Meldungen vom 10.01.2010

  • Intel, Nvidia face off in tablet arena

    Intel is ramping up efforts to push low-power Atom chips in the burgeoning category of tablet devices, a market where the chip giant, which dominates netbooks, faces tough competition from competitors like Nvidia. …mehr

  • 'Minority Report' interface shown at CES

    In a small meeting room at the edge of the show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show, a startup company is demonstrating a motion-sensing interface technology that could offer a radical new way for interacting with games, PCs and televisions. …mehr

  • Africa opts for slow DNSSEC adoption

    Africa's Top Level Domain registries have opted for a slow adoption of Domain Name System Security Extensions, hoping to learn lessons from countries that pioneered the process. …mehr

  • Zain expands mobile commerce service in Africa

    As competition in the mobile-payment market heats up in Africa, Zain is expanding into three more countries in a bid to become the largest service operator in the region.  …mehr

  • Nigeria third in Africa to reduce interconnection rates

    Nigeria, Africa's largest telecom market by investment and subscription, has become the third country on the continent to reduce interconnection rates in order to make communication cheaper and protect new entrants from unfavorably competitive pricing practices. …mehr

  • DMC Copia E-Readers Have Something For Everyone

    plans to unleash a bevy of e-reader options on the world by June. With six models across two lines--the DMC Copia e-readers cover a range of options from 3G to Wi-Fi, with keyboard and without, and of course, large-screen versus pocket. In talking with Copia, I was impressed by the company's commitment to the nascent e-reader market, which is underscored by the company's ambitious plans to launch six different models, ranging in price from $199 to $299. Among e-readers, consumers will want choice, and not one size will fit all, literally-- there will be different things that excite different users. …mehr

  • Google Nexus Phone to Focus on Business

    The Nexus One smartphone might be a fun phone for consumers, but Google is aiming for the business-minded customer with its handset, says Google's Andy Rubin, quoted by . …mehr

  • Adidas miCoach faces tough fight against Nike+iPod in US

    Athletic shoe maker Adidas launched the latest version of its miCoach training gadgets in the U.S. alongside the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week in the hope of enticing people to use the system to meet their New Year's goals. …mehr

  • Fujitsu FLEPia E-Reader Makes A U.S. Appearance

    Let's get the bad news about the out of the way: Right now, it's only available in Japan. The good news is that Fujitsu is looking into bringing it to the U.S. Hopefully, the company will do so soon, as this flexible e-paper reader looks very promising. …mehr

  • Lose Yourself In Robot Adventure Machinarium

    ($20, gameplay-limited demo) is a breathtaking Flash-based 2D graphical adventure game. The beautiful and well-realized setting is a steampunk robot world; only robots live there, and they speak in thought balloons and pantomime. …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Natural-born category fillers

    It's all over! Yes, woe is the Apple fan! This will long be remembered as the week the iPhone-killing Google phone and the iTablet/iSlate/iGuide/iWhatever-killing Microsoft slate computer were announced! …mehr

  • Entourage eDge: Coolest Textbook Ever

    The dual-screen is aimed squarely at the education market, and the company's deal with textbook makers like McGraw-Hill underscores its emphasis on students. Due out in February, the $490 eDge has a clamshell design (that can flip to be used as a book or as tablet) and dual displays, a 9.7-inch E-Ink and a 10.1-inch LCD. …mehr

  • Microsoft Arc Keyboard is flat and curvy

    Drawing upon the design aesthetic of its ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ), Microsoft at has unveiled the , a stylish and compact wireless keyboard. …mehr

  • COOL-ER intros new ebook models

    Stylish ebook manufacturer has launched two new ebook devices at this year's CES exhibition in Las Vegas. …mehr

  • Fizwoz Offers Outlet for Mobile Photogs

    The newest entry in the quest for new models of making money in news media is an online marketplace for citizen journalists who want to sell their work to the highest bidder -- many of them major media companies. …mehr

  • Software uses fingerprint to launch apps, log in

    Taiwanese software manufacturer is showing a product here at that lets you use your laptop's built-in fingerprint reader to launch applications, manage passwords and encrypt files. EgisTec BioExcess also lets you scroll internet pages and office documents using four-way navigation. …mehr

  • Truphone unveils new Android app

    has unveiled a new app for mobile phones running platform, that allows users to make voice over IP (VoIP) calls. …mehr

  • Update: BT Global Services boss leaves after just 15 months

    BT's loss making Global Services arm has acquired its third boss in three years, with the resignation of Hanif Lalani, after just 15 months at the helm. …mehr

  • E-book readers invade Las Vegas

    Besides , e-book readers were everywhere on the show floor at CES. It remains to be seen which one will stand out from the crowd, but there will be plenty of e-book readers to choose from in 2010. We've put together this page of e-book reader news for your perusal. …mehr

  • CES 2010: Picks and Pans

    Our crack staff of editors hit Las Vegas this week to cover the annual Consumer Electronics Show. We braved bedbugs, bad PR people, long taxi lines, and greasy convention-center food, all to find the hottest new gadgets and gear. We saw 3D HDTVs, tiny iPhone accessories, and tablets, tablets, and more tablets. …mehr

  • Sims 3: World Adventures

    I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t review every Sims 3 expansion pack that comes out. The Sims, as a money-making enterprise, is brilliant. An addictive simulator with millions in sales that comes out with seemingly quarterly expansion packs for people to gobble up. As a gaming experience, the new stuff and new jobs that are available through the expansion packs usually don’t change the fundamental gameplay of the original release. Thus, my trepidation on reviewing a Sims expansion. That said, World Adventures' promise of exciting new locales to investigate was just enough to get my hopes up. …mehr

  • MSI netbook has two touchscreens

    MSI is demonstrating a number of prototype PCs and laptops on its stand, including two dual-screen netbooks. …mehr

  • Former iSOFT bosses charged with fraud

    has launched fraud proceedings against four former directors of iSOFT Group. …mehr

  • Light Reading: The Spring Designs Alex E-Reader

    The Spring Designs Alex E-Reader's road to CES 2010 has been rocky, to say the least. After announcing that the Alex would be using the , Barnes and Noble revealed their Nook e-reader a day later, which featured two screens and the Android OS, just like the Alex. Now we're three months and at least one threatened later, and the Alex is here at CES 2010. …mehr

  • CES Streamed Live Over Head-Mounted Videocam

    Couldn't get to Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show this year? Not quite getting that on-the-scene feel from video, slide shows and text reports? Take a look through the eyes of Sean Clark, a software engineer from who is constantly streaming whatever he sees at the show. …mehr

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