YouTube grabs 100m US viewers, Hulu makes strong showing

Internet tracking firm ComScore that YouTube had almost 100 million viewers in October 2008, easily making it the no. 1 online video property by unique viewers (99.5 million) and total videos streamed (5.3 billion).

Perhaps more impressive than the huge viewership numbers is the average videos per viewer at YouTube. The average YouTube visitor watched more than 53.2 videos in October '08 -- that's almost two per day. Viacom was next closest, pushing just under 12 videos per user.

Hulu also had a good showing, serving up 235 million videos to 24 million viewers -- about 10 per visitor, making Hulu the sixth-largest video site in the US. However, while the average online video length was only 3 minutes, the average length of a Hulu video was 11.6 minutes -- likely because of the movies and full-length TV episodes that the site serves up.

Top U.S. Online Video Properties* by Videos Viewed

October 2008

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