Meldungen vom 12.12.2009

  • Sprint's Android updates highlight fragmentation

    Just as Verizon pushes out the first operating-system update to the Droid, Android version 2.0.1, Sprint says its Android phones will get the 2.0 version as late as June next year.  …mehr

  • Macworld's editors present: 25th Annual Eddy Awards

    Every year, we see literally hundreds of Mac products. From those hundreds, we pick a handful to receive . We've already showed you, in slideshow form, all and all . …mehr

  • Sun updates Java Store beta

    Sun Microsystems unveiled on Friday an updated beta release of Java Store, a storefront for discovering and acquiring Java and JavaFX applications. …mehr

  • HP aims at flexible, unified storage

    Hewlett-Packard hopes to do the same thing with storage that it did with servers, leveraging years of system-building experience and economies of scale, by blurring the distinction between servers and storage.  …mehr

  • Bah Humbug! Shoppers Play Scrooge for the Holidays

    Retailers' dreams of a Green Christmas may be dashed by Ebenezer-like shoppers over the holidays, according to new studies from two market research firms, and . And while that's bad news for consumer electronics vendors already reeling from a bad economy, it may prove a for procrastinating shoppers hoping to find last-minute bargains on a few big-ticket items. …mehr

  • Five Web-Centric Alternatives to Google Chrome OS

    Despite Google's move into the operating system (OS) space, the idea of a primarily cloud-centric OS is nothing revolutionary; the earliest examples . And although numerous other attempts at developing Web-centric OSes none up to this point have truly broken into the mainstream. But some current offerings present welcome alternatives to mainstream operating systems, packing in useful features and making it easier to access your online content. …mehr

  • AT&T San Francisco outage caused by hardware problem

    A hardware problem in downtown San Francisco caused an outage on AT&T's 3G voice and data network Friday evening, but the carrier expected the problem to be fixed by about 6:15 p.m. Pacific time, an AT&T spokesman said. …mehr

  • Google's Chrome OS Aims to Speed Up Netbooks

    A few weeks ago, Google unveiled what it's hoping will be the new standard in netbook operating systems: Chrome OS. Based on Linux, Chrome OS is a fast, low-overhead OS that boots directly into a Web browser to get you online with as little waiting as possible. We've been on our test systems since Google . Here's a peek at what you can expect to see when preinstalled systems debut for the 2010 holiday season. …mehr

  • Google releases experimental phone to employees

    Google has handed out a new mobile phone running its Android software to some employees, stirring another wave of speculation that the oft-rumored Google Phone is real. …mehr

  • Graphics issues force Apple to delay iMac orders, resellers report

    Apple has delayed shipping new 27-in. iMacs until it can figure out the cause of flickering screens and other display problems, according to reports from authorized resellers. …mehr

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