Unisys wins DIMIA and Australian defense contracts

Unisys has signed a four-year, A$140 million (US$110 million) contract with the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) to provide a range of outsourced desktop services. The announcement comes a day after the Australian Department of Defence began negotiations with Unisys for a five year contract to provide IT support services to 460 defense bases across Australia.

The DIMIA contract is the second deal signed with the immigration department in the last seven months with Unisys also provide biometric solutions for government's border control initiative. The first part of this project for finger biometrics to track illegal fishermen is now approaching completion.

The desktop outsourcing contract covers selected end-user computing services, including service desk operations, business support services and applications support; as well as secure e-mail and Internet services.

Unisys anticipates streamlining DIMIA's IT services, particularly in resolving routine help desk queries, but also by reducing first-level calls.

Unisys will also provide services to maintain the stability of the IT infrastructure, improve the associated management reporting, and update and streamline reporting processes. These measures are expected to reduce the cost of IT operations for DIMA, speed up the introduction of new applications, and improve the overall desktop experience for users. The vendor's Asia Pacific vice president for outsourcing services Tony Henshaw, said Unisys' ability to combine effective IT management services with security has been central to DIMA's decision to outsource to Unisys.

"The Australian federal government market is a strategically important one for Unisys in the context of a strong international commitment to the public sector and we continue to make significant investments here", Henshaw said. The Department of Defence announced yesterday it is preparing to begin negotiations with Unisys Australia to provide Defence's regional information and communications technology (RICT) support services.