Meldungen vom 27.11.2010

  • Die lange Nacht der IT-Bosse

    Feiern bis zum Morgengrauen

    Zur größten IT-Party des Jahres kamen sie alle: die Preisträger, Juroren, IT-VIPs. Die Fotos von der Preisverleihung ... …mehr

  • HTTPS Everywhere: Fend Off Firesheep

    The Web is an insecure place and getting more insecure all the time. The latest threat, the add-in for Firefox, is particularly dangerous because it is exceedingly simple to use. Someone with absolutely no hacking experience can grab your private login information to sites such as Facebook and Amazon, and then log in as you and do anything they want, as if they were you. The free Firefox add-in helps protect against that threat and other privacy invaders by effectively encrypting information when you visit certain Web sites.  …mehr

  • Free Image Editors for Everyone--Even Experts

    You could spend hundreds of dollars on image-editing software. But before you part with your hard-earned money, consider one of these free photo-editing programs. No matter what your level of expertise, one of these eight photo editors will fit your needs and personality--as well as your budget.  …mehr

  • 'Nightmare' kernel bug lets attackers evade Windows UAC security

    Microsoft is investigating reports of an unpatched vulnerability in the Windows kernel that could be used by attackers to sidestep an important operating system security measure.  …mehr

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