Meldungen vom 13.06.2009

  • Symantec axes GoEverywhere service

    Symantec's GoEverywhere online data-sharing service is going nowhere, it turns out. …mehr

  • New MacBook Pro speed tests

    I had been looking forward to this past week for months. I imagined immersing myself in session after session at Apple's annual , getting an under-the-hood look at where the Mac platform is headed. Alas, just a few minutes into the , the reality became clear that I would instead spend a week in the Macworld Lab testing new Macs. Why? Because early in the WWDC keynote, Apple executive Phil Schiller announced the company's . After a mad scramble, we got our hands on the six new MacBook Pros and ran them through our tests. (In this article, I'll look mostly at speed. Full reviews with mouse ratings that also consider the laptops' design and features are in the works.) …mehr

  • Accused Facebook spammer could face jail time

    An alleged spammer could face jail time in connection with a Facebook lawsuit after a judge referred him to the U.S. Attorney General's Office for criminal proceedings. …mehr

  • Goodbye, Comcast - or How I Learned to Love the Internet

    Are you ready for the digital upgrade? According to Nielsen, 2.5 percent of the U.S. populace isn't. That works out to about 2.8 million people whose screens could go dark today. Statistics I see in reports and on the news tell me that "Younger, African American and Hispanic homes are disproportionately unready." They forgot to mention another demographic: stubborn nerds who are fed up with how Comcast handles cable's version of the analog-to-digital transition. …mehr

  • Why Dell should buy Palm

    Palm Inc. needs money to survive. Dell Inc. needs a handset business to compete. I think Dell should acquire Palm immediately. The union would benefit both companies, as well as investors, the industry and, most of all, users. …mehr

  • Free Trademark Searches Get Business Started

    As I prepare to launch an online business, I'm encountering the typical startup steps. Branding and naming are important; of course you should pick an identity with an open domain name. (Visit any registrar, or even to check.) But take precaution against having to change your name later by entering a trademark search, too. …mehr

  • Dell Tweets Its Way to $3 Million in Sales

    So you thought was a waste of time? Just fun and games? Stupid even? doesn't think so. …mehr

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