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  • Stargazing apps on the iPad

    Stargazing apps have always been popular on the iPhone, but their vivid graphics haven't been able to shine on the iPhone's tiny screen. Luckily, two of the most popular astronomy apps are already updated for the iPad and available for download. …mehr

  • Netflix Comes to the iPod

    The is getting a lot of love. Endless coverage, rave and an . The small screen isn't getting much attention today. …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Down with the iPad!

    For many of us, the past week has been like the lead-up to our own personal Super Bowl, and the excitement has only mounted as the kick-off nears. A slew of came out and announced the they'd be bringing to the platform. It sure seems like if you're not on board with the iPad, you might want to get out of the way. But far be it from the Macalope to not provide equal time to the critics! …mehr

  • Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition rolls onto the iPad

    and have partnered to launch on Saturday exclusively for the iPad. This latest edition of the addictive primate ball-rolling series is available now on the App Store for $13. …mehr

  • Guinness World Records comes to iPad

    If you like to be dazzled and amazed by some of the most outrageous human accomplishments and oddities of nature, the app might be for you. Designed specifically for the iPad and with a fancy pseudo-3D look, . …mehr

  • Bulgarian Microsoft Days attracts 700 participants

    About 700 IT developers, experts, and managers participated in the biggest technical conference in Bulgaria, “Microsoft Days 2010”. The event took place on March 30-31 in Sofia. …mehr

  • Get Things done on the iPad

    Whether you're already a user of the app or new to it, Cultured Code's Things can help you manage your to-do list with ease and style. The runs $20 and is a slick-looking app, as you'd expect from . …mehr

  • Linkinus brings IRC to the iPad

    If you woke up last night in a cold sweat wondering if you'd be able to join Internet Relay Chats on your iPad, take it easy: Conceited Software has released an iPad version of its . It has almost every feature supported by the IRC protocol and then some and features a well-designed interface that should instantly feel familiar to existing iPhone users. …mehr

  • iFixit takes iPad to pieces

    Most of us probably haven't even got our hands on our iPads yet, but the folks at iFixit . Then again, that's what they --they don't feel pity or remorse, and they will absolutely will not stop, ever, until the iPad is . …mehr

  • Customers line up for first iPads

    Richard Vega had pre-ordered his iPad last month. But when Apple's new device officially went on sale Saturday, there was no question where he would be--in line at the ., to pick up his brand new iPad. …mehr

  • What's Missing: 5 Things the iPad Lacks

    Ever since Apple announced the iPad, . Now that I have one in-hand, it's about what I expected: if you've ever used an iPhone or iPod Touch, you'll feel right at home. That said, there are a few things that I feel are missing. Some are areas that lack polish. Others, however, are shortcomings that can impede usability. …mehr

  • Access and share remote files with SugarSync for iPad

    Online backup, storage, and sharing service SugarSync . The free, existing iPhone app has been reworked to turn it into a Universal app that will work on both the iPad and the iPhone. …mehr

  • Final Fantasy II for iPhone

    Final Fantasy is the granddaddy of all RPGs and is often cited as the series that kick-started the whole genre. was released in 1998 and expands on the success of the first. Now has ported the classic fantasy RPG to the iPhone for an old school trip down memory lane--with your trusted sword. …mehr

  • This Week in Geek: iPad-Free Edition!

    Here we take a look at some exciting topics that crossed our screens this week, including the PAX East convention, leaked information on the upcoming six-core chips from AMD, Windows Phone 7 running on a Windows Mobile 6.5-based HTC phone, and a questionable service from Best Buy involving 3D TV glasses. I promise that there will be no last-minute iPad rumors, or reviews of unreleased iPad applications.  …mehr

  • iPad’s Safari edges closer to the desktop

    Apple , and the iPad's Web experience is indeed very good from what we've seen so far. But the iPad's Safari Web browser is based on the iPhone version, and as good as iPhone browsing is compared to other mobile phones, even the biggest iPhone fan will admit that it has its limitations compared to browsing on a Mac or Windows PC. …mehr

  • Shift Apps launches Digits Calculator for iPad

    Apple did not bundle a calculator app with the iPad, but Shift Apps is ready to fill the void. The company's new iPad app, , is a minimalistic and simple calculator app that nevertheless has some powerful features. …mehr

  • Astroburn's Interface Suits Simple CD Burning

    (free) is a simple, good-looking, and effective CD audio burning app. It's very easy to use and supports a fair number of audio formats. Still, this one-trick pony leaves me wishing for just a bit more. …mehr

  • Apple iPad hits stores in the US

    Apple Computer on Saturday started selling the iPad tablet, a handheld device through which users can view movies, surf the Internet, read e-books and play games. …mehr

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