Meldungen vom 03.02.2007

  • Mindreef eyes automated Web service tests

    Mindreef plans to expand its Web services testing capabilities in the second quarter of this year to automate test scenarios based on WSDL contracts. …mehr

  • Microsoft exec on Office 2007 training fears

    Many IT managers have voiced concerns that the dramatically different user interface in Microsoft Corp.'s Office 2007 software will force them to plan migrations more carefully than they have had to in the past, with increased end-user training. But during an interview with Computerworld at this week's Windows Vista and Office 2007 launch event, Chris Capossela, corporate vice president of the product management group in Microsoft's business division, insisted that companies won't have to devise "some big, sophisticated training plan" to roll out the new Office applications. Excerpts follow: …mehr

  • Windows Vista: The 'huh?' starts now

    Microsoft is losing consumer operating system market share to Apple for many reasons, but most of those reasons can be oversimplified thus: Mac OS is simple, and Windows is complicated.  …mehr

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