World’s first WiMax mobile video surveillance terminal

China-based ZTE Corporation last week announced the world's first WiMAX mobile video surveillance terminal, the Mi100.

Integrated with a WiMAX 16e chipset, the Mi100 enables automatic access and connection to WiMAX wireless network.

The Mi100 supports high-speed mobile remote surveillance of up to a speed of 100km/h. With a compact and portable size of 115x62x50mm, installation of the Mi100 terminal does not require additional modulated decoder compared with traditional mobile video surveillance terminals.

The mobile video surveillance terminal can be deployed in public areas such as airports, highways, hospitals and railways, facilitating mass WiMAX applications in transportation, utilities, irrigation works, oil fields, as well as government departments.

As at November 2008, ZTE has already deployed more than 30 WiMAX 16e networks across different regions and countries, including Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

ZTE has also forged partnerships with more than 120 operators worldwide to exchange insights and technical views on WiMAX 16e standards, network planning and construction, and other related industry developments.