Meldungen vom 08.04.2011

  • Microsoft erwartet Klärung mit Datenschützern


    Im Streit um den Karten-Panoramadienst Bing Maps Streetside erwartet Microsoft eine Klärung in weiteren Gesprächen mit Datenschützern. …mehr

  • Facebook legt sein Data Center offen

    Open Compute Project

    Ungewöhnlich, sehr ungewöhnlich: Wenige Wochen vor dem Start seines neuen Rechenzentrums in Oregon stellt Facebook dessen Designs und Spezifikationen öffentlich zur Verfügung.  …mehr

  • "Sky Go" für Smartphones und Tablets kostet extra


    Auf Kunden des Pay-TV-Systems Sky kommen ab sofort Mehrkosten zu, wenn sie die Programme der Sender auch mobil nutzen wollen. …mehr

  • HP bezichtigt Oracle-Überläufer des Datenklaus

    Adrian Jones

    Die Fehde zwischen den Computerschwergewichten Hewlett-Packard und Oracle bekommt neue Nahrung. …mehr

  • Kein Ende im Rechtsstreit um Vergütungspflicht für PCs


    Im Streit um Urheberrechtsvergütungen für PCs vor dem Bundesgerichtshof ist kein schnelles Ende zu erwarten. …mehr

  • IDC und Microsoft sehen Cloud Computing weiter auf dem Vormarsch

    "Mittelstand holt auf"

    Cloud Computing ist einem von Microsoft beauftragen Whitepaper von IDC zufolge bei deutschen Unternehmen weiter auf dem Vormarsch.  …mehr

  • Microsoft stopft am Dienstag 64 Sicherheitslücken


    Am kommenden Dienstag veröffentlicht Microsoft im Rahmen seines monatlichen Patch-Zyklus 17 Security Bulletins, die gleich 64 Schwachstellen beseitigen sollen.  …mehr

  • ".eu" besonders beliebt bei Deutschen


    Vor allem die Deutschen ersetzen gerne die Internetadresse ".de" mit der europäischen ".eu". …mehr

  • Arbeitgeber bevorzugen den "praktischen" Absolventen


    Ein Absolvent will wissen, was der Karriere eher dient: eine Abschlussarbeit an der Universität oder in einem Unternehmen.  …mehr

  • WebSharing - Datenaustausch via WLAN

    Die App des Tages

    Über die App "WebSharing" von NextApp kann können Android-Nutzer Dokumente und andere Daten auch über das lokale WLAN-Netzwerk abgleichen.  …mehr

  • Digicam mit 30-fach Zoom - Sony Cyber-shot HX100V

    Gadget des Tages

    Wer keine Lust auf dauernden Objektivwechsel hat, aber dennoch nicht auf einen guten Zoom verzichten will, sollte einen Blick auf Sonys neue HX 100V werfen. …mehr

  • Test - AMD Opteron 4122, 4162 EE und 4170 HE

    Günstige und sparsame Server-CPUs

    Die AMD Opteron-4100-Serie ermöglicht sparsame und günstige Server mit zwei Prozessoren. Der Opteron 4162 EE mit Hexa-Core und 32 Watt ACP beeindruckt auch mit hoher Energieeffizienz. Sehr günstig ist dagegen der Opteron 4122 mit Quad-Core, schneller ist der Opteron 4170 HE. Erhebliche Unterschiede gibt es in der Performance pro Watt.  …mehr

  • Casio Exilim EX-H20G im Test

    Mit GPS

    Mit der Casio Exilim EX-H20G sind Sie im Urlaub gut ausgerüstet. Denn die Digitalkamera besitzt einen GPS-Empfänger und verliert sogar bei ausgeschalteter Kamera nicht die Orientierung. Lesen mehr im Test. …mehr

  • AIR versus Silverlight

    Microsoft fordert Adobe heraus

    Rich-Internet-Applications wie sie mit "Adobe AIR” und "Microsoft Silverlight” erstellt werden können, haben den Browser verlassen und sind jetzt überall verfügbar - auch dann, wenn man gar nicht online ist.  …mehr

  • Server-Virtualisierung zum Nulltarif

    Microsoft, VMware, Citrix

    Wir haben kostenlose Lösungen zur Server-Virtualisierung für Sie genauer unter die Lupe genommen. …mehr

  • Office update struggles with calendar syncing

    , Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 (SP1) will arrive next week. It features "improved Outlook syncing support"--but with a big caveat.  …mehr

  • 10 Free Sports Apps for Android and iPhone

    Calling all sports fans: Check out these 10 great apps for Google Android and Apple iPhone that will keep you up to date on your favorite sport or team while on the go. And save your spending money for the ballpark.  …mehr

  • AT&T/T-Mobile merger to get Senate hearing

    The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile next month to examine the deal's potential impact on the telecom market.  …mehr

  • Gov't shutdown could delay Endeavour launch

    NASA confirmed Friday that a government shutdown could of the space shuttle Endeavour.  …mehr

  • Promising Prospect: MailTabs for

    Web-browser tabs, which let you keep multiple Web pages open within the same browser window, have brought considerable gains in productivity--not to mention reductions in onscreen clutter--to Web surfing. So much so that many Macworld readers have pined for similar functionality in their other big online app: the e-mail client. Mozilla's offers tabs, but what if you otherwise prefer Apple's Mail?  …mehr

  • Following the Herd: Why Traders Check IMs

    Contrarians take note: The so-called "herd instinct" is often derided as something irrational and counterproductive, whether one is talking about financial markets or the rush to stampede out of a burning theater. But that traders acting in sync with one another are more likely to dodge losses.  …mehr

  • House votes to strike down FCC net neutrality rules

    The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday voted to kill network neutrality rules approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in December, with majority Republicans arguing the regulations amounted to a government takeover of the Internet.  …mehr

  • Intel desktop boost reflects continued fat-client demand

    Despite the rise of cloud computing and the thin client, Intel continues to place its bets on a continued growth in demand for desktop power as well as power at the server.  …mehr

  • Atari's rose-tinted retro

    "Retro gaming" is a popular part of today's industry, but it's difficult for people to agree exactly what it means. Not only that, as the years roll by, one fact becomes increasingly, painfully clear: gaming has made significant progress in 30 years and many retro titles just aren't that much fun any more.  …mehr

  • New Google CEO sweeps in with company reorg

    Wasting no time, Larry Page, who on Monday, quickly moved to shake up the Internet company's top management.  …mehr

  • Iomega SuperHero

    The dock goes above and beyond the typical docking device. Together with a free app you download to your iPhone, the SuperHero ($70, price as of 4/4/2011) makes backing up contacts and photos a smooth, hassle-free affair--especially for Windows users.  …mehr

  • Samsung Series 9

    Samsung's Series 9 laptop isn't the first Windows-bearing PC to try to steal Apple's limelight. Remember the troubled from Dell, set to compete with the first-generation Air? At less than three pounds and 0.7 inch thick, the Series 9 is trying again where Dell slipped up the first time. While the Adamo offered inferior hardware at a dramatically higher price than Apple, Samsung at least gets the hardware part right, and narrows the price gap a little. The Series 9 is costlier than the competing 13-inch MacBook Air with a starting price of $1649 (compared with Apple's $1299), but it offers mostly superior hardware and is eminently usable.  …mehr

  • Google CEO Page hones in on social networking

    is making one thing clear - he'll be honing the company's focus in on social networking.  …mehr

  • DOJ puts conditions on Google's ITA acquisition

    Due to incorrect information provided by the DOJ, the story "DOJ puts conditions on Google's ITA acquisition," and the update to that story, which both ran on the wire Friday, contain incorrect information about arbitration measures required in a proposed settlement.  …mehr

  • LANDesk CEO talks up 'end user in' strategy

    For Steve Daly, CEO of LANDesk Software, success in managing and securing your IT environment is all a matter of perspective. Daly believes that LANDesk's strategy of managing from the "end user in" -- as opposed to the traditional " out" approach -- gives the company a big edge in controlling an increasingly mobile and diverse computing environment. LANDesk, which was launched in 1985 and has been part of Intel Corp., Avocent and Emerson Electric, was acquired by investment firm Thoma Bravo LLC in 2010.  …mehr

  • New Firefox Schedule Will Bring the Good Stuff Faster

    Mozilla's may still be fresh from the oven and cooling on millions of users' computers, but Mozilla has already set an aggressive schedule with specific dates for the release of the open source browser's upcoming versions.  …mehr

  • YouTube Live: The Makeover Continues

    Another sign that is positioning YouTube to compete with broadcast and cable TV, as well as other video-streaming services like Hulu and Netflix: , a new branch of the hugely popular video-sharing service, debuted on Friday.  …mehr

  • Actionable Information - Core Asset in Life Science Industry

    As top tier pharmaceutical companies continue to outsource non-core competencies and the definition of a core competency continues to constrict, it is becoming apparent there is essentially no competency that is considered truly core across the industry. Virtually every activity can be outsourced to an external vendor. At the same time, the historic life science blockbuster business model is rapidly fading into the sunset and pharmaceutical companies continue their transformational gyrations in pursuit of any semblance of mid- to long term sustainability. We expect that the future (as little as 5 years out) will look much different than the present and may end up with a distinctly different market metrics (including possibly a vastly different P/E model).  …mehr

  • Free Technitium MAC Address Changer

    Techies know that everyone's network adapter has what is called a MAC (Media Access Control) address that uniquely identifies it. Each is as individual as a fingerprint. This MAC address is used for many different purposes; for example, some networks examine the MAC address of every device trying to connect to it, and lets only those through that it knows are safe. Just as there are ways to change fingerprints, there are ways to change MAC addresses. You might think that changing your adapter's MAC address is beyond the capabilities of mere mortals. It's not, however; if you use the free you can do it with a few clicks of your mouse.  …mehr

  • King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human Redux

    Your days enslaved to the wicked wizard Manannan are coming to an end, but can you lead Gwydion beyond his clutches and into the world of Llewdor beyond? has lovingly preserved and updated the third installment in the classic King's Quest series of adventure games originally produced by Sierra On-Line and made it available as a free download called King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human Redux.  …mehr

  • Find Free and Discounted Kindle E-Books

    I love my Kindle. (Actually, I love the Kindle apps on my iPhone and iPad even more.) But you know what I hate? E-book prices. I know authors and publishers and everybody in between need to make a living, but there's simply no reason an e-book should cost almost the same as its hardcover or paperback counterpart.  …mehr

  • In SEC's Circuit-Breaker Plan, Strange Timing

    Less than two weeks after SEC Chairman the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association that an updating of so-called circuit breakers for U.S. market trades was in the offing, the first shoe has dropped.  …mehr

  • Patch Tuesday focus: Big bunch of Windows kernel bugs?

    Microsoft's record-setting security update next week may patch a large number of vulnerabilities in the Windows kernel, researchers said today.  …mehr

  • Are Tax Havens Hellish for the U.S.?

    General Electric's tax strategies this week were targeted for analysis by investigative organization , in collaboration with Fortune magazine. Reporters on the case included former New York Times Pulitzer-winner Jeff Gerth, of ProPublica, and Allan Sloan, of Fortune Magazine.  …mehr

  • Ingersoll-Rand Boosts Div, Authorizes Buying Shares

    its board boosted the quarterly dividend to 12 cents a share from 7 cents, and authorized the repurchase of up to $2 billion of the environmental systems company's common shares.  …mehr

  • FCC kicks off review of cell signal boosters

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission may regulate cellular signal boosters, which are designed to solve voice and data coverage gaps by picking up signals from carrier base stations and amplifying them in homes or vehicles.  …mehr

  • Counseling For Corporate Decision Makers

    I recently read an , that focused on the role of the CFO in keeping executive decisions from being influenced by personal biases. In the interview, titled , Sibony argues that "...[the finance staff] can also provide hard data to counter the inherent biases of other executives." These views are supported by much of IDC's research into performance management and decision management practices of leading organizations.  …mehr

  • Mozilla shoots for June 21 release of Firefox 5

    Mozilla has set an aggressive schedule for the next version of Firefox, slating the release of Firefox 5 for June 21.  …mehr

  • Shutdown Means Darkness for Most Government Websites

    The final grains of sand are trickling through the hourglass as the United States braces for a government shutdown. Negotiations are ongoing, and Congress has until midnight tonight to reach an agreement and avoid a shutdown, but it looks less likely with each passing minute.  …mehr

  • Google and ITA Software: A Feature Wishlist

    Now that the U.S. Department of Justice has , it's time to look forward to Google Travel -- or whatever Google's inevitable travel search engine will be called. Let's put the aside for a moment, and imagine what this service could be like. Here are the features I'd like to see:  …mehr

  • Novell patent sale to shield Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle from lawsuits

    , , EMC and Oracle are continuing to pursue a deal for Novell's patents that will let the four companies split the patents four ways and immunize themselves from any potential lawsuits.  …mehr

  • BMC supercharges IBM DB2 for mainframes

    Exploiting recent hardware enhancements that IBM added into its System z mainframe servers, enterprise software provider BMC has updated its line of performance tuning products to help customers get more from the latest version of the DB2 database.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Return of the Woz

    Steve Wozniak talks rejoining Apple, one site is the alpha and omega of its own rumor, and here's an instructional tip for those of you confused about your iPad 2's Smart Cover. These are the remainders for Friday, April 8, 2011 of which the prophecies foretold!  …mehr

  • Report: Apple investigates Verizon iPad 2 problem

    Apple is reportedly investigating complaints from iPad 2 owners who say they can't connect to Verizon's cellular network, .  …mehr

  • Company size no indicator of Green IT readiness: Survey

    Company size is not necessarily an indication of an enterprise's ability to deploy Green IT initiatives, according to findings from Fujitsu's for the financial services industry.  …mehr

  • IBM jumps into cloud, customers tip-toe behind

    In announcing its cloud computing services on Thursday, IBM stressed repeatedly that private clouds -- or those that exist behind the corporate firewall -- are as important to its strategy as those in the public realm.  …mehr

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