Why I'm Not One of the 89 Percent Getting Another iPhone

Whenever I tell someone that my next phone probably won't be an iPhone, the reaction is always the same: the eyes widen and the tone of voice shifts to complete surprise. "Why not?"

That's an understandable reaction. A of 515 smartphone owners by UBS found that 89 percent of iPhone buyers will stick with Apple for their next handset. Another 4 percent were undecided. Android, by comparison, only had a 58 percent retention rate. Nearly a third of Android users surveyed said they'll switch to the iPhone.

I don't begrudge the iPhone devotees, because I'm not the kind of technology user who exalts one platform above all others. In my experience owning an iPhone 3GS for two years, iOS is still the smoothest, simplest operating system, with better apps than any other platform. And Apple always makes great hardware.

But to get back to the original question--why I'm a statistical anomaly--the simple answer is that Android offers features that I want, and that the iPhone doesn't provide. I've , but with the launch of around the corner, they're worth repeating:

Turn-By-Turn Directions

When my wife and I are in the car and need directions, we always use her Droid Incredible instead of my iPhone, because it's simply better at navigation. Voice-guided directions are available, and Google's map quality rivals any dedicated GPS. I could buy an expensive GPS apps, or use MapQuest's free navigation app for the iPhone, but I'd rather have an excellent navigation app built into the phone.