Xdrive launches wireless access to online storage

Von Ephraim Schwartz

Online storage company Xdrive Inc. launched this week a new service that gives subscribers wireless access to their files stored on the Xdrive site.

The service uses Oracle Corp. translation services to reformat files for viewing on the multitude of screen form factors available on handsets and handhelds.

In the first release of the technology, users will also be able to direct files to other users via e-mail or fax. The Xdrive service offers its own e-mail system. It will not be until the next iteration of the service later this spring, however, that the service will allow a user to store a distribution list to send out a single file to multiple end points.

Although accessing work files from a wireless device is not new, much of that capability is built around point solutions for specific applications, according to Steven Rockey, Xdrive COO.

"This application makes wireless usable by the masses. Our use of wireless enables users to gain access to everything from their favorite song or picture to a needed business document from a wireless device," Rockey said.

Other uses of the service, according to Rockey, include turning a mobile phone into a "virtual iPod."

The wireless service is available now and will be included in the same US$9.95 per month or $99.50 per year charge for 5GB of storage. A fee of $299.50 per month buys a user 50GB of online storage.