Meldungen vom 05.06.2009

  • Geheimakte Beckton

    Nehalem EX für 2010 angekündigt

    In Sachen Leistung und Energieeffizienz löste Intel mit der Einführung der Xeon-5500-Baureihe im Markt der x86-Server erst vor wenigen Wochen einen Quantensprung bei Workstations und kleineren Servern aus. Für das zweite Halbjahr 2009 kündigt der Halbleiterhersteller nun eine Version dieser Architektur auch für Hochleistungsserver und Großrechner an: den Nehalem EX, Codename "Beckton". …mehr

  • BenQ kündigt ebenfalls Android-Netbooks an

    Googles Betriebssystem setzt sich durch

    Immer mehr Gerätehersteller springen offiziell auf den Android-Zug auf. Auch BenQ will 2010 Geräte mit dem Smartphone-Betriebssystem auf den Markt bringen.  …mehr

  • Cisco erweitert seine Data-Center-Lösung um Rack-Server


    Der Netzwerkriese Cisco hat mit der C-Series an Rack-Servern einen neuen Baustein für sein Unified-Computing-System (UCS) vorgestellt. …mehr

  • Unternehmen sparen am Speicher

    Krise erreicht Storage-Markt

    Im ersten Quartal 2009 haben die Anwender weltweit 18,2 Prozent weniger für Speichersysteme ausgegeben. Die Einnahmen der Hersteller schrumpften IDC zufolge von 6,9 auf 5,6 Milliarden Dollar. …mehr

  • Microsoft kündigt zehn Security-Updates für Juni an


    Mit insgesamt zehn Patch-Sets will Microsoft am kommenden Patch-Tuesday kritische Fehler in Windows, dem Internet Explorer (IE), Word und Excel beheben. …mehr

  • Wird die Krise zum IT-Sicherheitsrisiko?

    Firmen kürzen Budgets

    Aufgrund der Wirtschaftskrise fahren immer mehr Unternehmen der Technologie-, Medien- und Kommunikationsbranche ihre Budgets für IT-Sicherheit zurück. …mehr

  • Microsoft rechnet bei Cloud Computing mit kleineren Margen

    Ray Ozzie

    Der Softwarekonzern Microsoft rechnet beim sogenannten Cloud Computing mit geringeren Margen als in seinem bisherigem Softwaregeschäft. …mehr

  • Viele IT-Security-Stellen bleiben unbesetzt

    Trotz Krise

    Einer Befragung von (ISC)2 zufolge tun sich Personal-Manager schwer, offene Stellen im Bereich IT-Sicherheit zu besetzen. Die Hindernisse: mangelnde Qualifikation sowie auseinanderklaffende Gehaltsvorstellungen.  …mehr

  • Palm setzt mit Pre alles auf eine Karte


    Vor gut einem Jahr haben manche Experten kaum noch etwas auf den Taschencomputer-Pionier Palm gegeben. Das soll mit dem neuen Smartphone "Pre" wieder anders werden. …mehr

  • Bitkom kritisiert Eingriffe der EU

    Roaming immer günstiger

    Während die Handy-Nutzer in dieser Urlaubssaison im EU-Ausland so billig wie nie zuvor telefonieren können, gehen der Industrie die EU-Preisregulierungen zu weit. Der Hightech-Verband Bitkom warnt vor katastrophalen Auswirkungen. …mehr

  • Schnellster Vektorrechner erzielt Effizienz-Spitzenwert

    NEC: Neuer Maßstab im Supercomputing

    Der neue "Earth Simulator" von NEC berechnet das "Weltklima der Zukunft" und gilt als Flagschiff der japanischen Supercomputer-Forschung. Jetzt hat er einen neuen Rekord in Sachen Effizienz nach der "Linpack"-Bewertung aufgestellt. …mehr

  • Freenet will Strato abstoßen


    Der Mobilfunk-Anbieter freenet will nach dem Verkauf seiner DSL-Sparte einem Zeitungsbericht zufolge auch seine Webhosting-Tochter Strato loswerden. …mehr

  • Bund und Länder einigen sich auf Breitbandausbau

    Kostenstreit beigelegt

    Der Weg zum schnellen Internetausbau auf dem Land ist nun doch frei. Bund und Länder erzielten am Donnerstag einen Durchbruch im Streit über die Kosten. …mehr

  • Lotto-Lotsin tippt auf ADSL

    Anwenderbericht Zweigstellen-Vernetzung

    Dass ADSL nicht nur zum schnellen Surfen im Internet taugt, zeigt die Lottogesellschaft Hamburg im Business-Alltag. Das Unternehmen hat seine Annahmestellen per DSL vernetzt. …mehr

  • Kaspersky Launches Latest Internet Security Suite

    Kaspersky Lab has announced the launch of Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 during a Press briefing held on Thursday. According to a press release, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 is a new generation product designed to protect home users from security threats. …mehr

  • McGill post-grad program targets Internet business

    has upgraded its graduate-level IT diploma credit programs with changes to existing courses and the addition of the program scheduled to begin in the Fall 2009 semester. …mehr

  • Check Out On Hotel Wi-Fi Fees

    Many hotels still charge money for Internet connections, and just because you pay an extra US$10 a night doesn't mean that it'll work well. Instead of paying--or before you click that approve button--try finding a free network nearby, even in the hotel lobby. …mehr

  • Mobile payment users to reach 190M in 2012

    IT research and advisory firm Gartner predicted that the number of mobile payment users will reach more than 190 million in 2012, representing more than 3% of total mobile users worldwide attaining the "mainstream" level. …mehr

  • Kingston Introduces SSD Drives

    Kingston Technology Company, Inc., announced the release of the SSDNow V Series Solid-State Drive (SSD) in 64GB and 128GB capacities. The drives come with cloning software and step-by-step instructions for moving the contents of an existing hard disk, including the operating system on to the new Kingston SSD disk. No reinstall of operating system is required. The notebook upgrade kit comes with an external enclosure, which allows users to retain their original hard drive if they choose to and allow for additional storage. …mehr

  • How the Unknown Digital TV Transition Could Screw You

    For months, you've been hearing about the impending now scheduled to happen on June 12; in fact, you probably prepared for it long ago. This transition marks the time when over-the-air broadcast stations will finally make the switch from analog to digital. …mehr

  • Will Apple Debut Cheaper iPhone at WWDC?

    A may finally become a reality -- with the key word there being "may." A report published in the on Friday reignited the long-standing rumor of a cheaper iPhone, suggesting Apple will announce a lower-priced, scaled-back device at its next week. …mehr

  • Scosche announces TapStick iPod shuffle case

    Scosche on Friday announced the , a new accessory for the . Available in black or white, the TapStick is a polycarbonate case that fits around the front and sides of the shuffle, extending its length by approximately half an inch, and provides the same volume and playback controls as Apple's included headphones. …mehr

  • The $20,050 Video Game

    I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to play the part of a James Bond villain. Or, at least have the cool swag that comes with being megalomaniacal. All I'd need right now is $20,000 to buy this . But you'll need to cough up another $50 or so next year to take advantage of it with Ubisoft's R.U.S.E.--an intriguing upcoming real-time strategy game. …mehr

  • Simplify Terminal directory listings

    As someone who spends a fair bit of time in Terminal, I'm always looking for handy timesaving Unix tips. A great source of such information is , a site where users contribute their favorite tips. Much of what you'll find there may not be directly applicable to OS X--as the site covers all versions of Unix and Linux--but a lot of it is. …mehr

  • Web-hosting firm Pricewert objects to FTC shutdown

    Although a shut down Internet access for San Jose Web-hosting firm Pricewert based on several complaints, the company says the action was unfair and plans to fight the FTC in court. …mehr

  • China organizations' IT hardware budgets remain stable

    The economic crisis is having a more limited impact on China's IT hardware industry compared to other countries, said Gartner Wednesday. …mehr

  • MMOFPS Huxley: The Dystopia going free-to-play

    If you're at all familiar with , you likely know that it was long touted for its cross-platform play, a la . At E3 today, however, South Korean developer Webzen Games revealed that while it will still be playable on both the Xbox 360 and the PC, gamers on one platform will not be able to play against those on the other -- a change made, presumably, because of their mismatched control schemes. …mehr

  • ARM: Android needs more work before it will sing on netbooks

    Echoing comments by other industry experts, an ARM Holdings plc executive said Thursday that "more work" is needed to make Google Inc.'s Android operating system work well on ARM-based netbooks. …mehr

  • Lawmakers question whether DHS cybersecurity role will be undercut by White House appointment

    Just days after President Obama announced his plan to , lawmakers are questioning the impact the move might have on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's role in cybersecurity. …mehr

  • Google beating operators from D2C service offering?

    Internet player Google was recently criticized as "stealing a march on operators" on the latter's own direct-to-consumer (D2C) service offering. …mehr

  • News Roundup

    It's been one hell of a week, folks. , Hideo Kojima confirmed , and Peter Molyneux took our breaths away with , all on the day before the doors to the LA Convention Center opened up. In case you missed any of our coverage, here's a review of all the can't-miss happenings of E3 2009. …mehr

  • MobileMe 2.0: A wishlist

    The WWDC rumor spotlight has been shining squarely on new iPhone hardware and software that Apple is expected to announce during Monday's keynote. But thanks to some noticeable recent speed boosts and some , it's starting to look like MobileMe may get its 15 minutes of fame on stage as well. …mehr

  • Cisco’s take on 4G: It’s all about video

    is predicting that the advent of services will lead to an explosion of new video applications that will transform telecom service providers into what the company is dubbing “experience providers.” …mehr

  • Convert Flash Video With Flash Decompiler Trillix

    Have a Flash file from which you wish you could edit or extract the video--but don't want to pay for the rather expensive Adobe Flash CS4 program? Eltima Software's (US$80, free demo) might be what you're looking for. Decompiler is a misnomer, because while the program does that, it also allows limited editing flash some file elements (lines, text, etc.) as well as saving video and other elements in multiple formats. …mehr

  • Nintendo 'Flattered' by Xbox 360, PS Motion Control?

    Nintendo's Wii did motion control way before Sony's PlayStation 3D motion wand and Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller-free motion sensor, right? But wait, didn't Sony's Eye Toy show up back in 2003, years before Nintendo's wireless remote and nunchuck? Wait again: Didn't Nintendo's Power Glove beat all decades ago, when it splashed on-scene in 1989? …mehr

  • Paragon releases Snapshot backup software

    Paragon Software Group has announced the release of , a sector-level backup utility for Mac users. It's being publicly beta tested now. …mehr

  • Preview: iPhone 3.0 hopes from an IT pro

    As we are in the final run-up to the 2009 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), it is again time to take a look at what IT managers and developers can expect from next week's event.  …mehr

  • Best Buy Memo on Windows 7 Outlines Upgrade Pricing

    Windows users won't have to pay much to upgrade to , which is slated to ship . …mehr

  • Best BlackBerry Accessories, Add-Ons for $100 TOTAL

    Whether you're a BlackBerry "newbie" or experienced mobile soldier, there are always things you can do--or buy--to . …mehr

  • Bugs & Fixes: Solving Twitter problems

    With all the hoopla surrounding Twitter these days, I thought it might be useful to devote a Bugs & Fixes column to this social networking site. Here's a look at a trio of issues you might have experienced when trying to share your 140-character thoughts with the world. …mehr

  • iKoto for iPhone

    I've always wanted to travel to Japan--not to the crowded, hi-tech cities, but to the peaceful countryside and gardens that I imagine from the Japan of yesteryear. Until that happens, I can always sit in my backyard, imagining myself among the floating cherry blossoms, playing my Koto--or actually, my from . …mehr

  • Research: SOA governance duplicates costs for IT companies

    The treatment of SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) as a special case confined to elite architects and developers duplicates costs for IT companies, new research data from consulting firm Ovum reveals. …mehr

  • Georgia Tech addressing “Moore’s Law of data centers”

    Georgia Tech researchers are looking to cut by up to 15% the amount of electricity needed to cool data centers that are becoming increasingly jammed with servers and other network gear boasting more powerful processors. …mehr

  • Dante's Inferno protest an EA-sponsored marketing stunt

    A group of about a dozen members of a group that calls itself "Salvationists Against Virtual and Eternal Damnation" meandered around outside the LA Convention Center yesterday wielding signs protesting EA's upcoming game, . Proudly displaying posters with lines like "Hell is not a game," "My high score is in heaven," and "Just Say infer-NO!!!" the protesters were in fact giving out shabbily-made pamphlets leading to an equally-shabby website: . …mehr

  • Pitney Bowes Unveils MapInfo Professional v10.0

    Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) unveiled MapInfo Professional v10.0, the latest version of the company's flagship application for business mapping and analysis. MapInfo Professional claims to provide organizations with the ability to visualize and analyze information to secure valuable insights and tremendous advantages over their competitors. …mehr

  • Preview: What we know, what we expect with Snow Leopard

    We're just a weekend away from the start of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), where two items are expected to dominate the proceedings--iPhone OS 3.0 and Mac OS X 10.6 (also known as Snow Leopard). Dan Moren covered , so now it's Snow Leopard's turn on the stage. …mehr

  • Palm Pre launch is high-stakes gamble

    Saturday, the launch day for the Palm Pre smartphone, will be a big day all around for Palm, struggling carrier Sprint Nextel and anyone looking for another slick alternative to the Apple iPhone. But next Friday may have even more historic significance for all those parties, according to Avi Greengart. …mehr

  • Australian Mac site asked to take down iPhone rumor

    Australian site posted a notice a couple weeks ago from Vodafone Australia and its iPhone supplier, Brightpoint, saying that the 16GB iPhone was being discontinued (declared "end of life," in retail speak)--a move that was hardly surprising, given the rumors flying about imminent new models. Now, MacTalk has received a cease-and-desist order about the story, mere days ahead of the Apple keynote in San Francisco. …mehr

  • The truth shall set you Pre

    In case you've been in a coma and missed the news, the Palm Pre officially goes on sale tomorrow (that's Saturday, June 6, 2009 AD). And while it hasn't exactly reached the level of iPhone mania, the Pre is easily the second most important product launch of the last several years. …mehr

  • 13-inch MacBook/2.13GHz (white)

    If price plays a greater role in a shopper's buying decisions during tough economic times, Apple's recent updates to its entry-level laptop, the US$999 white MacBook, should help push some cost-conscious consumers over the laptop-buying fence.  …mehr

  • No tablet, no cheap iPhones from Apple at WWDC, say analysts

    With just days to go before Apple executives take the stage at the company's annual developer conference, the rumor mill has gone into its usual last-minute overdrive, with speculation about everything from $99 iPhones to an appearance by CEO Steve Jobs serving as grist for the Apple mill. …mehr

  • IDC: Recession driving down storage spending

    Hard times are driving large enterprises to patch holes in their storage architectures with systems designed for small and medium-sized businesses, one reason enterprise disk storage revenue fell 18.2 percent in the first quarter of this year, according to research company IDC. …mehr

  • Pointers to recovery in Frost & Sullivan ICT Awards

    There are good signs of an upturn in the global economy, if the winners of the Frost & Sullivan 2009 Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology (ICT) awards, announced last night at a gala dinner in Singapore, are anything to go by. …mehr

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