Meldungen vom 15.08.2011

  • Rückendeckung für Android

    Google kauft Motorola-Mobilfunksparte

    Für 12,5 Milliarden Dollar übernimmt Google Motorolas Mobilfunksparte, um seine von Patentklagen belagerte Android-Plattform zu stärken. …mehr

  • Neuer Steuerbescheid wegen "neuer Tatsachen"?

    Steuerlicher Streit um Dienstreisen

    Das Finanzgericht Rheinland-Pfalz: hat sich gegen die Änderung eines Steuerbescheides zuungunsten des Steuerpflichtigen ausgesprochen.  …mehr

  • Dem Burnout zuvorkommen

    Die 120-Stunden-Arbeitswoche

    Andauernde Überlastung im Job kann zum Burnout führen. Was Einzelpersonen und Unternehmen tun können, erklärt Gesundheitsreferent Robert Jacobsen von den Heiligenfeld Kliniken.  …mehr

    Von Andrea König
  • MIA talk was to focus on Android developer mistakes

    A pair of researchers, who caused a stir at the Black Hat Security Briefings when they failed to show at their presentation, claim to have found using an automated analysis tool.  …mehr

  • PS Vita Launch Will Be a 'Car Wreck' Says Game Dev

    Sony's is slated to launch in Japan later this year and then early in 2012 in North America. But not everyone is optimistic about the Japanese hardware developer's latest foray into the handheld market. Lyle Hall and Matthew Seymour of Heavy Iron Studios stated their skepticism of the Vita in an with  …mehr

  • HP Envy 14: Solid, but Now Unspectacular

    The HP Envy 14 offers performance and style, though it's no Macbook or in the latter department. The glowing HP logo on the top of the unit as well as the textured surfaces on the top and keyboard deck tend to spoil the minimalist effect. But the slot-loading optical drive, clean lines, and relatively svelte profile (for an all-purpose model) will grab attention on display shelves. Updated from a year ago, it's now suffering in comparison with the competition, which has caught up and then some.  …mehr

  • FCC looking into BART mobile phone shutdown

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is looking into last week's shutdown of mobile phone services on a San Francisco commuter train line.  …mehr

  • Threat to Year in IPOs Analyzed by PwC

    The completion of in the second half is under great pressure, . And, in general, it worries that a once-promising year now could develop into a relative dud.  …mehr

  • New Last Guardian Footage to Be Revealed as Bonus Content

    revealed Monday that September 27th will be the first day you'll be able to glimpse new footage of , Team Ico's latest project for the PS3.  …mehr

  • How Linux mastered Wall Street

    Due to a reporting error, the story "How Linux mastered Wall Street," posted Monday, confounded two Unix operating systems as a single entity.  …mehr

  • Google looks to protect Android with Motorola patents

    Google is paying a premium for Motorola Mobility, the from Motorola proper. But for the $12.5 billion it's paying, Google likely is more interested in Motorola's patents than its phones.  …mehr

  • A Better Way to Switch Between Open Windows

    There are several ways to switch between open windows. Many users reach for the mouse, point to the Taskbar, and then click the button for the window they want to bring to the foreground. That's about the slowest, least convenient method.  …mehr

  • Use Your Image Editor to Replace a Color in a Photo

    Sometimes reality just isn't good enough. In fact, that's the basis for most photo editing. Whether you're applying the to make your subject glow or accenting your subject by from the rest of the photo, there are a lot of ways to make dramatic changes to a photo after it has been taken. But sometimes the change you're looking for is a lot more subtle. What if you only want to change a single color, like the shade of someone's clothing or your subject's eye color? This week, let's see how that's done.  …mehr

  • Kaspersky Debuts Anti-Virus, Internet Security Products

    The new versions of anti-virus and Internet security software announced Monday feature a new interface, as well as the ability to undo damage caused by malicious programs.  …mehr

  • Google+ name policy asks a lot of us

    A controversy has erupted around Google's much-discussed venture into social networking, Google+. The company has displeased some potential users by insisting they use their real names or at least a name by which they are well-known and which looks like a conventional name.  …mehr

  • Study: IE 9 Defends Best Against Malware Links

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 offers Web surfers the best protection against social engineering malware, according to test results released today by an independent research firm.  …mehr

  • Movirtu offers cloud-based mobile ID service in Africa, Asia

    Poor Africans and Asians who cannot afford to own their own mobile phones will be able to communicate using unique mobile numbers from U.K.-based Movirtu, which will be rolling out cloud services to the two regions over the next few years.  …mehr

  • Back to School: 6 Tips for Not Overspending on Tech

    School is just about to start, and if you have a kid heading for college you're probably grimacing at the thought of all those bills. You're on your own when it comes to soaring tuition and housing costs, but there are ways to spend less on your student's technology needs while still giving them what they need to succeed.  …mehr

  • How To Improve Collaboration with Development and Operations

    IT managers have long bemoaned the tension between "change-the-business" (development) and "run-the-business" (operations) IT teams and their activities. In fact, most organizations suffer this curse, and stereotypes that reflect this animosity abound. Ops people, for example, envision dev people sitting in their ivory towers cranking out code all day and wanting to release applications oblivious to real-world constraints. On the other hand, dev sees ops as cog-turners ensuring that the IT infrastructure doesn't break under the strain of poorly written code. These stereotypes exist because organizational behaviors do exaggerate genuine conflicts, and both parties must act quickly to change.  …mehr

  • Survey: Hong Kong IT pros got 4 to 6% pay rise

    More than 70 percent of IT professionals in Hong Kong receive an average of 4 to 6 percent pay rise in 2011, said that recently announced results of its survey dubbed Hong Kong IT Industry Employment and Salary Trend.  …mehr

  • IT Hiring Remains Strong Despite Economic Fears

    IT professionals looking for new jobs need not fear that the recent spate of bad economic news will hamper their . IT staffing industry executives agree that IT hiring in the U.S. will remain robust through the end of the year, bucking renewed fears of a double dip recession recently brought on by stock market corrections, the ongoing debt crisis in Europe and the U.S., and Standard &Poor's downgrade of America's credit rating.  …mehr

  • Study: Americans Use Phones to Avoid Boredom – and Bores

    Does this scene sound familiar? You see Delores the Bore walking towards you. Fearing a 20-minute description of her latest scrapbooking project, you quickly pull out your phone and pretend to be on a call.  …mehr

  • Adobe admits Google fuzzing report led to 80 'code changes' in Flash Player

    Adobe on Friday acknowledged that as many as 80 bugs in Flash Player were reported by a Google security engineer as it defended its decision not to spell out details of the vulnerabilities.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Put it on my TabCo

    Steve Jobs's biography is coming, and it's got way fewer moving pieces than an old MacBook prototype. Plus, the company behind the mysterious TabCo viral campaign is unmasked, and it's the most disappointing reveal since . The remainders for Monday, August 15, 2011 are going to cry like it's 1999.  …mehr

  • Apple's Business Breakthroughs

    Last week,the financial and tech worlds were buzzing with the news that, for a short while, as the world's most valuable company.  …mehr

  • Internet Explorer is best at protecting against drive-by downloads

    is better at defending against drive-by downloads than competitors' browsers and the contest isn't even close, according to a worldwide test of browsers by research firm NSS Labs.  …mehr

  • Fusion Garage Unveils Android-Compatible Grid10 Tablet

    After a weeks-long teaser campaign that caused much chatter and speculation, Fusion Garage was revealed as the company behind the parody company TabCo. Fusion Garage made last year's failed JooJoo tablet, and the company disappeared off the radar after that product was withdrawn from the market. So is there room for one more OS in the tablet party? Fusion Garage clearly believes so, given the effort the company put into its big reveal, but the road ahead is going to be a bumpy one--even with Android app support. The software interface showed off today looks intriguing, but the hardware and price left us less excited.  …mehr

  • What's next for ERP? Tear down the walls

    This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.  …mehr

  • HP updates dependency mapping software

    Hewlett-Packard has updated its dependency mapping software to help customers figure out which departments are using which systems and applications, to enable chargeback programs and other management tasks.  …mehr

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