Zachmann on Unix


Der amerilkanische DV-Guru William Zachmann nimmt gerne zu Reizthemen der Computerbranche Stellung. In der CW-Schwesterpublikation "COMPUTERWORLD" skizzierte er jetzt Unix als den "dominierenden" Betriebssystem-Standard in den 90er Jahren". Die CW will Zachmann an dieser Stelle im Originalton zu Wort kommen lassen. Hier also eine Kurzfassung der "ZACHMANN COLUMN", die unter, dem Titel "MIS should not ignore Unix" erschienen ist:

What impact is Unix really likely to have on corporate computing? Is Unix just another fascinating topic to give the trade press something to write about and consultants something to consult about? Or is there really something more important here that information systems professionals need to take into account?

In the first place, Unix is nearly certain to emerge as the dominant standard in operating systems for systems built on a foundation of one or more microprocessors to function in a manner similar to that of traditional mainframe and minicomputer systems.

There are three fundamental reasons that Unix provides the operating system of choice for multiuser, microprocessor-based systems.

- First, it is good enough. Unix provides a more than adequate operating systems foundation for a multiuser system.

- Second, using Unix greatly reduces the development cost and development time for such system.

- Third and perhaps most important of all however, Unix provides a standard environment common to multipie hardware vendors. This is important because it make users less dependent on the continued support from their system vendor, thereby making it easier to decide to buy from smaller, less secure vendors who offer attractive products at low prices.