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  • Apple keeps on giving lessons in retail

    If you shop in the U.S., you’re likely familiar with the Nordstrom brand. It’s not just another department store: It’s a business with legendary customer support.  …mehr

  • RBS CIO: Confidence and respect are key ingredients for successful networking

    Whether you are a man or a woman, all you need is confidence and respect in order to start networking internally, according to RBS CIO Stephen Norman.  …mehr

  • Cloud Music Streaming: Pros and Cons

    There is that Apple will soon and to offer a service to store your music in the cloud and stream it to your devices. There are certainly some benefits to cloud music services, but those benefits come with some pretty serious consequences as well, so make sure you weigh the pros and cons before you invest too heavily in cloud music streaming.  …mehr

  • Chrome, Firefox Experiment With Hidden URL Bars

    Netbook and tablet users looking for more screen space to display content from their favorite websites are getting some help from a pair of popular Internet browsers.  …mehr

  • Lenovo Laptop Warranty Troubles

    I bought a laptop about a year ago. It came with a one-year warranty, and I wanted to upgrade to a three-year warranty before the first one expired. The T410 was preloaded with ThinkVantage Toolbox, which conveniently told me on its splash page how many days I had remaining on my warranty. Eventually a message there informed me that my warranty would expire in 59 days, and I decided to renew. However, that information was wrong--my warranty had actually expired ten days prior. Because I depended on ThinkVantage Toolbox, I now have to pay $259 for a three-year warranty instead of the $100 warranty extension that would have been granted had I paid before the first warranty expired. Customer service hasn't honored my request for renewal at the lower price. Can you help? --Ted Krever, New York  …mehr

  • Verizon Axes Unlimited Data but Eyes Family Plans

    Days are numbered for unlimited data plans on Verizon airwaves but the next big thing may be family data plans.  …mehr

  • No Rapture, But Watch Out for Apocalypse Attacks

    I didn't expect to get a ticket to the rapture, but judging from the lack of abandoned vehicles it seems that the rumors of were a bit exaggerated. However, even though the world did not come crashing to a halt today, don't let your guard down just yet. Now comes the rapture spam and apocalypse .  …mehr

  • Day 21: Chrome Extensions for Google Docs

  • Apple Needs to Rescue Developers from Patent Trolls

    Apple iOS app developers are being lawsuits. But, the app developers are simply following the rules that Apple mandated, so ultimately the ball is in Apple's court to find a resolution.  …mehr

  • Apple Uses iPad to Promote Other Products in Stores

    Apple is tweaking the look of its retail stores in what could be another marketing coup for the consumer electronics powerhouse.  …mehr

  • Verizon Hints at Shared Data Plans

    Let's be honest. It was only a matter of time before and dropped unlimited data plans . It's not all bad news, though. There is also some evidence that Verizon may soon offer shared data plans.  …mehr

  • Technology Helps Pope Extend Reach Into Space

    Technology has given Pope Benedict XVI a window into space and the astronauts he spoke to the ultimate morale boost.  …mehr

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