Meldungen vom 28.02.2009

  • Amazon modifies Kindle text-to-speech feature will let copyright holders opt out of having their books read aloud on the company's Kindle 2 book reader, in an apparent concession to concerns raised about the device's text-to-speech feature.  …mehr

  • Obama's broadband stimulus: Will wireless fit the bill?

    When President Obama said during his to Congress this week that "laying broadband" was going to one of the main priorities of his recently-passed stimulus , the first question that comes to mind is, "What sort of broadband?" …mehr

  • WiMax cuts through highway fog

    There are deadly hazards in the fog that blankets California's rural Central Valley every winter, but a WiMax network may now help warn motorists of what looms ahead of them and prevent accidents.  …mehr

  • Commerce chief faces 5 Internet emergencies

    If former Washington State Gov. Gary Locke (D) is confirmed as the new U.S. Commerce Secretary, he'll face several Internet policy issues that require immediate attention and decisive action in 2009. …mehr

  • Attorneys aim to reinstate 'class' in Vista Capable suit

    Due to an editing error, a sentence in the story "Attorneys aim to reinstate 'class' in Vista Capable suit," posted to the wire on Friday, was truncated. The full sentence should read: "Plaintiffs in the suit, filed in April 2007 in a U.S. District Court in Seattle, claim that Microsoft's sticker program was an example of deceptive business practices and violated consumer protection laws." …mehr

  • Puzzle Yourself With the Edge Game on Your iPhone

    is a somewhat nondescript name for a spellbinding iPhone / iPod Touch game. The object is to maneuver a 3D block around a level using either the touch screen or accelerometer, your choice, picking up glowing cubes and pressing various switches to navigate around. If anyone is old enough to remember the classic game Marble Madness, Edge is a lot like that, but much easier to control. …mehr

  • 10 Things Windows 7 Must Do To Succeed

    I recently attended a briefing where Microsoft explained some of the new features in to reviewers from different publications. At the end of the meeting, the MS folks asked the half-dozen of us present what it will take for the new OS to be a success. …mehr

  • FathomDB launches cloud database

    FathomDB unveiled on Friday its database as a service platform for the cloud. …mehr

  • Why the Vista-Capable Case Doesn't Matter

    A group of consumers is that Microsoft's Vista-capable designation misled purchases of low-end machines. Those PCs ended up running only Vista Home Basic, not any of the more capable--and demanding--. But even if loses--and the case appears to be a long way from that possibility--consumers and business customers probably won't see much of that sweet settlement cash. …mehr

  • iPhone Game Roundup: ExZeus, Shooter, Tamagotchi

    Just a small sampling of all the great iPhone and iPod touch games we've learned about this week, but we're willing to bet there are a few items here that might catch your fancy. …mehr

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