While the average match remains the same (you'll still spend hours conquering planets and blasting pirates), the division of each side into Loyalist/Rebel factions and the addition of four new victory conditions make playing Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion feel like a new adventure. If you're unfamiliar with Sins of A Solar Empire, thanks for clicking on this headline! You're clearly an adventurous soul, which suggests you may enjoy exploring the many spaceships, tech trees and diplomacy options Sins places at your disposal for the sole purpose of conquering a galaxy. Ostensibly, it's a real-time strategy game set in space. But that's too simple to encapsulate what it's like to play Sins of A Solar Empire.  …mehr

  • Verizon to stop offering standalone DSL

    Verizon Communications next month will stop offering so-called "naked DSL" -- high-speed Internet without landline phone service -- in a move that flies in the face of the trend of consumers ditching their home phones for mobile handsets.  …mehr

  • UDID alternatives mooted for mobile ad tracking after Apple rejects apps

    With Apple seemingly apps that access UDID (unique device identifier) data from the App Store, developers and mobile advertising firms are scrambling to find alternative ways to track user behaviour.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Behind the looking glass

    We peek behind the curtain at Apple, watch Sergei Brin peer through a Google Glass prototype, and keep an eye on the ever-evolving Apple television rumors. The remainders for Friday, April 6, 2012 are peeping toms.  …mehr

  • Larry Page letter highlights Google's conflicts

    Google CEO Larry Page published a long on Thursday that gives an update on the company's strategy and highlights some of the conflicts he faces after a year at the head of the company.  …mehr

  • How Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Plans To Save The Galaxy

    Fans disappointed by Mass Effect 3's conclusion as well as critics dismayed by the spectacle of a storyteller giving into its audience's demands all turn today with skeptical anticipation towards Bioware as the beleaguered developer announces a free downloadable content pack to redress . Due out sometime this summer on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, the Extended Cut will supplement the game's existing endings rather than rewrite them or add new ones.  …mehr

  • How to adjust Lion's Recent Items menu list

    Last week in Mac Basics we showed . On a related note, there's a way to quickly access apps, files, and servers you've recently used. Under the Apple menu, there's an option called Recent Items, and when you select it, you'll see a pop-up list of apps, files, and servers you've used recently.  …mehr

  • Emerging software tools help boost IT spending projections

    Overall U.S. tech spending is forecast to grow by 7.1% this year and then by 7.4% in 2012, according to Forrester Research.  …mehr

  • AT&T Finally to Allow Unlocked iPhones for Out-of-Contract Users

    AT&T's long-standing policy against unlocking iPhones will come to an end this Sunday, allowing users to take advantage of cheaper service when traveling abroad.  …mehr

  • Facebook Timeline Bug Replaced Random Images

    Facebook recently layout for business pages. The launch of Timeline came with a small hiccup, though, as images have been randomly replaced for some users. What's more concerning is the fact that the images that were inserted don't actually belong to the owner of the Facebook page.  …mehr

  • FTSE 100 companies are closer to female board targets

    Eighteen FTSE100 company boards have more than 25 percent , a study released on Thursday revealed.  …mehr

  • Send Big Files by Email--Without Clogging Your Email--With ForgetBox

    Tired of clogging up your email account with oversized attachments? You can free up some space with ForgetBox (free), a handy utility that handles the heavy lifting of file transfers for you.  …mehr

  • AT&T will unlock your out-of-contract iPhone beginning April 8

    Chalk this up as a win for anyone with a GSM iPhone: AT&T on Friday announced that starting Sunday, the company will allow customers who have fulfilled their two-year contracts to unlock their iPhone for use on any GSM network.  …mehr

  • Create Engaging Tutorials in a Snap with Snapguide

    Part of running a business smoothly is to have simple processes that users can easily learn and repeat. Whether it’s a process for filing an expense report, or logging a customer complaint, or writing a blog post, there are processes in every business that need to be shared with others so everyone is on the same page and handles tasks consistently. Snapguide makes it easy to create engaging step-by-step tutorials.  …mehr

  • Google Tablet Delays: What They Mean for Apple's iPad

    Those yearning for a Google-centric answer to Apple's iPad must wait a bit longer. Sources close to Google's tablet team say the company is pushing back the launch of its device until at least July while it reconsiders its strategy.  …mehr

  • Cisco 'Jawbreaker': Refocused or retired?

    So with word circulating around the industry of a possible developing a cloudy switch for software-defined networking (SDN) and/or distributed data storage, what's the status of Cisco's "" fabric switching project?  …mehr

  • The Witcher 2 and Fallout Available for Free

    CD Projekt RED, the Polish developer of The Witcher series and the owner of, held its Spring Conference yesterday and made a series of announcements for both the game franchise and the digital distribution service. Marcin Iwinski, the co-founder and CEO of CD Projekt, began by thanking fans for the success of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which has sold over 1.1 million units and received widespread acclaim. Iwinski presented a brief preview of a forthcoming 6-minute trailer whose narrative illustrates what The Witcher is all about; the full trailer will be released to market the debut of the series on the Xbox 360 later this month.  …mehr

  • Write Space Brings Distraction-Free Writing to Chrome

    Take it from me: Writing is hard enough without a steady stream of distractions ruining your focus -- distractions like your e-mail client, your Web browser, and even all the clutter that your word processor throws up on the screen.  …mehr

  • Amazon releases staggering storage figures

    Just how big is Amazon Web Service's (S3) Simple Storage Service? Well, it holds 905 billion objects, and it's growing by a billion per day, the company says.  …mehr

  • iTV is a no go, Apple should call TV iPanel: analyst

    Jefferies analyst Peter Misek thinks Apple will launch a smart TV in the fourth quarter, but he doesn't think that Apple will call its smart television the iTV. Misek is suggesting that Apple's rumoured television should instead be called iPanel.  …mehr

  • SUSE Linux: 20 Years and Going Strong

    Red Hat may be celebrating its new role as the first open source company to in annual revenue, but it's not the only Linux provider to reach a key milestone recently.  …mehr

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