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  • Top-Tempo für unterwegs

    Test - Die schnellsten Notebooks

    Notebooks haben etwas, was Netbooks und Tablets fehlt: Echte Rechenpower. Wir stellen die schnellsten Laptops aus dem Testlabor vor.  …mehr

  • Buchtipp

    Ratgeber für Papas

    Der Großteil der Väter steht zu 100 Prozent im Beruf und kann nur abends und am Wochenende wirklich Vater sein. Umso wichtiger ist es, diese kurze Zeit effektiv zu nutzen. Unser Buchtipp zeigt Ihnen, wie es am besten geht. …mehr

  • Unsere Besten 2011

    Deutschlands IT-Gründer

    Sie hatten eine Idee, Mut und Ausdauer. Bis heute haben sie nicht nur tausende von Arbeitsplätzen geschaffen, sondern prägen die deutsche ITK-Landschaft. Wir stellen ihnen die wichtigsten IT-Gründer vor.  …mehr

  • Alternate, Mindfactory, Conrad

    Zehn Elektronik-Discounter im Test

    Alternate, Notebooksbilliger, Redcoon, Conrad & Co.: Bei welchen Elektronik-Versendern fällt der High-Tech-Einkauf am bequemsten aus?  …mehr

  • Best of Open Source 2011

    Die besten freien Business-IT-Tools

    Enterprise Search, Web-Content-Management, CRM, ERP, Process Management und Business Intelligence: Für alles gibt es kostenlose Open-Source-Programme. Hier kommen die besten des Jahres.  …mehr

  • Debenhams taps HP servers to increase transaction security

    Deparment store operator Debenhams is deploying upgraded HP servers at 100 stores across the country to comply with payment card regulations and improve transaction processing in a virtualised environment.  …mehr

  • Arduino Rules at Maker Faire New York

    Arduino might as well exploded all over last weekend's Maker Faire in New York City, because it was everywhere. There was a whole new tent dedicated to it, four panels to just explain what it was, and more manufacturers than I knew even existed. It's Arduino Fever  …mehr

  • Oracle User Group says budgets are static

    Oracle users are having to squeeze more value from their budgets and significant numbers of projects are being delayed or cancelled because of financial pressures, a new survey from the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) and Fujitsu has found.  …mehr

  • Weekly Wrap: Fear, Photos, and 'Flix

    Each week, we're faced with an impossible task when we try to round up the best stories of the week gone by--because everything we publish is, as you'd expect, pretty great. But we've made a series of Sophie's choices, and we're proud to offer you this roundup of articles worth clicking on, if you missed them earlier this week. And heck, if you already read them once, they're even better the second time around.  …mehr

  • Nyan Cat Sneaks Into Spotify's Latest Update

    Love it or hate it, the trippy internet sensation is slowly starting to take over the computing world. If you still haven't seen the of the YouTube cat meme (my personal favorite is the ), then you may have just managed to avoid the , , and .  …mehr

  • How to Prepare Your Business for Google+

    Google+ just opened its doors to the world by and moving to the beta, testing phase. The nascent social network is still thin on features and ways for businesses to properly use it, but its minimalist approach has gained Google+ millions of users in a very short period.  …mehr

  • Google Wallet rollout going "kind of slow," Google rep says

    Google Wallet has run into technical glitches, although the extent of the problems is not clear.  …mehr

  • Fast Five: This week in IT

    Your wrap of the top Australian ICT stories this week.  …mehr

  • Google Doodle Honors Muppets Creator Jim Henson

    Google is paying homage to Muppets creator Jim Henson with an interactive doodle that celebrates what would have been the famous puppeteer's 75th birthday.  …mehr

  • NASA is 'embarrassing,' Neil Armstrong tells Senate

    The end of the Shuttle programme has left the US in danger of squandering decades of space achievement, former astronauts Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan have told the US Senate Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.  …mehr

  • Virgin Business Media boost for Silicon Roundabout start ups

    Virgin Business Media is giving London's 'Silicon Roundabout' incubator THECUBE, free use of a dedicated, carrier-grade 1Gb/s internet access point for a year.  …mehr

  • Samsung UN46D8000 LED HDTV

    With its Series 8 models, Samsung can lay claim to one of the skinniest bezels in the business: less than 0.25 inch between the edge of the 46-inch UN46D8000YF and its 1080p LED-backlit LCD panel. And because the bezel is mostly clear, with a silvery edge, the set's image seems to occupy its entire surface. One notable rival in the thin-bezel sweepstakes is the .  …mehr

  • LG Infinia 47LW6500 LED HDTV

    With a built-in Web browser and a second remote that works like a wireless mouse, the LG Infinia 47LW6500--successor to the that we reviewed earlier this year--rates as one today's better Internet-connected, 3d-supperting, LED-backlit LCD TVs. It also offers fine image and audio quality at a moderate price ($1900 list price; street prices in the range of $1400 to $1750 as of September 20), making it a very good deal for a 47-inch 1080p set with state-of-the-art capabilities.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: I spy

    It's the end of the week, and there's plenty to spy: press events, source code support, and patent fights, oh my! The remainders for Friday, September 23, 2011 are seeking something blue.  …mehr

  • When CEOs take the stage, they follow Jobs's script

    Thursday's f8 keynote began with comedian Andy Samberg doing an imitation of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. But if you followed , you might have gotten the feeling that Zuckerberg was doing an impersonation of his own--his presentation seemed like an imitation of one of Steve Jobs's keynotes.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Busted businesses

    Want to know why Microsoft just bolted the Metro UI onto the Windows desktop? To protect its business model. eWeek, meanwhile, needs an intervention on its ad-impression-maximizing business model, because these top-ten slideshows aren't a healthy lifestyle choice. Finally, can we talk about HP? Because, whoo, boy.  …mehr

  • Samsung PN51D6500 Plasma HDTV

    The $1400 (as of September 4, 2011) Samsung PN51D6500 sports some very cool features. One attractive and easy-to-use screen gives you access to all of your local and Internet sources. It provides a single interface for searching for movies and TV shows across all of the set's video-on-demand services. For the most part, its images--both 3D and 2D--look very good, and its audio is as good as you could reasonably expect from an unaided television. But pieces of its user interface--especially text entry-- feel half-baked. And even by plasma standards, the PN51D6500 is a power hog.  …mehr

  • Blockbuster Movie Pass Wants to Compete with Netflix

    Over the past few months Netflix has made some controversial decisions--a price hike and an announcement that the video service would spin off its DVD-by-mail service--that have upset a goodly section of the company's customers. The real question is: Can other providers capitalize on Netflix customer dissatisfaction?  …mehr

  • Kodak ESP Office 2170 All-in-One

    Kodak's ESP Office 2170 color (print, scan, copy, fax) aims at the home-office market, highlighting its affordable ink and its very economical purchase price ($150 as of 09/16/2011). Unfortunately no perfect multifunction exists at this price point; the ESP Office 2170's particular weaknesses are minimal features, slow performance, and mediocre output quality on plain paper.  …mehr

  • How to: Choosing the right wireless broadband provider

    Now that the major players are launching their 4G networks, it might be time for businesses to look at what improvements they can get from their mobile broadband providers. We take a look at what's on offer.  …mehr

  • The Week in iPad Cases: Mirror, mirror on the wall

    This week's iPad-case roundup shows that the Smart Cover has had a profound impact on the way case vendors design their wares. Instead of trying to replace the Smart Cover, a growing number of manufacturers are creating protection that integrates with Apple's cover, addressing its flaws and enhancing its functionality.  …mehr

  • Heavenly motion-captures dancers for new BBC graphics

    Heavenly has rebranded BBC Entertainment, one of channels run by BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC. The channel showcases drama, comedy, light entertainment and sci-fi programmes from the BBC and independents across India, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.  …mehr

  • Internet Domain Seizure Program Rankles Speech Advocates

    A controversial Internet domain seizure program has notched another victory for the federal government even as free speech advocates continue to raise concerns.  …mehr

  • FCC Publishes Net Neutrality Rules

    After 10 months on the shelf, the Federal Communications Commission's rules on net neutrality were finally in the Federal Register.  …mehr

  • Windows Phone 7, Day 21: "Mango" Does Multitasking--Mostly

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