Meldungen vom 27.06.2010

  • Google Moves its Encrypted Search

    If you're paranoid about snoops discovering your Web search terms and results, you'll have to start pointing your browser to another URL to use Google encrypted search. …mehr

  • 4 Easy Answers to iPhone 4 Problems

    So what if some when the hand covers the antenna? That's your problem, not Apple's. "Non issue," Apple chief executive Steve Jobs . "Just avoid holding it in that way." …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: iPhone 4 Fever

    It never fails. Apple introduces something cool and people's heads pop off. Can’t science come up with a vaccine for this? Inoculate us with Rob Enderle’s blood or something? …mehr

  • Google Chrome Integrates Flash

    Google's Chrome has now integrated Adobe's Flash directly into the browser. was released over Google's Stable channel and is for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The update also includes five bug fixes, including two relevant to video handling. …mehr

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