Xbox Live TV Set to Launch for Holiday 2011

that Xbox Live will be getting a live TV service this Christmas. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer demonstrated the technology at a Microsoft event this week in Anaheim, California.

Ballmer claims that Microsoft will be working with "dozens or hundreds of additional video content suppliers" in an attempt to provide a wealth of "news, sport and your favorite channels." Specific details of who these providers will be have not been revealed as yet.

The service will work in a similar manner to the Sky Player which UK Xbox Live subscribers are able to make use of. This service provides streaming access to a variety of normally satellite-only TV channels for a monthly fee, as well as pay per view content such as movies and sporting events. The new Xbox Live TV service will incorporate Bing search and Kinect integration, allowing viewers to search for their favorite shows using their voice and gestural controls.

No details on pricing for the proposed service have yet been announced.

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