University of Sydney moves to virtual desktop

The popularity of consumer devices combined with the launch of four learning hubs has caused the to deploy desktop virtualisation software across its campuses.

Manager of the university's virtual desktop project, Richard O'Conner, spoke to Computerworld Australia about the rollout, saying that the launch of four learning hubs next year was one catalyst for the project.

"The virtual desktop is significant because it connects these learning hubs and brings together the concept of a learning network," O'Conner said.

"At the moment we don't deliver the service to multiple devices, but we see that changing in the future as students bring things like iPads into the frame."

The popularity of mobile devices and were two other reasons behind the rollout, with O'Conner saying that BYO technology is prevalent in the education sector.

"Our next generation of students are arriving here and expect to have a wide variety of technology resources easily accessible," O'Conner said. "Trying to satisfy that demand is probably one of our greatest challenges."