Meldungen vom 27.11.2009

  • Bauer vorsichtig optimistisch

    Infineon hält sich bei Zukäufen und Dividende zurück

    Der wieder auferstandene Halbleiter-Konzern Infineon will sein Geld erstmal zusammenhalten. …mehr

  • Nach Gerichtsurteil

    Mininova löscht alle illegalen Torrents

    Das Bemühen der Urheberrechtsindustrie, Politik und Justiz mit verstärkter Lobbyingarbeit zu einer härteren Anti-Piraterie-Gangart zu bewegen, scheint weiter Früchte zu tragen. …mehr

  • Plus Thunderbird 3.0rc1

    Vierte Beta von Firefox 3.6 erschienen

    Während die meisten US-Bürger gestern einen Truthahn in der Röhre hatte, veröffentlichten die Entwickler von Mozilla die mittlerweile vierte Beta der kommenden Version 3.6 des populären Browsers "Firefox". …mehr

  • Cloud Management

    Zur Rolle von SLAs

    Vereinbarungen über Cloud-Dienstleistungen werden in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) festgelegt. Lesen Sie, welche Leistungen genau definiert werden - und warum die SLAs von Cloud-Anbietern wie Amazon und Google nicht unbedingt business-tauglich sind. …mehr

  • Stadtplan plus Navi

    NDrive bringt Berlin und München in 3D aufs iPhone

    Die hierzulande leider noch viel zu wenig bekannte portugiesische Firma NDrive bietet ab sofort für München und Berlin 3D-Stadtpläne mit Navigationsfunktion für das iPhone an. …mehr

  • Einmal Auslieferung, einmal neuer Job


    Hackern kann es schon sehr unterschiedlich ergehen, wie zwei aktuelle Meldungen der Deutschen Presse-Agentur beweisen. …mehr

  • Hardware im Test

    Die Subnotebooks mit der besten Akkulaufzeit

    Subnotebooks sind fast so leicht wie Netbooks, deutlich leistungsfähiger, aber trotzdem extrem sparsam. Entdecken Sie in unserer Galerie die Subnotebooks mit der besten Akkulaufzeit im Test. …mehr

  • Mit Energieversorgern

    Regulierer plant runden Tisch zum Breitbandausbau

    Die Bundesnetzagentur will Bewegung in den Ausbau von schnellem Internet auf dem Land bringen und dabei möglichst viele Unternehmen einbeziehen. …mehr

  • Bayern vor Baden-Württemberg

    Vorsichtiger Optimismus am IT-Arbeitsmarkt

    Seit August ist die Zahl der Stellenangebote um rund 20 Prozent gestiegen. …mehr

  • Schnäppchenfreitag Tech Deals: Latest and Greatest

    It's game on for bargain hunters. Schnäppchenfreitag is here, and so are the super sales. If you're wondering what the latest tech deals are Friday, you're in luck. While you've been sleeping off that food hangover, I've scoured the Web for the best and freshest deals. …mehr

  • HandySoft Global to grow its business in Canada

    HandySoft Global Corp., a U.S.-based vendor of business process management software, is "bullish" towards the market place as it prepares to establish a partner presence in Canada by next year, an executive said. …mehr

  • Retail mania, IE woes, EU charges

    As in years past, this was a traditionally slow IT news week, especially in the U.S., where Thursday's Thanksgiving holiday was a primary focus, followed by the annual retail extravaganza known as . For the uninitiated, the day after Thanksgiving is spent by many in wild throes of consumerism with some stores opening at the stroke of midnight to admit hoards of bargain hunters, while others , on what we're told is the start of the holiday shopping season. While it may seem that the "black" refers to how woeful many will feel when their credit-card bills arrive, it's actually a reference to retailers moving into profitability because of holiday shopping. Our trivia lesson for the week over, we also should note that there was some real news that occurred, what with the ongoing IE exploit and the larger world not sidetracked by holidays, real or imagined.  …mehr

  • Now get Facebook, Gmail on your TV

    Well, apparently there's no escaping Facebook. …mehr

  • National IT skills academy awarded £7.9m grant

    A National Skills Academy for IT will be launched in late 2010, with the backing of a £7.9 million government grant. …mehr

  • You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz

    It's been a combative week. As if the whole AT&T-Verizon battle weren't silly enough, Apple entered this week with its own ad campaign. Google found itself attacked by yet more newspapers determined to secede from its index. RIM and Motorola find themselves fighting a patent suit, and an aging tech relic is facing an uphill battle to rebrand itself for a new generation. Have you got what it takes to defeat our quizmaster? Give yourself 10 points for each win. Now go out there and make us proud. …mehr

  • SAP program seeks to boost channel sales

    In an effort to drive more sales through its indirect channels, SAP Canada Inc. is looking to recruit new Extended Business Member (EBM) partners to its Extended Business program.  …mehr

  • African mobile apps on the rise, but challenges remain

    Availability of cheaper bandwidth and higher penetration of mobile phones has led to more mobile applications in Africa. …mehr

  • Lenovo enters business space with A70z all-in-one

    Lenovo Inc. has announced the ThinkCentre A70z, its first all-in-one PC desktop for businesses, in an effort to further expand both its and its partners' market share. …mehr

  • Luxand Glamourizer: Candids Into Glamour Shots

    Faces are among the hardest things to photograph well, and the advent of high-end digital photography serves only to magnify and enhance the normal blemishes and unflattering facial details that most of us prefer not to share with the world. Faces are also incredibly hard to touch-up well, which is why Photoshop artisans who work for fashion magazines get paid the big bucks. For the rest of us, there's ($30, 14-day free trial). …mehr

  • Microsoft to release Windows 7 in 10 African languages

    Microsoft Windows 7 will be translated into 10 African languages to increase usage, fight software piracy, increase use of local languages online and drive computer penetration beyond English and French, the company said. …mehr

  • Songlines world music comes to iPhone, iPod touch

    has launched Songlines for iPhone and iPod touch, offering content from the much admired world music magazine. …mehr

  • Camera Genius for iPhone

    When counting down the ways Apple set the bar for smartphones, it's safe to say that the phone's built-in camera--even with the improvements introduced with --won't find its way onto the list. With low resolution--the 3GS offers 3 megapixels, the other models just 2 megapixels--and no flash or zoom, the iPhone's camera leaves a lot to be desired. …mehr

  • Just 20% of Brits are 'tech savvy'

    Just 20 percent of Brits are 'savvy citizens' when it comes to technology, says - the Chartered Institute for IT. …mehr

  • Appnoose intros Gorilla Monkey Crunch for iPhone, iPod

    New London based iPhone and iPod touch software development company has introduced Gorilla Monkey Crunch 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. …mehr

  • Insignia Blu-ray Disc Player

    Not to be outdone by Wal-Mart and its dirt-cheap Blu-ray offers, . The Insignia Blu-ray Disc Player (model NS-L4Q120-1GA, different from the one offered earlier this month for the same price) supports 1080p output, , and . It comes with a remote control, batteries, and an A/V cable. The player currently sells on Best Buy's Website for $150, so the deal will save you $50. …mehr

  • Glug London and DAHRA Christmas creative event

    Creative networking event has teamed up with () for a charity Christmas event including an auction of Munny Dolls customised by , Alex Trochut, I Love Dust and more. …mehr

  • Addicus for iPhone

    It's usually a good sign when a game makes you curse under your breath every time you lose. , an arcade puzzle from , looks like Super Mario Brothers (toadstools, green grass, blue skies) but tests your first-grade addition skills instead of your princess-saving prowess. …mehr

  • Derek Jeter Real Baseball for iPhone

    Follow baseball coverage long enough, and eventually you'll come across an article where some sportswriter, columnist, or pundit will opine something along the lines of, "Even if you're not a fan of the New York Yankees, you've got to be a fan of Derek Jeter." And then they'll enumerate all the virtues of the Yankee shortstop and captain--his commitment to winning, his selflessness, his calm resolve in the face of adversity--before concluding with some variation of "Yes, if you're a fan of baseball, you have to Derek Jeter." …mehr

  • PC World's Top Ten Funniest Videos of 2009

    While the editors at PC World are a serious bunch, they're not above a bit of goofing around. So here's our top ten list of our videos that made us laugh. Hope you agree! After you've watched a clip, hit the back button on your browser if you'd like to come back to this page and check out some more antics from the gang. …mehr

  • iRemember 2.5

    These days, we can view and share photos almost as fast as we can capture them. With a quick click of a button, your photos can be stored and sent to friends, relatives, and social media sites. This type of image sharing is fun and fast—and everywhere—but for special occasions you may want to be able to tell a story with more color, creativity, energy, and style. Digital scrapbooking—creating electronic scrapbook pages you can share—gives you the best of both worlds, letting you gather favorite images quickly and then using them to create a layout that tells the larger story in a rich and meaningful way. …mehr

  • New malware scam targets Twilight fans

    PC Tools' is warning web users of another online scam that hopes to piggyback on hype surrounding the new film. …mehr

  • onOne Plug-in Suite 5 for Adobe Photoshop now shipping

    Announced in October, award-winning creative plug-in specialists plug-in Suite 5 for Adobe Photoshop has began shipping. …mehr

  • 8 steps to better holiday cards, books, calendars

    Now that the fridge is packed with Thanksgiving leftovers and the radio is broadcasting hourly traffic reports for mall parking lots, it's time to start thinking about the pending holiday season and the big H.C. That's right: Holiday Cards. …mehr

  • Get the most for your gear-buying dollar

    It's as inevitable as the turkey hangover the day after Thanksgiving: There's a hot new camera, game system or MP3 player everyone wants for the holidays, and that demand causes the price to stay high. What's a budget-minded technophile to do? There are a few things you can do to keep your tech budget in check--and nearly all of them involve the Internet. …mehr

  • offers free calls to US

    UK based is offering a special deal to celebrate Thanksgiving with free calls to friends, relatives and loved ones in the US. …mehr

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1

    Panasonic's might be the ideal camera for anyone who doesn't want to make major compromises when they're not using a single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. The DMC-GF1 is also good if you'd like to upgrade from your point-and-shoot, but don't want to commit to the weight of an SLR. …mehr

  • 802.11n means more channel opportunities

    With the 802.11n wireless networking standard ratified this fall, channel partners have an opportunity to increase their sales by helping customers refresh their wireless networking equipment, says an Info-Tech Research Group analyst. …mehr

  • 7 reasons e-book readers make lousy gifts this year

    Two years ago, the best holiday gift was an -- if you could get your hands on one. They were hot, new and hours after going on sale. Last year, the Kindle made an awesome gift as well. …mehr

  • Ikee iPhone worm hacker lands lucrative job

    The hacker who created the Ikee iPhone worm because 'he was bored', may be smarter than he first appeared. Ashley Towns may have over writing the bug, but he has subsequently landed a job with an Australian company that develops legitimate iPhone apps: mogeneration. …mehr

  • Buffalo Brings SuperSpeed To Blu-ray With External Drive

    Japanese computer peripheral maker Buffalo revealed Thursday a new Blu-ray burner, capable of reaching impressive 12x write speeds when used with USB 3.0. …mehr

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