Ubuntu 11.10 Is in the Wings: Three Days and Counting

It's now been almost six months since the release of and that means it's about time for the next version of Canonical's popular Linux distribution to make its official debut.

Thursday is the scheduled release day for Ubuntu 11.10, to be specific, but today Canonical made the official announcement, complete with key details about what the new version of the free and open source operating system will look like.

I've already covered several of the incremental advances that Ubuntu 11.10, or “Oneiric Ocelot,” has made along the way--as seen at key milestones including the and both and beta releases--not to mention the fun “” project that's been generating some extra excitement.

Late last week, however, I had a chance to chat with Mark Baker, server product manager, and Allison Randal, Ubuntu technical architect, about the upcoming release. From what I can tell, there's plenty to be excited about.

'A Bold But Necessary Step'

On the desktop side, development of Oneiric Ocelot has focused heavily on ease of use, Randal told me.