Verizon: You Can Thank Us for Android's Success

Everybody knows that , but did you know that Verizon Wireless is the reason for the success of Google's Android mobile OS?

Verizon Wireless SVP Tony Malone does. "Android is a wonderful operating system, but Android really took off when Verizon got behind it," the exec said on a conference call with journalists this morning . He may have had a touch of 4G fever.

But assuming he didn't, let's have a quick look at his statement.

First of all, Android is used on all kinds of devices (not just phones) worldwide (in many markets where Verizon doesn't do business) Worldwide, . And that's after only just more than two years of existence. Verizon can hardly take credit for Android's worldwide success.

Looking at the U.S. only, I have no doubt that .

According to the research firm NPD, Android phones : One in three smartphones sold are Android phones-more than Apple and more than RIM/Blackberry.