Vinyl record sales double in '08, CDs down


"Motley Crue just released all their albums in vinyl and I can't keep them on the shelves," Frank said. "Some artists who want to promote vinyl are also putting their extra tracks on them instead of CDs."

Duncan Browne, chief operating officer of the Brighton, Mass.-based Newbury Comics, a brick-and-mortar retail chain with 28 stores in five states, said his company has expanded shelf space for records over the past year in order to accommodate a more than 35% increase to date in vinyl sales to "younger people".

"I think it's a novelty thing, by and large. I think it's a faddish thing," he said. "It seems like something cool. It's a differentiator and it also gets into the DJ culture."

Browne said he doesn't expect the uptick in record sales to continue, but it will leave behind a new, younger audience of audiophiles, similar to the stalwarts who never gave up on the medium during the rise of CDs and MP3s.

Dan Phipps, manager of the Newbury Comics store in Natick, Mass., said most of his record customers are teenagers dissatisfied with purchasing music online; They want the artwork that comes with an album cover as well as large liner notes and other extras.