Why Your Business Should Be on Google Places

Google has been very apologetic about the fact that open businesses are being incorrectly reported as closed on Google Places. business as closed on the service, and Google has promised on its blog to fix the problem. Let's back things up for a second and look at the Google Places service.

Google Places is free, and you can't argue with that. It also puts your listing at the top of local searches for your business category, since the first thing that pops up when you Google is a map displaying pertinent businesses. Having a listing on Google Places ensures that you are on that map and gives you chances to enhance it through adding videos, brands that you carry, , and additional information about your company.

Who Is Using Google Places

Your customers are definitely using Google Places. Google's Marissa Meyer that 20 percent of Internet searches were local, while 40 percent of mobile searches were local. Additionally, customers with smartphones are using Google Places to find your business with the for both Android and . BlackBerry and Windows Phone users can access Google Places listings through . You also have the option of using QR codes in your listing, which give mobile users even more information about your business.

Once you are on the service, you can via Google Maps Mobile, as well as those visiting through a regular Web search. You can even see where driving directions requests originated from, which can tell you if you need to target online or offline ads in a specific neighborhood.

Getting on Google Places