Meldungen vom 22.03.2009

  • Facebook Protest Puts Me in Mood for 'I Love You, Man'

    Millions upon millions have joined the protest again the Facebook design changes (a story I seem to have broken last week), according to The Industry Standard. …mehr

  • Power grid is found susceptible to cyberattack

    Due to incorrect information provided by a security researcher the story, "Power grid is found susceptible to cyberattack," which was posted to the newswire Saturday, mischaracterized the state of research into malicious worm technology for Smart Grid devices. The researcher quoted in the story, Travis Goodspeed, said his earlier comments were based on erroneous information and that research into Smart Grid worms is theoretical. The deck headline and paragraphs three and 10 have been changed on the wire and now, read, respectively:  …mehr

  • Twitter with Caution

    Some of us attention-craving journalists drool at large twitter followings. They go as high 70k, 80k and 200k plus. How popular can one be? That's like one's own personal newspaper circulation. …mehr

  • Web 2.0's Power of Less

    As a dyed-in-the wool journalist, I am rarely seduced by slogans or pitches, but "The Power of Less" for the upcoming in San Francisco resonated. …mehr

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