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  • Im Test

    Asus Eee PC R101

    Nur 250 Euro kostet der EeePC R101: Überraschend günstig für ein aktuelles Netbook. Und einige Überraschungen gab es auch im Test. …mehr

  • Die App des Tages

    Gruppen-Chat für Android und iPhone

    Der "Beluga Messenger" bringt die Funktionen des Blackberry Messenger und mehr auf andere mobile Plattformen.  …mehr

  • Die 10 IT-Trends von McKinsey

    Wie IT das Leben von morgen bestimmt

    IT-Tools in Autos verhindern Unfälle, Virtualisierung rettet die Natur und Netzwerke ersetzen Unternehmen. Die Analysten von McKinsey stellen zehn Technik-Trends vor und erklären, wie sie die Welt verändern. …mehr

  • BCS time management book aims to help IT executives

    A new BCS book is offering IT executives top tips on time management from 50 global CEOs.  …mehr

  • GeekTech Podcasts: The Nerdier Side of CES

    The GeekTech Blog Crew convenes again after recovering from CES! Join us as we discuss some of our favorite gadgets and happenings from this year's show. Learn about Nvidia's keg PC, Razer's portable PC gaming concept, and more, and get a taste of what it's like to be a journalist covering the show.  …mehr

  • HP Slimline: HD Support, Little Diversity

    There are parts of the HP Pavilion Slimline s5660f that we love. There are parts of this thin, $730 (as of January 13, 2011) that we loathe. And there are parts that are unavoidably absent due to the construction of this 16-by-4.5-by-12.25-inch rig. This is truly a PC that fulfills a specific purpose--if your list of needs includes strong general performance, affordability, and high-definition support, you'll do well to check out the s5660f. But if you're looking for a desktop that you can upgrade, a system that you can stream media to, or a machine with a vast diversity (or large number) of connections, steer clear.  …mehr

  • Fans' data deemed safe after reported World Cup breach

    UK football fans are in the clear after a World Cup football ticket data breach scare broke last year.  …mehr

  • Pirate Party rallies support for WikiLeaks

    A rally organised by the Australian Pirate Party to rally support for WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, is scheduled to go ahead this Saturday.  …mehr

  • Explore the Moon With Moon Maps

    Have you ever wanted to explore the moon? With the free Moon Maps Android app, you can. You can choose between imagery from the Mosaic or the Mosaic--though the Clementine imagery is generally better.  …mehr

  • Verizon Dumps Renewal Upgrade Option

    Verizon Wireless will drop its 10-year-old "New Every Two" upgrade plan this month.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Sadie Hawkins

    What, Dan Moren’s not available? Where could he be? What could he be doing that’s so important, it takes precedence over the news remainders for Friday, January 14, 2011?  …mehr

  • Customize File Open and Save Dialog Boxes

    Ralph Redan asked the forum how to provide easy access to his favorite folders in File Open and Save As dialog boxes.  …mehr

  • Panasonic GT25 Series Review: 3D TV For Cheap

    (Editor's note: This review of the Panasonic GT25 series is based on our hands-on testing and evaluation of the 42-inch TC-P42GT25. According to the manufacturer, the image quality and features should be equivalent for each TV in this model line.)  …mehr

  • British Council advises government departments on offshoring

    The British Council is to advise other government-funded bodies that are planning to outsource jobs to India.  …mehr

  • Google's Working Towards a Universal Translator

    I have to wonder sometimes if there’s a limit to where Google will go. I can’t deny that I’m often cheering them on as they gobble up companies, scan every book ever published and apparently , as reported by .  …mehr

  • EBuddy Messenger Helps You Stay Connected

    If you enjoy the immediacy of Instant Messaging and want an Android app that can keep you logged into multiple IM services, then eBuddy Messenger might be your answer. eBuddy is compatible with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk, MySpace, ICQ, Hyves, and Facebook. It runs in the background and can be configured to notify you by a sound, LED, or vibration when you receive new messages.  …mehr

  • HTC EVO Shift 4G: Fast and Affordable

    The flood of 4G phones at CES 2011 started with the ($150 with a two-year contract from Sprint). Available January 9, the Shift 4G is a follow-up to last year's popular , the first 4G phone on Sprint's WiMAX network is somewhat of a lesser version of its brother. If you are a keyboard addict and don't like the large size of the EVO 4G or the high price of the Samsung Epic 4G, the Shift 4G might appeal to you.  …mehr

  • Gateway DX4320-45: Agile, Fails to Stand Out

    Among the systems we've tested lately, three come within range of the Gateway DX4320-45 midsize-tower . We're talking strictly about performance, though, because some of those competing systems drop out of the running due to their loadouts' being inferior to that of Gateway's $899 (as of January 13, 2011) machine. What's the bottom line? The DX4320-45 is a fine system from a performance vantage, but the total package suffers.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Round 2

    Macworld  …mehr

  • Empire Online Invades App Store Today

    On Saturday, the English language version of Asia’s largest massively-multiplayer online role-playing game launched on the App Store. Empire Online, developed by Lakoo, is an anime-inspired adventure title that tasks players with building their own handheld kingdom. Free-to-play and swimming in nostalgia for classic RPGs, Empire Online looks ready to conquer the North American market.  …mehr

  • Why You Should Use Stephen Fry's Pushnote

    It's not uncommon for Websites today to let visitors post comments; typically, however, they have to register first. , on the other hand, is a new browser plug-in that lets Web surfers post uncensored comments on any site across the Web, whether or not that site enables comments itself.  …mehr

  • Panasonic TC-P42GT25 Review: 3D TV For Cheap

    Think you're priced out of the 3D TV market? Think again. Panasonic's 42-inch plasma TC-P42GT25, the 3D version of their , is on sale these days for as little as $700 from some retailers and it's not a bad buy at that price.  …mehr

  • HP Pavilion p6640f: Awkwardly Positioned

    Being in the market for a forces you to consider all of your options chiefly from the perspective of price, not features. The HP Pavilion p6640f ($709 as of January 13, 2011) is a fine system in its own right, offering an excellent balance of price and performance. While we wish that this machine had more features, we recognize that it's difficult--if not impossible--to find a desktop system on the lower end of the price range that doesn't come with tough trade-offs. Even so, competing systems (including another model from HP) piece together a prettier puzzle in the end.  …mehr

  • CopyTrans TuneSwift Backs Up, Restores iTunes

    It's a testament to the general uselessness of that so many useful apps have popped up that address its shortcomings. WindSolutions has the of apps, and the latest addition to this suite is (free until March 15; price thereafter to be determined). This app allows you to back up, restore, and transfer entire iTunes media libraries.  …mehr

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