Meldungen vom 19.08.2011

  • Hackergruppe

    Bundesweite Razzia gegen "No Name Crew"

    Für die Polizei war es peinlich: Einer Hackergruppe gelang es, in ihr Ortungs- und Peilsystem einzudringen. …mehr

  • Martina Koederitz

    Weiblicher Nachwuchs ist wichtig für die IT-Industrie

    Die IT-Branche soll für Frauen attraktiver werden: Die Lenkerin von IBM Deutschland, Martina Koederitz, will sich dafür stark machen. Das sei wichtig für die Herausforderungen in der Zukunft. …mehr

  • Lizenz-Management

    IT-Administratoren blicken nicht durch

    Nur jeder zweite Admin hat detaillierten Einblick in die Nutzungsverträge mit den Softwareanbietern. So das Ergebnis einer aktuellen Umfrage unter 250 IT-Administratoren aus deutschen Unternehmen.  …mehr

  • Cooler als New York

    Berlin mischt die Internet-Branche auf

    Berlin ist wieder Frontstadt. Im Stadtteil Mitte entwickeln junge Internet-Firmen neue Ideen und Projekte. …mehr

  • Was Sie jetzt unternehmen sollten

    50.000 Euro Bußgeld für "Gefällt mir"-Button?

    Der Datenschützer Thilo Weichert wirft dem Online-Netzwerk Facebook schwere Verstöße gegen Datenschutzgesetze vor und droht mit hohen Bußgeldern. Rechtsanwalt Christian Solmecke erklärt, was zu tun ist. …mehr

  • Umsatzschub und Ersparnis erwartet

    Vodafone will Festnetz ersetzen

    Der Mobilfunkkonzern Vodafone will einen möglichst großen Teil seiner vier Millionen DSL-Kunden in Deutschland zum Wechsel vom Festnetz auf die neue Mobilfunktechnik LTE bewegen. …mehr

  • Skitch

    Evernote übernimmt Foto-Anmerkungsdienst

    Nach seiner jüngsten Finanzierungsrunde hat das Internet-Unternehmen Evernote einen Software-Anbieter in der Bildbearbeitung übernommen. …mehr

  • Nexus Prime

    Kommt das nächste Google-Handy wieder von Samsung

    Eines der neuen Android-Smartphones von Samsung soll angeblich das nächste Referenzmodell von Google (wahrscheinlich Nexus Prime) werden. Das berichtet zumindest die südkoreanische Zeitung "etnews" mit Berufung auf Quellen aus der Lieferkette. …mehr

  • Paukenschlag aus Palo Alto

    HP besinnt sich zurück aufs Enterprise

    Hewlett-Packard hat einen massiven Umbauplan präsentiert - nach zehn Jahren womöglich die späte Einsicht, dass der Kauf von Compaq ein strategischer Fehler war.  …mehr

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint

    Die besten Tipps für Microsoft Office

    Arbeiten Sie flüssiger und bequemer in Word, Excel sowie PowerPoint - dank unserer 50 Sofort-Tipps für Microsoft Office. …mehr

  • Gericht sieht keine Diskriminierung

    "Sehr geehrter Herr ..." - Frau ist nicht benachteiligt

    Die falsche Anrede in der Ablehnung der Bewerbung einer ausländischen Frau ist keine Diskriminierung wegen ethnischer Herkunft  …mehr

  • Fachkräftemangel

    Profis aus dem Osten sollen es richten

    Zwei Dienstleister mit unterschiedlichen Ansätzen wollen Arbeitgebern aus ihrer Personalknappheit helfen.  …mehr

  • HP's WebOS Now a Competitive Advantage Waiting to Happen

    There's no denying that HP's abrupt decision to is a blow to consumer choice and the mobile arena in general, which as I see it is really just down to two competitors now: iOS and Android.  …mehr

  • Gears of War 3 Goes Gold, Cliffy B Pokes Fun at Valve

    Rejoice! will suffer no more delays from here on out, as Cliff Bleszinski tweets that the game has officially gone gold.  …mehr

  • Gamescom: Gearbox on How Borderlands 2 is a 'True Sequel'

    Back at Gamescom in 2009, Gearbox Software was demonstrating its then-upcoming Borderlands game to small audiences, begging people to give this new, original game a chance amid a sea of sequels. Fast forward to today and that game has been one of the developer's biggest successes -- a fact about which the team seems humbled and genuinely grateful. As such, they are adamant that Borderlands will not end up offering a series of what they call "one year turnaround content dump sequels" -- the new game is what they call a "true sequel."  …mehr

  • Facebook's 'Like' Button Banned by German State

    The German State of Schleswig-Holstein has ordered all state sites to remove Facebook's "like" button. Sites that fail to comply could face fines of up to 50,000 euros, or about $72,000.  …mehr

  • How To Prevent IT Sabotage Inside Your Company

    Preventing external attacks to IT systems is a huge and critical task for most companies, but what are businesses doing to stop similar attacks when they come from within? That's a question that more companies should be asking themselves as internal IT sabotage cases regularly hit businesses hard, causing big monetary losses and often knocking companies offline for days or weeks.  …mehr

  • Wall Street Beat: Megamergers, earnings roil tech

    The story, "Wall Street Beat: Megamergers, earnings roil tech," posted Friday, incorrectly reported the title of Rob Fisher, U.S. technology transaction services leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers. The story has been corrected on the wire and the 14th paragraph now reads:  …mehr

  • Gamescom: Payday: The Heist Launches on October 5 for $20

    $20 is pretty expensive for a PSN game, but Sony Online Entertainment and developer Overkill believe that they've created a game that's worth the money. Featuring six maps, 144 reputation (experience) levels, drop in/drop out cooperative play and a variety of skills to unlock, certainly doesn't skimp on incentives to replay.  …mehr

  • Morphing Hexapod Bot Redefines Creepy

    Do you love with more than two legs? If so, then this is for you! Built by , MorpHex makes use of more than 25 , and it can do some pretty creepy things with them.  …mehr

  • Firefox 7 Beta Puts Priority on Performance

    Just days after the ready-for-primetime version of was released, Mozilla, sticking to its for the browser, has rolled out the beta for Firefox 7 --a release of the software that is emphasizing performance improvements.  …mehr

  • HTC unlocks its phones, but probably not just to irk Google

    HTC, which just announced even though , continues the trend started by Samsung this week of needling Google by doing things that make it easier for people to mess with Android.  …mehr

  • WebOS developers mourn HP's move but aren't surprised

    HP's decision this week leaves diehard developers who built for it in limbo, said a former HP and Palm software development official who nonetheless lauded the technology and expressed hope that WebOS could be revived somehow.  …mehr

  • Acer Ultrabook Gets Ship Date to Compete with Asus UX21

    Hewlett-Packard may be , but that doesn't mean the PC is dead: competition among Ultrabook manufacturers Acer and Asus is alive and well. Acer is reportedly pushing to release its upcoming ultrathin and lightweight Acer Aspire 3951 in September, a month before expected, to directly compete with the Asus UX21 Ultrabook.  …mehr

  • iPhone 5 Part of AT&T's 'Busy October,' Says Report

    Here's another iPhone 5 release date rumor to add to the pile.  …mehr

  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Features Nemesis, Doctor Strange

    I got the chance to have a play with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 today. Despite the fact that the full character roster was almost as soon as Capcom announced the new edition, the publisher is sticking stubbornly to its PR and marketing plan by revealing the characters a few at a time -- even going so far as to keep a number of spaces on the character select screen emblazoned with an "UNKNOWN" sign.  …mehr

  • HP's PC unit could be a tough sell

    Hewlett-Packard may struggle to attract buyers for its Personal Systems Group (PSG), which might carry too high a price tag in a PC market struggling under the onslaught of tablets, analysts said.  …mehr

  • The Fate of PCs at HP: 10 Questions

    How's that for a heady Thursday: HP --the world's largest PC manufacturer-- announces that they aren't really into the whole "building PCs" thing anymore, thanks to double-digit profit margins and many other facets of their corporate portfolio. It's a sensible (albeit dramatic) decision, but one without a conclusion: options are being mulled, while foundries continue to crank out desktops and laptops that could very well need a new logo within the next year or two. This leaves lots of questions on the table.  …mehr

  • Mega Man Legends 3 is Really Dead, Japan Devs Close Up Shop

    If you were holding out any hope that Capcom would bring back , that the whole thing was really a cruel publicity stunt, it's time to take those thoughts and bury them with the rest of your dreams.  …mehr

  • Do you REALLY know how to delete data?

    Well of course you do. You're an IT professional, after all. You know that hard disks require at least a low-level-format, or better yet, an electric drill boring holes through the platters. You format your USB thumb-drives and still don't allow them in the office. You police up every possible errant byte, don't you?  …mehr

  • New economic woes lead to deep cuts

    If you've been watching the stock market this month, you know that, economically speaking, things are going the wrong way. We seemed to be in a period of economic recovery, but now, whatever recovery we might have been having seems to have fallen right through, like piping-hot coffee melting the bottom of a cheap cup. Whether or not you consider stock market activity as a representation of the overall economy, I can tell you that my company seems to be falling on hard times as well.  …mehr

  • Ninja Theory: 'We're Not Changing' Devil May Cry's Design

    If you're part of the fanbase that isn't down with the reboot of the series (and the redesigned protagonist Dante) Ninja Theory hears your worries. But they're not going to change things back. So deal with it.  …mehr

  • Google beefs up admin console for free Apps version

    Google has strengthened the IT administration capabilities of the free, standard version of its Apps hosted communication and collaboration suite, the Friday.  …mehr

  • Gamescom: Rochard Could Be Your New Favorite Platform Game

    Back in , AJ was pleasantly surprised to come across Recoil Games' , a gravity-manipulating 2D platform game with simple controls and fiendish physics puzzles. My experience with the game at Gamescom today mirrored hers -- I'd never even heard of it prior to today, but I came away thinking that this could be a real sleeper hit for PSN.  …mehr

  • Gamescom: Red 5 Studios Has Ultimate Confidence in Firefall

    Firefall, for the uninitiated, is an upcoming massively multiplayer shooter from Red 5 Studios, who count World of Warcraft team lead Mark Kern and lead designer of Tribes Scott Youngblood among their number, with Orson Scott Card consulting on the game's surprisingly deep sci-fi story. That's quite a pedigree from both the massively multiplayer and shooter perspectives, so if you're not yet familiar with the game, that might convince you to take a closer look.  …mehr

  • IBM: The PC is the new mainframe

    "The PC is dead!" We've heard that message a lot since the birth of 's , but when one of the creators of IBM's first PC added his voice to the chorus, people took notice.  …mehr

  • Battlefield 3 Doesn't Have to Outsell Modern Warfare 3

    EA's COO Peter Moore maintains that doesn't need to sell more than Modern Warfare 3 to be successful.  …mehr

  • Gamescom: Dark Souls Will Be 'Harder than Demon's Souls'

    Namco demonstrated the punishing difficulty of at Gamescom today, pointing out that yes, it is in fact far more difficult than Demon's Souls due to the fact that more complex tactics are required to traverse the various areas in the game -- not just an affinity for the game's demanding combat system.  …mehr

  • 5 Features That Shouldn't Die With the HP TouchPad, WebOS

    Barely two months after the launched, and we're already writing its obituary. Even RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has survived for longer than that. I was among the reviewers who took HP to task on the TouchPad--but even so, I'm saddened by the news that the tablet world has one fewer competitor. After using the TouchPad over the past few weeks, I can say that I liked certain aspects of the TouchPad and WebOS, and that I was looking forward to seeing these features in second-generation hardware. I can only hope that other tablet makers take a hard look at their mobile operating systems and tablets, and that they find ways to prevent these five hardware and software capabilities from dying with the .  …mehr

  • Gamescom: Browser Based Star Trek MMO? Make It So!

    Think of browser-based games and your mind probably automatically turns to Zynga. What it probably doesn't imagine is a fully 3D Star Trek MMO with tactical combat; an in depth story penned by Lee Sheldon, one of the series' writers; and an authentic visual design straight out of the TV series thanks to collaborations with Michael and Denise Okuda, both of whom played a prominent role in Star Trek's distinctive look.  …mehr

  • Ubisoft Lies About DRM On PC Port Of 'From Dust'

    The PC version of Eric Chahi's exotic sandbox game is finally available for purchase after a three week delay, and if you're into solving puzzles and shepherding worshippers from village to village with the terraforming prowess of an all-powerful deity it's definitely worth a look. Unfortunately, despite being largely a single-player affair the game automatically connects to the Ubisoft servers to authenticate itself every time you boot it up. Once the servers have verified that you're not playing a pirated copy you're free to disconnect and play offline, but if you don't have access to the Internet you can't play From Dust. Period.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Prior convictions

    The big GOOG joins the battle against Lodsys, the demise of webOS devices was just as surprising to many HP as outside, and one Australian politician wants Apple to lower its prices. The remainders for Friday, August 19, 2011 are always a deal.  …mehr

  • Six Ways to Blow a Negotiation

    As any executive recruiter will attest, the effective CFO counts masterful negotiation among his or her most valuable skills. Negotiation is a critical part of a finance chief's dealings, whether with vendors, customers, or other external business partners, or with colleagues within the C-suite. Moreover, negotiation skills can be invaluable in career-related conversations.  …mehr

  • Tablets Are Here for Good, But Not at HP, Company's CEO Says

    HP believes that tablets have a promising future, but company officials said Thursday the reaction to their first tablet, the TouchPad, was so negative that it didn't make sense for the company to continue in that market. In the company's hotly anticipated earnings call, HP's CEO took pains to keep his options open regarding the company's PC division, which could be spunoff or sold.  …mehr

  • R.I.P HP TouchPad, we hardly knew you

    HP has sensationally abandoned its webOS line of products, consigning the HP TouchPad tablet to the dustbin less than a week after it launched in Australia.  …mehr

  • US surges to near global lead in mobile data

    U.S. consumers are among the world's most voracious consumers of mobile data, motivated by the country's homegrown technology industry, according to analyst Chetan Sharma.  …mehr

  • WebOS: What Went Wrong?

    HP announced , which includes the HP Veer 4G, the HP Touchpad and the yet-to-be-released HP Pre 3 smartphone. The death of WebOS devices is sad, yet unsurprising news. The entire journey of the WebOS has been marred by pitfalls since the very beginning--and things only got worse over time.  …mehr

  • Silent Hill's Vita Debut is a Different Kind of Silent Hill

    Konami's subbing out the fixed perspectives and creepy-crawly pace of previous Silent Hills for some fast-paced, isometric action in the upcoming . A cooperative action game with puzzle elements, Memories will see you and your friends creating customized characters, solving puzzles in several eerie environments, and duking it out with familiar faces from the series' foggy, frightening universe.  …mehr

  • H-P Pursues Spin-Off of PC Operations

    Hewlett-Packard Co., the world's largest personal-computer maker, wants to get out of the business.  …mehr

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