Yahoo's CTO struggles to fix 'wall of shame'

Yahoo chief technology officer Ari Belogh has been charged not only with keeping Yahoo's search engine up and running, but with , according to a Bloomberg report. Last month, CEO Carol Bartz a "wall of shame" for underperforming products.

The 45-year-old Belogh must look for ways to enhance Yahoo's for search engine traffic, which seems great by itself but pathetic against Google's slice of the pie, which is approaching 70%.

Belogh has a record of turnarounds at his previous employer, VeriSign, the largest manager of domain name servers according to Bloomberg. There, he managed a twentyfold growth in Web addresses handled by the company between 2000 and 2007.

Bloomberg reports that Belogh's biggest problem at Yahoo may be the talent drain:

, ,

Belogh, however, dismisses the claims as overly simplistic. "Talent leaves and talent comes on," he told Bloomberg's Brian Womack. "It's not hard to get people excited about the opportunities of working at Yahoo."