UK online betting service reaches Australia

When U.K. online betting service Betfair launches its local Web site later this month, it will represent the culmination of eight months of installing new call center and data center operations in Hobart.

After receiving a gaming licence from Tasmania's gaming commission, Betfair has made a "significant investment" in developing its infrastructure from scratch by importing its standard back-office architecture, according to infrastructure director Paul Moss.

Moss arrived in Hobart in January and has since put together the local call center with a "template" of U.K. equipment based on the "not too adventurous" Avaya TDM voice platform.

Two ISDN connections from Telstra and Optus were leased for redundancy and calls are recorded with software from Nice Systems and are retained for seven years. The integration work was done by the NSC Group.

"We have issues with IP [telephony] around connectivity within sites and call recording is more expensive," Moss said. "We have VOIP phones internally [but] calls between the U.K. and Australia require a private circuit between sites so we use TDM."

As part of the licence agreement, Betfair's transaction processing is required to be performed in Hobart, but the city lacked a suitable data center. So Moss and his team built an 86sqm, raised-floor data center with redundant power, in an old kitchen.