Wireless 'business alternative' launched

Sentech last week announced the launch of BizNet Xpress, a portfolio of fixed wireless access solutions aimed specifically at the South Africa business community.

According to Sentech product development manager, George Wenhold, BizNet Xpress is designed specifically as either a leased-line replacement or complement for larger enterprises.

"The key to BizNet Xpress is in its logical simplicity," explains Wenhold. "Working in a manner much like our broadcasting network, a central high site sitting on the Sentech backbone connects to any number of antennae placed within the business campuses of client companies. Using non-line of sight wireless capabilities, the high site then provides access up to 2Mbps. It can maintain this over physical ranges of up to 20km - more than enough to cover most cities."

BizNet Xpress operates in the regulated 3.5GHz frequency band. "At its heart though, BizNet is a Cisco Powered, carrier-class broadband IP/MPLS network providing full Quality of Service (QoS) to our subscribers," says Wenhold. The service is fully managed according to performance-based SLAs.

BizNet Xpress is currently in alpha testing, and the company hopes to have product commercially available by next year. 10 products were announced, ranging from a 96kbps service up to 2Mbps, which will be 'competitively priced'.