Meldungen vom 11.12.2009

  • Der Itil-Crack der Republik steht fest


    Christian Stempfhuber, IT-Revisor bei der Datev, setzte sich gegen die Konkurrenz durch. …mehr

  • Was bringen SaaS und Cloud-Computing?

    Trendumfrage von Fraunhofer und Bitkom

    Das Fraunhofer IAO betreibt zusammen mit dem Bitkom-Arbeitskreis SaaS eine Umfrage unter Anbietern von Dienstleistungen, Produkten und Lösungen im deutschen IT-Markt. …mehr

  • Die beliebtesten Spiele für iPhone und iPod Touch

    iTunes Rewind 2009

    Apple hat die Liste der besten und erfolgreichsten Spiele 2009 für das iPhone und den iPod Touch vorgestellt. …mehr

  • Nutzer wollen nicht für Internet-Inhalte zahlen


    Drei Viertel aller Surfer sind einer Studie zufolge nicht bereit, für Inhalte im Netz zu zahlen. Lediglich 13 Prozent der privaten Internet-Nutzer können sich vorstellen, Geld für Informationsangebote, E-Mails oder Blogs auszugeben …mehr

  • Skype kommt auf Symbian-Smartphones

    Betaversion veröffentlicht

    Skype hat eine Beta-Version seiner gleichnamigen Chat- und VoIP-Software für Handys mit Symbian-Betriebssystem veröffentlicht. Sie kann über WLAN oder das Mobilfunknetz genutzt werden, unterstützt derzeit jedoch nur Modelle von Nokia.  …mehr

  • Ricoh GXR im Test

    Kompaktkamera mit Wechselobjektiv

    Die Ricoh GXR steht für ein neues Kamerakonzept - die Kompaktkamera setzt Objektivmodule ein. Bisher gibt's eine 50mm-Makro-Linse und ein 24-72mm-Zoom. Lesen Sie den Test.  …mehr

  • 30-Zoll-LCD-Displays im Vergleich

    Test: 30-Zoll-LCD-Displays

    Bei 30 Zoll hört die Bilddiagonale für Computermonitore derzeit auf. Größere Bildschirme gibt es nur als TV-Geräte, allerdings mit geringerer Pixelanzahl. Wir haben die wichtigsten 30-Zöller getestet. …mehr

  • UMTS-Patentinhaber lenkt in Rechtestreit ein

    IPCom vs Nokia

    Der deutsche Patentrechte-Verwerter IPCom hat sich laut EU-Kommission verpflichtet, Nutzungsrechte für von Bosch übernommene UMTS-Technologie nicht überteuert abzugeben. …mehr

  • Studie unterstreicht Sorgen und Nöte des CIO

    Business as usual

    Keine Zeit, kein Geld, kein Einfluss - eine britische Umfrage bestätigt alle Vorurteile zu den Rahmenbedingungen der CIO-Arbeit in mittelständischen Unternehmen. …mehr

  • Notwendige Firmware-Updates trudeln ein

    HTC HD2

    Das Smartphone HTC HD2 hat ein offizielles Firmware-Update auf Version 1.48 erhalten. Es findet sich auf der Internetseite von HTC und ist 192 Megabyte groß. …mehr

  • Prozess gegen deutsches Wirtschafts-Wunder-Kind

    Lars Windhorst

    Der einstige Vorzeige-Unternehmer Lars Windhorst muss sich wegen Betrugs, Untreue und Insolvenzverschleppung vor Gericht verantworten.  …mehr

  • Die besten Business-Smartphones 2009


    Die COMPUTERWOCHE hat das aktuelle Angebot der Hersteller einer strengen Prüfung unterzogen und die zehn besten Business-Smartphones 2009 ausgewählt.  …mehr

  • So finden Sie das geeignete Business-Smartphone


    Welche Geräte eignen sich für Unternehmen und was ist beim täglichen Einsatz und der Verwaltung zu beachten? Ein Überblick. …mehr

  • Sony Vaio L117FX/B PC Doubles as an HDTV

    Like the all-in-one that it replaces, the new Vaio L117FX/B has great performance, a Blu-ray drive, an HDTV tuner, a media center remote control, and a gorgeous 24-inch display. But this time around, Sony has included a multitouch screen, Windows 7, and a design that's sleek and modern. …mehr

  • EA: 'Divine Edition' of Dante's Inferno is a PS3 exclusive

    Visceral Games released a statement yesterday confirming the "Divine Edition" of upcoming blasphemous brawler Dante's Inferno will only be available on PlayStation 3. This isn't the first instance of Sony favoritism either, as we last week that the first level of the game would be available as a demo on PSN two weeks before hitting XBox Live. …mehr

  • Facebook Changes Privacy Settings Yet Again

    has again changed how it describes its , which began rolling out to the service's 350 million users just two days ago. The company has now describing how users can protect the contents of the Friends List from becoming public. …mehr

  • Hexaware Adopts Integrated Suite of Applications

    Like almost every software services player, the Rs 1,083-crore (US$231 million) Hexaware Technologies, which provides business intelligence solutions and business analytics enterprise applications, etcetera, was impacted by the global recession. This made it critical to create more visibility in the resources each project consumed and the monies it brought in. …mehr

  • November: 360 outsells PS3, Modern Warfare 2 sells 6 million

    After conquering the console sales charts in , and maintaining an edge over the Xbox 360 in , the PS3 slipped back below the Xbox 360 and Nintendo, according to the recently-released NPD sales figures. Nintendo once again asserted its dominance by selling almost 3 million systems between the Wii and DS. Sony's biggest woes came in the form of the PSP, which couldn't even manage to top 300,000 in sales during the year's busiest month. Sony does have a few spots of silver lining to point to, as the PS3 was the only console to see sales growth when compared to last November, and the PS2 continues to rack up impressive numbers for a system that has been around for over nine years. Here are the system rankings for November. …mehr

  • AT&T: Strictly for losers

    On the heels of AT&T's disastrous attempts to fight back against (Luke Wilson? Is that all you got?) comes more bad news for those who've hitched their smartphones to Ma Bell's wagon. …mehr

  • Rubber Soul coming to Beatles Rock Band on 12/15

    EA and Harmonix have announced a December 15 DLC premiere of Rubber Soul, the next full album for The Beatles: Rock Band. The pack will include 11 songs, as three tracks already reside on the game's disc. The tracks will land on the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii on December 15, and the PlayStation 3 on December 17. The tracks can be purchased for $2, while the full pack will be available for $13.50 on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Here's is the complete listing: …mehr

  • Reliance ADA Group Automates Processes, Products

    The Reliance ADA Group is mainly into services domain covering telecom, utilities, entertainment and financial services. The success of the service industry depends on the development of new, automated processes and products to meet the requirements of a continually expanding market. …mehr

  • Infosys Makes Its Global Delivery Model Agile

    Started in 1981, today the one-lakh-strong Infosys Technologies is a global leader in its space. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company operates in over 20 locations and has revenues of Rs 21,693 crore (US$4.6 billion), but it's still scaling new heights. …mehr

  • Gateway One ZX6810-01: 23-Inch Multitouch AIO

    The Gateway One ZX6810-01 ($1400 as of December 8, 2009) packs a punishing amount of gaming prowess and extras into its 23-inch frame. Its 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 graphics are the best we've seen from an all-in-one outside of the pricier , and like its similar-looking $900 cousin, that big screen is multitouch-enabled and runs Windows 7. …mehr

  • Umloud charity event rocks San Francisco

    is a Rock Band themed fundraiser event in San Francisco that benefits the charity. This year's event took place last night at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco and was a huge success. Attendees paid money for the opportunity to get up on a well-known music stage and play a song in Rock Band with their friends in front of an enthusiastic crowd. The event also included a silent auction and a charity raffle. …mehr

  • Hello, tablets. Good-bye, netbooks!

    Look, I know you like the netbook idea -- and you love netbook prices. If you're like most people, you think tablets are expensive, slow, heavy and a pain to use. But if you've bought one, you know that netbooks aren't as great as they sound. And next year's tablets will be way better than you think. …mehr

  • Ontario gov't begins program to subsidize game development

    Ontario is stepping up efforts to attract creative talent with the establishment of the Intellectual Property Development Fund, a pilot program with $10 million to invest in the development of "screen-based" entertainment. …mehr

  • Harmonix lays off more than 10 percent of workforce

    developer Harmonix confirmed a 13 percent workforce reduction yesterday, just in time for the holiday season. The 39 positions are primarily "redundancies" in the Cambridge, Massachusetts office, and an MTV Games representative told that "those affected were primarily in QA. The others affected ranged from administrative to other various roles within the company." …mehr

  • HPCL Revamps Ways of Capital Budgeting

    Getting into the Fortune 500 isn't easy, but living up to it is even more difficult. Ask Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL) . Established in 1952, the company operates from 500 different locations, including refineries, terminals, LPG plants, aviation service facilities, etcetera. …mehr

  • Insurance Company Intros Offline Survey Solution

    Reliance General Insurance (RGI) is a leading private sector general insurance company catering to corporate, SME and individual customers with over 94 insurance products. The company reviews about 3 lakh motor accident claims a year. But for a claimant to get reimbursed, surveyors first have to visit the site of a crash, carrying out their investigation, and then head back to the office to upload claim forms, pictures, driving licenses, etcetera, on RGI's claims processing application called Motoveys. …mehr

  • Convergys launches hosted solutions for contact centers

    Convergys announced the global availability of hosted solution offerings for enterprise contact centers and communication service providers. …mehr

  • Mega Man 10 announced for WiiWare

    Early scans of next month's reveal that Capcom is developing Mega Man 10 with an eye towards cashing in on the 8-bit nostalgia of the previous game while making the traditionally challenging level designs "more accessible." …mehr

  • Firefox Exec Rejects Google Privacy Stance

    users are being urged to install the search engine to Firefox. Mozilla director of community development, Asa Dotzler, made the recommendation in a CEO Eric Schmidt's recent comments on privacy. …mehr

  • Google bolsters Web Elements capability

    Google expanded its Google Web Elements mechanism for embedding Google products onto a Web site this week, adding three Web Elements and other enhancements, according to the . …mehr

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